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Assessment Task 2: Student Text 3

Text 3: Written by a student learning English as a Second Language from the ESL
Scope and Scales Moderated Evidence (South Australia: DECS, 2004)

Written News Report by Dominic

Title: Faces of despair in the shadows of Parliament
Newspaper: The Advertiser
Date: 13/6/01
Yesterday, on the steps of Parliament House, two teenagers named Robert, who
is 17, and his girlfriend, Robyn, who is 16, were huddled trying to get out of the
cold. They were seen sniffing paint fumes from plastic bags.
Robert and his girlfriend said they had found a place to get high, which was
clearly visable to people walking by in North Tce.
We just came past here and thought it was a good place to have a choof,
Robert explained.
Roberts girlfriend Robyn, who thinks she is pregnant, said she couldnt stop
It makes you feel nice and calm and drowsy, Robyn said. Robert also added, I
know its doing harm, but I dont care. Im going to die one day.
Human services minister Dean Brown said that the state government has had a
lot of drug and alcohol programs warning teenagers of the dangers of using
drugs including paint inhalation.