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Case Study On Industrial Manufacturing Department of L&T Services

Industry: Manufacturing
L&T Technology Services helps manufacturing industries monitor the field and
its assets with a high precision security and industrial control system.

Client Profile:
Video analytic solutions include event monitoring, object detection and object event
interaction. These are the essential components of security system for industries like Oil &
Gas industry to alert any suspicious activities in and around the field. The solution is also
used in a wide range of domains including safety & security, automotive, transport, home
automation, health care, etc.

Business Challenge:
Organizations are driving new uses for video surveillance technologies beyond crime
prevention or security into applications such as asset management, risk mitigation, retail
analytics, and safety. The challenge for camera manufacturers, however, is developing
intelligent cameras at a reasonable price. More and more, digital high definition (HD) internet
protocol surveillance cameras are replacing analog cameras because of lower installation
costs, scalability, and the ability to add intelligence. Advanced video analytics is replacing
simple motion detection to provide reliable, automated video analysis enabling effective
operational costs.

Solution of The Problem:

The team at L&T Technology Services developed a video analytics prototype which included
object detection, event recognition and object event interaction. Computer automated image
analysis or video surveillance can automatically detect unusual events and trigger alarms,
thereby reducing the
volume of data presented to security personnel. Video surveillance can monitor large areas
and handle complex time varying images. A video feed for surveillance personnel to monitor
after the computer has announced an event (post image analysis) will support improved
vigilance and increase the probability of incident detection. Some of the surveillance
applications developed by L&T Technology Services are: Video Content Analyzer, Hand
Gesture Recognition, Human Detection & Tracking, Moving Object Detection.


The stepwise approach adopted was as follows:

The video frames are processed frame by frame
The motion features and object features are extracted
The features are sent to the classifier which recognizes the object and the event
The user is alerted if the event is suspicious

The classifier was trained with various types of data, to make the algorithm robust and reduce
the false alarms. The algorithm is further optimized and tested and its performance is

Tools & Technologies:

Technologies used are

Matlab, C++, Qt, Open CV

Techniques like Histogram of Optical Flow, SIFT, SURF, HAAR like Features,
Histogram of Gradients, Support Vector Machines, Cascade Classifiers, etc.

Value Engineering of Packaging Machine

Industry: Packaging Machinery

Region: North America

Client Profile:
The client is a leading manufacturer of innovative, protective packaging
products and packaging systems. Their service portfolio includes designing and marketing
packaging solutions and services for industries worldwide

Business perspective:

Client Required
Cost Reduction
Weight Reduction
Improved Production Yield
Estimated Cost Savings

Scope of Engagement:
Our engagement to optimize the machine design modifications and leaner manufacturing
process included

Redesign or integration of assembly parts for part count reduction

Weight optimization to sustain required strength and stiffness of assembly & to reduce overall
manufacturing cost
Alternate low cost part selection for electrical & electronics components
Engineering Analysis (Finite Element Analysis)

Our approach:

Air Cushion Winder Assembly

One of the most important components in packaging machine was identified by us for design

optimization activity. We studied the working mechanism stages & section dissection. We
prepared the design specifications and detailing task for sensor mount assembly, motor &
We worked on electrical BOM cost reduction,3-D part models, drawings and existing
component cost to execute the project as per standard. This specialized requirement saw our
team justifying assembly weight, scrutinize manufacturing process to reduce material wastage
and assimilate the number of parts used. The objective of cost reduction with process and part
optimization was achieved in the expected time frame.

Tools & techniques:

Altium Designer 9
Solid Works 14 Techniques:
Cost Breakup Analysis
Function Analysis System Technique
Function Cost Worth Analysis
Fishbone analysis

Final Result:
We delivered overall 30% cost reduction and achieved design optimization to simplify
package process that reduced material wastage and brought down manufacturing cost.

L&T Technology Services Impact:

L & T Technology Services helped customer to achieve desired cost reduction while
maintaining the form fit function with adequate stiffness and strength even after optimization.