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Evan Tamburrino
Mr. Turley
English I
25 May 2016
Society vs. Individualism

A society should always be more important than a single individual. A single individual
cannot perform all of societys roles at once. It takes an abundance of people to make a society
run smoothly and effectively. Also, a single individual can not represent every point of view to a
major body like a school board or the government. In order to solve a problem it requires a
review of multiple opinions in order for the all of the people to determine what the best possible
solution may be. A society has voice that represents all perspectives and outlooks.. However,
some people in a society may think that they are somehow better than the other person. This
sense of superiority could be balanced by other peoples standpoints who are in the minority. .

Some people may think that they are a cut above another person in their group. Some
people may have prejudice against others in their circle because of stereotyping. An example of
this can be found in Animal Farm. In it you find the quote All animals are equal, but some
more than others. This is why the constitution of the United States of America expresses that
all men are created equal. In our society the citizens can all vote to elect an individual or
individuals to represent them when it comes to important topics that are up for discussion. These
discussions then lead our country to enact rules or laws that represent everyone and that all will
need to abide by. The people of the society expect that the person(s) they chose to represent
them will share the ideas of the whole society when talking to a more influential group (school

board or government). For example, our country will soon be voting for who will become the
next president. The nation will soon have the opportunity to have a voice in who the next leader
of the most powerful country will be. Everyones opinion and vote can be counted.

Another benefit about being part of a society is that you learn to coexist with people who
may not be similar to you. The following quote describes how some people try to disassociate
themselves from another group or diminish another groups rights of equality. Frankly,
sometimes in a society one group may try to take away another groups equality altogether. We
created a world between them and us. A dark example of this was the Nazis and the Jews
during the holocaust. The Nazis blamed all of Germany's problems on the Jewish people and
tried to kill them all off. The Nazis thought that the Jews were a threat to their community. For
this reason they persecuted and murdered two-thirds of the Jewish population. The Nazis
believed that they were a superior race and did not accept the Jews into their group. A
counterargument to all of this discrimination and differentiation is that everyone is important.
Everyone should be equal. Everyone should have a voice. Just as there were abolitionists helping
to free black slaves in the United States at one time, there were also Jewish sympathizers were
helped some of the Jews hide from the Nazis. These sympathizers recognized the importance of
individualism. They took deadly risks to stand up for what they believed in. Despite the majority,
these individuals along with the abolitionists saved countless peoples lives. In that respect, the
individuals beliefs were more important that societys. At that time in history the Jewish
population in Nazi Germany was certainly unequal. The Jewish people did not even have the
right to live. But still, people stood up for the jews.

Despite the negative aspects in a society, it is better to live as one as opposed to solely
living as an individual. A great example can be found in this country.. If you are in trouble,
hungry or homeless our society has plans in place to help. Society does not just refer to the
government. Society can be your community, your church or your school. Someone can get free
food or counseling. The children can get a free public education through high school. This helps
an individual prepare to be successful in life and become a productive participant in the world we
live in. Society gives us so many more opportunities than we could obtain on our own as an