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Academic Integrity Assignment

After viewing the Academic Integrity Policy and the Common

Craft: Plagiarism Video, please respond to the following
1. Plagiarism is commonly referred to as
Using another persons ideas or words and not giving them credit.

2. How will student work be checked for plagiarism? (List at

least two ways)
Students work will be compared with other students to make
sure nobody is coping someone else's work and will be run
through a program to see if it was copy pasted from a
3. Sanctions for plagiarism include (list at least two possible

Students will receive a zero on the assignment, have a note

made on their student record or will be removed from the

5. What is the difference between accidental plagiarism and

deliberate plagiarism?
Accidental plagiarism is when a person forgot to cite their
work or was unaware that they were plagiarizing. Deliberate
plagiarism is when the person knows that the
knowledge/work didn't come from themselves and
purposefully don't cite their sources.

6. How can you avoid plagiarism, while still integrating support

(ideas and quotes) in your own work?
You can have a list at the bottom of your page, or end of
your presentation, stating which sources you used and their
websites. You can also put quotations around someone else's
idea and mention that it's their work.
7. Other than the written work, what other items can be
plagiarized? Can you still use these items? How?
Songs, drawings, poems, presentations, speeches, statistics
and books. Yes you can still use all of these items but you
must credit the source and use quotations when needed.

8. Do some internet research and find at least one website (not

listed in the Academic Integrity Policy or on the Common
Craft Video) that helped you understand how to avoid

Please sign (type name) after you have reviewed the statement
Emily Muma
I have reviewed both the Academic Integrity Policy and viewed
the Common Craft: Plagiarism video. I have a good
understanding of Plagiarism and how avoid this practice. If I
have any questions (before the course begins or when completing
an assignment), I will send my questions to the teacher before I
submit my work.

___Emily Muma_
(Type Name=Signature of Understanding)

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