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Better Study


Also known as how to be lazier

with studying.

What was my goal?

To be honest I wanted to get my

same or better grades with
doing less.

Less work =

What did I do
Before I would go through and
outline anything the teacher said or
wrote on the board. I would write
down a metric ton of notes that I
would just write down in a spiral
notebook as the teacher said it.

This would lead me to have to look

all over the place and my study
sessions would last hours.

So what did I switch

After taking notes from class I
switched to using SQ4R and the
Cornell notes method.
But that wasnt all!

I also went digital. I started using

my iPad , storing them on

And Instead of making my own

flashcards I switched to

What did I think

would happen?
Nothing really, I thought that I
would be able to access my notes
and my flashcards without having
to carry around my books.

This is mainly supported by the fact

that all the research that I did for
this project (See I did it!) said that
the only single thing that makes a
large difference with a student as
far as grades was a drive to
succeed and a interest in the topic.

So what did happen?

Well there was not a huge
impact as far as my grades
went. What did happen is I
roughly cut my time
required to study in half
(this is a estimate).
So now instead of digging
through a pile of notes, I
now had them at my
access 24/7 and it was easy
to organize them. This
enabled me to spend
around 20 min. per subject
of study time instead of
around a hour a night.