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Harrend 1

Tiffany Harrend
Honors English 9
27 May 2016
Fatal Confusion
Like in many love stories, miscommunication plays a huge role in the course of the play
The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Miscommunication causes the death
of of the two lovers, which is what the whole play revolves around.
There are many occasions where miscommunication is an issue. When the nurse says
Ah, weraday! Hes dead, he's dead, hes dead! III.ii.37 to Juliet she doesn't say a name and
leads Juliet to believe that Romeo is dead. This hurts Juliet greatly and she starts to fall into the
realization that her precious Romeo is dead. In reality, the nurse is hurt by Tybalt's death. This is
just a small example of the confusion that intensifies later on in the play.
There are a series of fatal miscommunications that lead up to Romeo and Juliet's death.
Juliet and Friar Lawrence think they may have an idea that could empower Romeo and Juliet to
be in love secretly and alone. Juliet drinks a vial of liquid that makes her look and feel dead for
forty two hours. When she wakes in the family tomb, Romeo is supposed to greet her. The Friar
sends of a letter off to Romeo, through a messenger, telling him their devious plan. This is where
miscommunication ruins everything. The message does not reach Romeo. The messenger tells
the Friar I could not send it-here it is again- nor get a messenger to bring it thee, So fearful they
of infection. V.ii.14-16. This quotes shows that Romeo didnt receive the vital letter that would
make the plan work. Everyone in Verona is afraid to talk to Romeo since he was banished.

Harrend 2
Another miscommunication that leads to the lovers deaths is when Romeo is told that
Juliet is dead. Everyone except for Juliet and the Friar believe her to be dead. When a man tells
Romeo Then she is well, and nothing can be ill. Her body sleeps quietly in Capels monument.
And her immortal part with angels lives, I saw her laid low in her kindreds vault. V.i.17-20.
Romeo knows that his beloved is dead because this man saw her funeral.
This information turns Romeo into a mad man and his emotions grow out of control. He
decides to go be with his lovely Juliet for the rest of eternity. When he goes to be with Juliet in
the Capulet tomb, Paris is there as well. Paris recognizes Romeo as the man who killed Tybalt
and requests a duel. They fight with their swords and Paris is struck and starts to die. When
Romeo goes into the tomb carrying paris he, he drinks the deadly potion and dies next to juliet.
After seeing Romeo and Paris laying dead next to her, Juliet is filled with grief and takes
her own life with Romeos dagger.
The miscommunication in this play causes the death of Romeo, Juliet, and Paris. This
theme is crucial to the development of the play, and without it, the play would have ended
completely differently. If the Friars plan had gone through, the conflict between the Capulets
and the Montagues wouldnt have ended. The lovers death didnt need to be the action that
ended the conflict, but it was.