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Early in its history, Greece was one of the greatest empires in the world. Grecians
made numerous advancements in the medical, science, mathematical, and philosophical
fields. They built feats of wonder out of tons and tons of rock, and created beautiful
music and art. Their advancements were also directed in the performing arts field. They
coined the comedy-tragedy faces, and also the term thespian. They wrote plays of
myth, love, and war. Their theaters were incredible for the time period; the way they
were built maximized sound. It has been said that every great empire must fall, and so it
was with Greece. However, much of what we know in the fields listed above comes from
the ancient Greeks and their knowledge.
Present day Greece was seen as an idyllic tourist and honeymoon spot. Beautiful
white stone buildings, blue water, and sail boats could be seen all around. Nevertheless,
they face problems just the same. The extremely high ratio between the population of
Greece, and its total productive area presents one if the countrys most critical harms.
The large population is an effect of two causes: high birth rate (higher than any other
European country except for two), and decreased mortality rate due to improved medical
conditions. The increase has also affected trade relations internationally. Food
requirements have increased, which makes more food imports necessary. Another great
problem is under-employment, due to the fact that their main market is agriculture and
the good season only lasts so long.
The biggest problem for Greece has been the switching over of the Drachma to
the Euro. This has sent Grecians into a downward spiral of bankruptcy. The citizens
were told to burn anything that isnt over 50 Drachma, because it is no longer worth
ANYTHING. Imagine having savings in a bank, and having them be completely
discarded. What was once worth a huge amount of money has been reduced to a mere
amount insufficient to what it was. The scale of conversion was so different and hard to
adjust to. It was an unnecessary change that was the last straw needed to burst the
bubble of commercial Greece.