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LPSCS-CI-8 (Standard)

Document concise investigative reports

My police report describes a crime giving all back stories and
details pertaining to it.
Police Report by Deja Perry
On April 1, 2027, at approximately 10:30 PM on a rainy day, Officer Brown
responded to a report of a possible homicide at South Cobb High School.
Upon arriving at South Cobb High School, Officer Brown was met by Tina
Johnson, the head principal, and was led to the crime
*Ashley Green was
scene. At the crime scene, Officer Brown confirmed
a science teacher
that there was a dead body in one of the science
at South Cobb
offices, there was blood EVERYWHERE and on the walls
High School and
written in blood it said KARMA" in caps. Officer Brown
was engaged to
had Tina Johnson confirm that the victim was Tim
the victim. Her
Parker, a science teacher from Park high School. They
then closed off the crime scene and called in the crime
indicated that she
scene investigators to collect evidence.
had been stressed
The Evidence After thorough examination of the
about Tim
crime scene and the adjacent rooms,
requiring her to
Investigator Feldspar and Investigator Malachite
lose weight for
their wedding, and collected the following items.
she also
1. A piece of white plastic was found near the
suspicious that he
computer table in the office. The plastic was sent to
was messing his
the Particulates Lab, where it was identified as
coworker. Ashley
was wearing a red
2. A red fiber was found on the doorframe in the
silk shirt and was
office. The fiber was sent to the Particulates Lab,
carrying a white
where it was identified as cotton.
purse made of
polystyrene on the
3. Two pieces of broken glass were found. One piece
night of the
was attached to the bottom of the victims shoe. The
murder. She was
other piece was found in a garbage can in the adjacent
also in possession
office. Both pieces of glass were sent to the
of a small bottle of
Handwriting and Density Analysis Lab, where they
isopropyl alcohol.
were identified as the same type of glass.
4. A fingerprint was found on the piece of glass from
collected a
the garbage can. The fingerprint was collected and
sent to the Fingerprinting and Chemical Identification
sample, a
sample, a DNA
sample, and a
dental impression
from Ashley*

Lab. The fingerprint from the glass sample matched the fingerprint collected
from Ashley Green.
5. A strand of brown hair was found on the victims shirt. The hair was sent to
the DNA and Bite Mark Analysis Lab for DNA analysis. The DNA obtained from
the hair sample matched the DNA sample obtained from Ashley Green.
6. A clear liquid was found on the floor near the victims shoulder. The clear
liquid was collected and sent to the Fingerprinting and Chemical
Identification Lab for GC analysis, where it was identified as isopropyl
After the interviews were completed and the evidence was processed, the
police filed for an arrest warrant for Ashley Green. Judge Judicious Law
examined the supporting evidence, which included matches with the
following crime scene evidence: the polystyrene plastic sample matched
Ashleys pink polystyrene purse, the fingerprint on the glass sample matched
the fingerprint sample collected from Ashley, the glass sample from the
victims shoe matched the glass sample that had Ashleys fingerprint, the
hair found on the victim matched her DNA too, and the isopropyl alcohol
found next to the victim matched the bottle of clear liquid that was found in
her possession. Judge Judicious Law agreed that the evidence created a
strong case against Ashley and granted the arrest warrant. Once police had
her in their custody, she broke down and made a full confession.
After viewing the surveillance tapes and talking with principals, teachers, and
students, detectives identified one potential witness. This one person was
called in for questioning. Using surveillance footage and interviews,
investigators compiled the following information about this witness.
Christy Wilson was a chemistry teacher at South Cobb High School. She
shared an office and a classroom with the victim and they were very good
friends, he would always vent to her about problems with his engagement.
She was secretly in love with Tim, being that they dated back in high school.
She was also found to be in possession of a clear vial of nail polish remover.
Investigators collected a fingerprint sample, a handwriting sample, a DNA
sample, and a dental impression from Anne.
Suspect Questions
1. So what happened to your fianc?
I got a call from the police that he had been murdered.
2. At the time of the murder where were you?

I was on my way to the school stuck in traffic because I woke up late

3. Why didnt you and your fianc ride together that morning?
The previous night we got into a heated argument but lately weve
been having problems
4. Why were you and the victim having problems with the
Well Ive been having thought that he is messing around with his
coworker Christy, and on top of that he has been stressing me out
about losing weight for our wedding
5. Were you aware of your fiancs friendship with his coworker
Ms. Wilson?
I didnt know that they had a past back then but I do know that they
are good friends
6. Did you envy their friendship?
Not really but I do I feel like they are way too close for my liking
7. If you werent jealous what were you doing with pieces of
broken glass in your possession?
I dropped my purse and I had glass in there
8. If you were nowhere near the crime scene the day of the
murder why was fiber from your purse found by the office?
Maybe Christy stole it out of my office
9. Where did the alcohol come from?
Tim placed it in my purse last night
So you did have your purse the day of the crime?
I just told you I didnt have it!
Witness Questions
1. What was your relationship with Tim like?
We were very good friends, hes like my best friend
2. Why did Mr. Parker feel so comfortable venting to you
about his personal problems?
We have been friends since were in high school, we also took part
in a relationship back then...
3. Since the both of you were involved in a relationship back
in high school how do you feel about him now?
I still love him
4. Where were you the morning of the crime?
I was in the office that me and Tim share
5. What was he doing before he died?
He was on the phone with his fianc and they were arguing
6. Did he share with you anything that was said on the phone?
He and Ashley were arguing about their soon to be wedding. But
really the main problem was, she accused him of cheating on her
with me
7. Your DNA was found on our victim, can you explain that?

He was off to go outside to smoke a cigarette, he was stressed out

after the argument but he has asthma and thats when I grabbed
his arm to stop him but he kept on walking
8. Did you ever see Ashley that morning?
Yes after Tim came back to the office couldnt stand the sight of his
face and as I stormed out the office me and Ashley walked past
each other
9. Did you eavesdrop on their argument?
I sure did! After arguing for 5 minutes she pulled out a piece of
glass and slit him up everywhere till he died, then she dowsed
alcohol on him
10. Are you sure you didnt kill him and your trying to place
the blame on Ashley?
Im very sure!

Ashley Green:
Slim body type
Burgundy hair
African American
January 15, 1984

Tim Parker:
Fit body type
Small afro lined up around edges
African American
October, 21, 1987

Christy Wilson:
Thicker body type
Long honey blond hair
Filipino and African American
February 23, 1971