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Algebra 2 Honors Unit 1: Review

Learning Resources

Learning Objectives
At the completion of this unit, I

When to use which form of equations of

Symbols for inequalities and when to
reverse the sign
Properties of equality
The meaning behind an and or or

Be able to

Solve linear equations that including

fractions and decimals
Solve inequalities and graph solution
Solve absolute value equations and
Solve compound inequalities and
graph the solution
Graph the equations of a line
Write the equation of a line in slopeintercept, standard, and point-slope
Write the equation of parallel and
perpendicular lines
Graph and evaluate piecewise
Identify domain and range using set
and interval notation
Solve a systems of equations with 2
Solve a system of equations using 3


The similarities and differences

The links below connect resources to specific learning objectives from the unit.
These resources are intended to be supplemental and are helpful for review,
study, or catching up after absences.

And/or Absolute Value Inequalities Website

And/or Website

Equations Video
Inequalities Video
Absolute Value Equations Video
Absolute Value Inequalities Video
Compound Inequalities Video
Slope and Graph Video
Writing Equations of Lines Video
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Video
Evaluate Piecewise Functions Video
Piecewise Functions Video
Set and Interval Notation Website
Domain and
Range of Functions Lesson
Set and Interval Notation Website 2
Solving a System of Equations Video
Solving a System with 3 Variables Video
Equations of Lines Website

between forms of equations of lines

How the properties of equality justify
solving equations
Various methods for expressing
solutions sets of inequalities
Similarities and differences between
equations and inequalities
The connection between absolute
value inequalities and compound
The process for solving a system of
equation given different amounts of
The difference between set and
interval notation

Properties of Equality Website

Equations and Inequalities Video

Compound Inequalities and Absolute Value Inequalities