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Teaching Philosophy

Over my years as a preservice teacher, combining both learning experiences at

university and practical experiences in the classroom, I have slowly developed a
philosophy that highlights my personal beliefs and values as well as my individual
approach to the profession of teaching. I understand that my philosophy is not set in
stone and is constantly growing and developing as I encounter new life experiences and
develop my repertoire of knowledge as I continue to learn both as a student and as a
practicing professional. However, as a fourth year pre-service teacher eagerly heading
towards the completion of my degree, my teaching philosophy currently stands as the

A teacher holds the amazing opportunity of investing into the lives of future generations
and offering them guidance and support as they discover their own abilities and
passions in life. Children look to adult figures for guidance and often change their
attitudes and behaviors to mimic those of who they respect. Students view their
teachers as important role models and therefore it is the responsibility of the teacher to
positively demonstrate how to effectively approach learning and how to be an active,
respectful citizen in society.

I believe that every child, regardless of any outlying factors, holds unperceived
potential. As a teacher I want to help students discover their gifts, abilities, passions and
purpose in life, leading them to appreciate their personal wellbeing and in turn
encourage them to strive for the best. I want to help students achieve success and
discover what they love as well as encourage them to explore their interests through a
range of learning experiences. My aim as a teacher will be to facilitate growth in my
students and experience them flourish through nurturing and support. Positive teacherstudent relationships are crucial throughout all levels of education. A teachers ability to
show warmth and openness towards their students has the potential to be the deciding
factor of whether they want to engage in learning. I believe an effective teacher shares
positive relationships with their students and by caring, showing interest and valuing
each individual they can build an atmosphere that provides a balance between structure
and individual choice that provokes engagement and exploration. As a teacher I believe

your priorities and goals should always aim to lead to an increase in student
achievement and performance.

Not only do I believe that teachers should share positive and nurturing relationships
with their students, but I believe positive relationships with families, parents and
caregivers are a crucial element in developing positive learning experiences for
children. It is the role of the teacher to advise parents about what is occurring in the
classroom and encourage communication between home and school in order to make
sure students are being adequately catered for and reaching their full potential. Parental
involvement in student education has many beneficial factors that lead towards the
enhancement of student achievement. I believe that in order for students to flourish and
experience their full potential of growth there needs to be consistency between school
and home, therefore highlighting the importance of communication between the
classroom teacher and parents.

As a teacher I want to offer my students a safe and comfortable environment where

they feel at ease. I believe students should be made to feel included and valued as a
member of a class creating a sense of community. Student opinions should be
appreciated and everyone should feel encouraged to share and express their thoughts,
emotions, wonderings and learnings. All students differ in their personal learning needs,
resulting in students requiring different learning environments in order to flourish and
feel at home. Therefore it is the responsibility of the teacher to cater for their classes
individual needs and do their best to make sure all students are acknowledged and
adhered to. A positive, successful classroom environment is evident when students are
thriving, happy and achieving their academic goals. Teachers should strive to create a
warm, cheerful, inviting atmosphere where students feel engaged, enthusiastic and
motivated to learn.

Students learn in different ways and depend on different teaching strategies in order to
enhance their personal achievement and performance. It is the teachers role to cater for
each of these different students. Teachers need to assess and understand the way their
students learn so they are able to modify their teaching to suit the needs of their
students. Teachers need to be able to supply their individual students with the best

structure and support making sure that no student is left behind. I believe it is the
responsibility of all teachers to plant seeds of knowledge within their class and apply the
correct teaching methods that will aid in the growth and development of learning
leading to an increase in student achievement and performance.

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