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As of June 1st there are only

about 17 lunches left to make with the help of

pizza lunches!
We are only a few short weeks away from the
end of the school year! The month of May proved to be
busy and exciting with all the events of Education
Week and all things growing and alive in our classroom!
It seems like June will be as equally exciting!
Congratulations to all students in grade two who
have now received the Sacrament of the First
Eucharist. We will be excited for them when they join
us in the Eucharist for our year end mass. Both the
grade two and three students will be gradually
finishing off their religion and Fully Alive units.
The grade two students have begun to work on nonfiction reading and writing. They successfully created
a non-fiction project on animal of their choice. The
grade three students will continue to read narrative
stories. Throughout the month of June, students will
be reading a variety of stories that will continue to
develop their comprehension through connections,
making inferences and finding the main idea. All
students will also participate in reading and
acting in small drama skits.
They have learned a great deal with regards to
different writing forms and have progressed well
since the beginning of the year.
The reading folders should continue to be used until
June 24th. All students should be reading and writing
throughout the summer. One idea is to have them read
menus, brochures and signs at different venues and
keep a journal of things they do and places they visit.
In the subject of mathematics, the children will
continue to learn about growing patterns with both
numbers and shapes. We will continue to add and
subtract with two digit numbers for extra practice.

We will also be practicing more division for grade

two and fractions for grade three students.
Continue to play math games involving numbers and
problem solving throughout the summer. A deck of
cards or dice go a long way with many different
number games.
The students successfully observed the lifecycle
of chickens continue to observe the lifecycle of
mealworms. Their vocabulary of the different animal
life cycles shows evidence of their learning.
Students will have the opportunity to create an
imaginary animal based on knowledge theyve learned
throughout the unit. Grade three students will
create an imaginary plant from all the information
they have learned about plants.

Please check the calendar for upcoming events
such as the school Fun Fair and school Talent Show.
A Happy Fathers Day wish in advance for all our
special dads. May you have a peaceful day!
In closing, I would like to extend my appreciation
to all of you for your on-going support and interest
in your childs education. Thank you to our year-long
volunteers Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Xia, Mrs. Jiron, and
Mrs. Wright. Also, thank you to Miss Angela and
Miss Joelle, our university student volunteers.
Lastly, I truly believe the children have grown
tremendously both academically and spiritually. I am
so proud of them and so fortunate to have had the
opportunity to teach them. Have a safe and
enjoyable summer.
Yours in education,
Katherine Shaw