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Disease Diagnosis: The baby was tested with a swab of the nose for the
Flu and a swab of the throat for Strep Throat. The disease was positive for
the Flu. If the Flu is not treated, Tristopher can get Pneumonia.
What is Pneumonia?
Pneumonia is a serious infection of the lungs and is more likely to occur in
young children like Tristopher and people over 65.
How should I treat the flu?
Treatment for the Flu is to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water and other
healthy fluids. Another option would be to use Tamiflu, which is an antiviral
medication. The Flu vaccine or Flu mist can also prevent the Flu.

Sources of Neuroxity:
Neuroxity is a term that refers to damage to the brain or peripheral nervous
system caused by exposure to natural or manmade toxic substances. These
toxins can alter the activity of the nervous system in ways that can disrupt or
kill nerves. Some effects of neuroxity include weakness in limbs, headache,
vision loss, behavioral problems, imbalance, and flu like symptoms. Some
examples of substances that can be neurotoxic to humans include radiation,
cosmetics, certain foods and food additives, pesticides, and cleaning
solvents. Some examples of neurotoxic substances that has polluted the air
include mercury, lead, solvents, chlorine, car exhaust, and phenol. These are
very hard to avoid. Treatment for neurotoxity include elimination or
reduction of the toxic substances and therapy to relieve symptoms. Some
forms of therapy would include massage, and exercise.

Downs Syndrome
Mental Effects:
Impulsive, inattentive, hyperactive, and oppositional behaviors
Anxious, stuck, ruminative, inflexible behaviors
Chronic sleep difficulties, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and mood
related problems
Heart defects
Physical Effects:

Decreased or poor muscle tone

Short neck with excess skin at the back
Flattened profile and nose
Small head, ears, and mouth
Shorter than average
Short, stocky arms and legs

Physical and Mental Assistance: Assistance needed would be speech and

occupational therapy, exercises to improve motor ability, special education,
and attention in school.
How to Modify the House: In order to house a baby with Downs, you would need to
modify your house. You should make sure there are no locks in the house,
there is an easy railway leading to the house, there is an elevator, there will
be a gym room to practice moving around in the motor, there will be an
educational room to practice reading, speaking, and writing, and there will
be a bell the child can ring when in need of assistance.
Medical and Biotechnological Options: Drugs can be taken to lessen pain,
reduce symptoms, and promote well-being. Some drugs are Acetaminophen
which reduces pain and Digoxin which reduces heart problems and to
prevents failure. Heart surgery could also be an option to prevent heart
failure. A pacemaker could inform parents on the heart rate for a child with
Downs Syndrome. This way, the parents always know when the child is doing
fine and when he/she is not.

Mental Effects:
Mental retardation
Delayed development
Behavioral, emotional, and social problems
Psychiatric disorders
Neurological problems (ex. Seizures)
Hyperactivity (tremors, jerky hand and leg movement)
Physical Effects:
Poor bone strength
Musty odor in breath, urine, and skin
Fair skin and blue eyes (barely any melanin)
Small head (microcephaly)
Physical and Mental Assistance: A dietician can come over and arrange a diet with little to no
protein in it to avoid PKU flaring up. The diet plan should have various vegetables and fruits that
promote a healthy lifestyle without protein. If the diet is taken care of, then the only other
assistance needed would be a positive attitude in order to make sure the child with PKU does not
feel upset and start thinking immaturely.
How to Modify the House: If PKU is managed with a good diet, then the house doesn't need to
be modified. Keep the house temperature no higher than 68 degrees Fahrenheit so the child's
eczema doesn't start to flare.
Medical and Biotechnological Options: A drug called Sapropterin Dihydrochloride can be
taken to help break down phenylalanine. Another option is to get a large neutral amino acid
supplementation to prevent phenylalanine from entering the brain. Enzyme replacement therapy
is another option. This inserts a substance similar to an enzyme to break down phenylalanine.
Scientists are researching gene therapy, which could inject genes to break down phenylalanine.

Vaccine Myths Solved

There are some vaccine myths out there. The most popular ones state that vaccines cause autism
and there are traces of mercury in vaccines, which can harm humans.
Myth #1: A man by the name Andrew Wakefield published an article saying that the measles,
mump, rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism. This is a myth. There was a study on 8 kids with
and without autism. The researchers checked to see if the students without autism had a
difference in antigens from vaccines than the children with autism. The results showed that the
total amount of antigen from vaccines received was the same between children with ASD and
those that did not have ASD (Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism 1). This data clearly contradicts
Wakefields hypothesis. If vaccines promoted autism, then the children with autism would have
less (or possibly more) antigens. Another piece of evidence to contradict this myth is that autism
starts to show ...identified symptoms of autism in children well before they receive the MMR
vaccine (Understanding Vaccines 1). If autism develops before the vaccine is even give to the
child, then the vaccine is not the one causing autism. These 2 pieces of evidence prove that
vaccines do not cause autism and that this was all a myth.
Myth #2: Some people believe that there is Mercury inside vaccines that can harm us and
potentially cause autism. Yes, there is Mercury inside vaccines, but no, it does not harm us or
cause autism. 50% Ethylmercury is used in multi dose vaccines and has been used since the
1950s. In the late 1990s, many mothers started to protest against Mercury in vaccines. Many
health safety corporations advised Mercury to be taken out of vaccines. But, the signs and
symptoms of Mercury poisoning are very different from those of autism. ...children with
mercury poisoning show characteristic motor, speech, sensory, psychiatric, visual, and head
circumference changes that are either fundamentally different from those of or absent in children
with autism (Gerber, Offit, and Plotkin 1). This shows that the Mercury in vaccines were and
are not causing autism because the symptoms would be different if it was true.

Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer

Electromagnetic energy is powerful. It can do quite a lot of things. Electromagnetic waves and
cancer have been a discussion for quite a long time. Many studies have been performed based on
this. But, most of the studies have proven nothing. Some studies show correlation between the
two and some show none at all. One study in Norway by Dr. Tore Tynes says, No association
was found between exposure to time-weighted average exposure to magnetic fields and cancer at
all sites, brain tumors, lymphoma, or leukemia. Cancer at other sites showed elevated odds ratios
in the two highest exposure categories in some, but not all, measures of exposure. This shows
that in some sites, the odds of cancer were higher than at other sites. This article, among with
many others, showed that some people in different areas had a higher risk of cancer than other
people. The number of people tested in the studies were too little and the evidence is not enough
to prove a correlation. For now, there is little known correlation between electromagnetic fields
and cancer.

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