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Production Contract
Date: _______________

Job # _____________

Point of Contact (POC) Name:
POC Phone:

POC Email:

Student Producer (SP):

SP Phone:

SP Email:

The student producer agrees to produce and deliver to Client the production of the below
referenced media, and listed specifically on the attached Production Specifications Form.
Project Title:
Maximum Length:

Delivery Method/copies:

Draft Copy due to Client:

Revision Request due to SP:

Final Copy due to Client:


All payment must be made by check, made out to Hempfield School District.
Note: The students will not actually be paid. Donations will be accepted on behalf of the
student, that can be used as a discount for their participation in our national competition.
Mail Payments to: Hempfield High School
attn.: Mr. Mike Greer
200 Stanley Avenue
Landisville, PA 17538

To contact an HPC advisor, please call:

717-898-5621 Mon-Thurs between 8am-4pm

STUDENT RIGHTS FOR FUTURE USE HPC and SP will retain a copy of all media created. Except
as otherwise provided herein, both the Student Producer and HPC retain the rights for promotional
purposes or for use in a professional portfolio.
BASE PRICE LIST: Base prices for original media are based on the required length of the final product:
Under 30 seconds
31 sec 1:31
1:31 2:00
over 2:01
$400 + $50 each additional minute over 2 minutes
Where allowable by law, we will transfer video media to DVD or Flashdrive at:
$30 per 2-hours of video
Additional copies of any project will be provided as follows:
$5 per DVD
Flash Drives
$10 per flashdrive
Prices for additional work or discounts for provided media can be negotiated.
DONATION / CREDIT STATUS It is understood that the HPC of Hempfield School District will
accept a donation in exchange for the work of the Student Producer. The Student Producer will be able to
use 70% of the donation less the delivery media cost as a credit to offset their personal costs to the STN
national competition. If a balance remains after the competition, the credit can also be used for personal
video entry fees. Upon graduation, the Student Producer surrenders their credit to the Video Production
Club, to be divided amongst all STN participants the following year as a credit to their competition.
Additionally, HPC retains the right to lower the percentage of the donation applied as a credit due to work
not delivered at the deadline agreed.
INDEMNIFICATION Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Student Producer and
Hempfield School District from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities and expenses,
arising out of the breach of any obligation, warranty or representation in this Agreement. Client shall
indemnify Student Producer against all claims and expenses arising from uses for which the client does
not have rights to or authority to use. The client will be responsible for payment of any special licensing
or royalty fees resulting from the unauthorized use of graphics, music, video, film, photography, design,
animation, and branded content.
ENTIRE AGREEMENT AND MODIFICATION This Agreement and any Addenda attached hereto
shall constitute the entire agreement between Producer and Client. Any amendment hereto must be in
writing and signed by each party.

Clients signature _______________________________________

Date ___________

SP signature ___________________________________________

Date ___________