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1. I was at .......... to make it clear that I wasnt blaming either of them.

B. trouble
C. pains
A. efforts
2. I dont like him and he doesnt like me, so the feeling is entirely...........
B. mutual
C. joint
A. respective
3. Its difficult to keep .......... with all the recent changes in the law.
A. pace
B. track
C. progress

D. endeavours
D. collective
D. step

4. How did you come .......... that wonderful painting over there?
A. about

B. in for

C. by

D. out with

5. Toms normally very efficient but hes been making a lot of mistakes..........
A. of late

B. for now

C. in a while

6. We were under no .......... about how difficult it would be to achieve our aims.
A. fantasies
B. daydreams
C. illusions

D. shortly
D. deceptions

7. Harry doesnt .......... to great fame and fortune, he just wants to make a decent living.
A. crave

B. hanker

C. yearn

D. aspire

8. A lot of people are .......... to the damage that is being done to the environment.
A. ignorant

B. uninitiated

C. blind

D. unacquainted

9. She showed little .......... of the problems we were facing.

A. affinity

B. appreciation

C. regard

D. sensitivity

10. This is the .......... timetable for the conference it may change later.
A. conditional

B. indefinite

C. provisional

D. indeterminate

11. Sam has always taken the .......... that there is more to life than money.
A. outlook

B. view

C. belief

D. opinion

12. He shouted so much during the match that his voice was .......... afterwards.
A. raucous

B. grating

C. shrill

D. hoarse

13. His whole life seemed to fall .......... when he lost his job.
A. apart

B. through

C. away

D. out

14. He didnt understand what I was saying, so I had to .......... it out to him in very simple terms.
A. figure

B. spell

C. clear

D. stand

15. Although it was against my .........., I had to do as I was told.

A. option

B. desire

C. will

D. preference


They were .......... from their apartment because they hadnt paid the rent.
A. evicted
B. deposed
C. expelled

D. discarded

17. I didnt know the words to the song, so I could only .......... the tune while the others sang.
A. whine

B. hiss

C. mutter

D. hum

18. Despite all the evidence, he wouldnt admit that he was in the...........
A. fault

B. error

C. wrong

D. slip

19. If you pay for both of us now, Ill settle .......... when we get home.
A. for

B. on

C. up

D. in

20. I thought I had made it .......... that I didnt wish to discuss this matter.
A. distinct

B. plain

C. frank

D. straight

21. She works very hard and finds it difficult to........... when she gets home.
A. give in

B. switch off

C. let up

D. wind up

22. I was worried but their reassurances put my mind at............

A. rest

B. comfort

C. calm

D. relief

23. His amazing natural skills set him .......... from most other players.
A. aside

B. off

C. apart

D. out

24. He refused to ............ on why he took such an unexpected decision

A. elaborate

B. amplify

C. account

D. clarify

25. Tim and Alan have never got on well and there is a lot of .......... feeling between them
A. cross

B. adverse

C. ill

D. vile

Total ______/25

26. As the game went on, she .......... in confidence.

A. rose

B. grew

C. advanced

D. lifted

27. Money .......... to be a problem after he had made his first successful film.
A. ceased

B. discontinued

C. terminated

D. halted

28.Films sometimes overdo their portrayal of reality . example is the horror movie.
A. for
B. such
C. take
D. one such

29. It was a terrible experience and it put her . flying forever.

A. off

B. out

C. away

D. through

30. Until a . agreement has been reached, I am not committed to accepting the offer.
A. hard
B. stable
C. firm
D. settled

31. Ill . round to replying to their letter as soon as I have time, but Im too busy at the moment.
A. get

B. come

C. go

D. turn

32. It was with . regret that we left the village in which we had lived happily for so many years.
A. deep
B. full
C. keen
D. passionate

33. Police have not revealed the . details of the case.

A. full

B. total

C. whole

D. sheer

34. She set . to write a short novel, but it got longer and longer as she wrote it.
A. up
B. in
C. out
D. about
35. In . of value for money, this is the best car Ive ever bought.
A. sense
B. light
C. terms

D. regards

36. The cast . several times and then left the stage to wild applause.
A. bowed

B. ducked

C. crouched

D. stooped

37. Then he started out on what . to be a very eventful journey.

A. proved
B. arose
C. turned

D. developed

38. She . being treated as an inferior at work.

A. exasperates
B. resents

D. embitters

C. enrages

39. .how little experience she has, shes doing very well at the job.
A. Allowing
B. Considering
C. Regarding

D. Assuming

40. Thank you for your invitation to stay with you and Ill . you up on it soon.
A. get
B. take
C. turn
D. put
41. If you wash that pullover in boiling water, it will . .
A. shrink
B. crumple
C. condense

D. compress

42. When asking for our money back in a reasonable manner failed, had to . to threats.
A. resort
B. employ
C. apply
D. adopt
43. Their relationship has become so bad that it is too late to . the situation.
A. remedy
B. recover
C. cure
D. heal

44. She paints . for pleasure, not because she wants to make any money out of it.
B. fully
C. directly
D. purely
A. singly
45. Jackie is a good student and has a . future.
A. prospective
B. potential

C. promising

D. thriving

46. It suddenly . her mind that she had promised to meet a friend that night.
A. hit
B. touched
C. struck
D. crossed

47. When our original plan failed, we had to think of something to do......... .
A. otherwise

B. instead

C. or else

D. in place

48. When she had made a number of bad decisions, people began to . her judgement.
A. disbelieve
B. suspect
C. question
D. wonder
49. The small boat drifted helplessly . the mercy of the wind and waves.
A. in
B. with
C. to

D. at

50. That pop star . name is on everyones lips, is organizing an international charity concert.
A. which

Total ______/25

B. whom

C. that

D. whose

51. It was only . he told me his surname that I realized that we had been to the same school.
A. then

B. until

C. as soon as

D. when

52. You are under no obligation to help as assistance is purely .

B. voluntary
C. charitable
A. free

D. donated

53.Trespassers will be
A. perpetrated
B. persecuted

D. prosecuted

C. proscribed

54.It turned out that we . rushed to the airport as the plain was delayed by several ours.
B. should have
C. neednt have
D. mustnt have
A. hadnt

55. When his accomplices failed to turn up at the meeting point, it .on him that he had been
A. dawned

B. broke

C. awoke

D. became clear

56. It is advisable to . any contact with potentially rabid animals.

A. escape

B. avoid

C. prevent

D. evade

C. infested

D. infused

57. The bedroom was . with bugs and beetles.

A. infected

B. inflated

58. Im afraid this vase is anything but antique in fact, its .

A. pointless

B. worthless

59.Never . a gift horse in the mouth.

A. feel
B. look

C. meaningless

D. hopeless

C. catch

D. hold

60. There wasnt a . of dust anywhere in the hotel.

A. drop

B. fleck

C. speck

D. pinch

61. The room feels very . now that were having to store all my brothers furniture.
A. cramped

B. pressed

C. filled

D. crowded

62. On reflection, the reviewer realized that he had been . unfair in his harsh criticism of the
A. somewhat

B. moreover

C. anywhere

D. whatever


The two children tried as hard as they could to .......... a reconciliation between their parents.
B. bring up
C. b rin g in
D. bring together
b rin g a bo ut


After the crash, the number of people were taken to hospital with . injuries.
B. serious
C. deep
D. high


All equipment must be sterilized and germ .

B. free
C. vacuous

That was one of the best films I have ever seen-it was . magnificent.
B. fairly
C. quite

D. extremely

On returning home, he discovered .. his horror that the entire house was flooded.
A. by
B. of
C. at
D. to

If you managed to pass your driving test, it would be an . miracle.

B. entire
C. extreme

D. absolute

The committee is happy to report that it has no to the construction of the new senate
A. criticism
B. objection
C. disapproval
D. censure
D. vacated

I have told her that I am not going to go ahead with my plans . she may think.
B. whatever
C. however
D. despite
There are very few artists who have . much material success in their own lifetimes.
B. disposed
C. possessed
D. realized
Doctors advise people who are deficient vitamin C to eat more fruit and vegetables.

A. from

B. of

C. in

D. for

73. Life expectancy in the third world is relatively short, . in the western world it has increased.
A. whereas

B. unlike

C. however

D. contrary

74. The professor noticed that the essay ..a strong resemblance to an article he had seen
A. bore

B. held

C. carried

D. contained

75. . of bees can be seen in the orchard in the summer months.

A. Troupes

B. Herds

C. Flocks

D. Swarms

Total ______/25

76. Fearing for his life, he . the muggers for mercy.

A. pleaded

B. petitioned

C. urged

D. begged

77. I am not convinced that financial advisers always act in their clients best . .
A. advantage

B. interest

C. intention

D. result

78. She took the course with a . to improving her employment prospects.
A. regard

B. view

C. consideration

D. relation

79. He suggested .. a jumble sale to try and raise money for the scouts.
A. me to hold

B. me that I held

C. holding

D. to be held

80. He had repeatedly warned the children . playing too near the canal.
A. of

B. with

C. about

D. for

81. I believe Danish is a very difficult language to pick . quickly.

A. out

B. up

C. at

D. on

82. He manages to get . his monthly salary in a couple of weeks.

A. over

B. through

C. by

D. round

83. People who are squeamish are afraid of the . of blood.

A. spectacle

B. view

C. sight

D. look

84. The witnesss account was not . with the facts.

A. matched

B. reliable

C. consistent

D. confirmed

85. He was forced to get out of the city and had to . his family behind.
A. desert

B. abandon

C. let

D. leave

86. News of the celebritys arrival . through the small town like wildfire.
A. flared

B. moved

C. grew

D. spread

87. Not only . visit Japan but they plan to stop off in the USA as well.
A. they plan to

B. they must

C. will they

D. are they paying

88. Champagne is a . wine, which originally came from the north-east of France.
A. glittering

B. sparkling

C. glistening

D. gleaming

89. . had the curtain been raised than the lights went out.
A. Scarcely

B. Hardly

C. Only when

D. No sooner

90. Some intriguing new facts . to light during the course of the investigation.
A. came

B. brought

C. turned

D. made

91. My dogs being very difficult at the moment; I dont know what the trouble is but he just not
A. must

B. will

C. may

D. has

92. The evidence that carbon dioxide levels are rising is . .

A. inevitable

B. unavoidable

C. indelible

D. undeniable

93. The quality papers are a different . of fish from the gutter press.
A. pan

B. basket

C. box

D. kettle

94. A new . of programmes on wildlife will be shown on Channel 4 in the autumn.

A. episode

B. series

C. serial

D. sequel

95. The in-depth news bulletins are aimed . a middle-aged, professional audience.
A. for

B. to

C. in

D. at

96. He was so . in his career that he neglected his friends and family.
A. obsessed

B. preoccupied

C. riveted

D. engrossed

97. Their eventual choice of house was . by the time Peter would take to get to the office.
A. related

B. consequent

C. determined

D. dependent

98. My cousin obviously didnt . much of an impression on you if you cant remember meeting
A. create

B. do

C. make

D. build

99. He got an excellent grade in his examination the fact that he had not worked particularly
A. on account of

B. because of

C. in spite of

D. although

100. Despite having a low income, she manages to . .

A. get by

B. keep up

C. live out

Total ______/25

D. stand for