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The Newsletter for the State of New Jersey

Soror Mary B. Wright,

June 2016

Volume 6, Issue 10

International President
Soror Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.,

Atlantic Regional Director

Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.,

New Jersey State Director

Building on the Principles of Zeta
While Blazing New Paths!
Inside this issue:

Directors Reflection

Parliamentary Corner

Z-HOPE - Initiative

Amicae News


Youth Corner


Boule Reminder


New Members


NJ Chapters




Key Dates


S t a t e o f N ew J e r s ey

Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.

New Jersey State Director
325 East Jimmie Leeds Road
Suite 7 PMB 144
Galloway, NJ 08205
Phone: (609) 748-1470

State Directors Greetings: Reflections

reetings Sorors and Amicae and welcome to June, the end of another Sorority year! As you plan for next year
at your Transition Meetings and Retreats, take a
moment to reflect on all of your successes during 2015-2016. Thank you for your scholarships, Z-HOPE projects, Sisterly Love and for
being Finer for another year as we serve our
communities through Zeta.
For this months Z-Lessons, we continue our focus on leadership, reviewing the duties of the Parliamentarian. Please see page 2 and ensure
that your Parliamentarian is properly executing this important role.
Thanks for all that supported Rho Rho Zeta and Omega Mu Zeta chapters in May. Please support Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta Chapter this month. I
look forward to seeing you at Boule!

Monthly Embellishment & Training for
the Sorors of New Jersey
Building on the Principles of Zeta
While Blazing New Paths!

June 2016
Part 1

Z-Lessons - The Parliamentarian: The Silent Manager

In each Z-Lessons you will find Parliamentary Corner, authored by the State Phylacter Titessa Smith. The
purpose of this wonderful feature is to provide tips and a quick review of key rule and our governing documents. For June, we review the role of the Chapter/Auxiliary Parliamentarian. It is important is to elect a Parliamentarian that understands all sources of authority (National Constitution and Bylaws, Regional, State and
Chapter Bylaws), not just Roberts Rules of Order. She should be able to train members and serve as a resource for the President.

The Parliamentarian:
Advises members of the rules and regulations governing the Chapter

according to all governing documents and RONR

Provides Training
Chairs the Bylaws committee
Confers with the President in advance of the meeting to anticipate
any problems
Gives advice to the Chair during the meeting, and if requested, to the members (She should sit next
to the Chair)
Does not make motions, participate in debate or vote except by secret ballot
Assists with set up of the meeting room
As inconspicuously as possible, calls attention to the Chair of any to an errors that may affect the
substantive rights of any member
Ensures that all members are provided with the most recent copy of all governing documents
Proposes bylaw and SOP changes as necessary
Is NOT the Sergeant-At-Arms
Assists with the general supervision of the chapter
Is familiar with all handbooks, forms, policies and procedures of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Is mentally prepared for the job sets personal goals and objectives for her term of office
Attends meetings with Executive Board on a monthly basis.

Volume 6, Issue 10

Page 3

State Directors Reflec ons

A Review of OUR Accomplishments
2010 2016
Institution of State Embellishment Webinar Series
Chartering of Zeta Amicae of Jersey City
Reactivation of Zeta Amicae of Camden
Chartering of Upsilon Tau Chapter, New Jersey City University
Chartering of Omega Mu Zeta Chapter, Central/Southern Middlesex County
Chartering of Kappa Upsilon Chapter, Ramapo College
Chartering of Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta Chapter, Monmouth County
Expansion of Upsilon Tau Chapter to include St. Peters College
Chartering of Zeta Amicae of Middle/Southern Middlesex County
Publication of Z-Lessons, a monthly newsletter designed to
provide embellishment to Sorors and Amicae

Publication of The Zeta Call, NJs quarterly newsletter

Founders Day Observances with donations of over $13,000
to local churches (2011 - 2016)

Exceeded annual goal of $12,000 for March for Babies for 2010 2016
Exceeded annual goal of $12,000 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for 2010 2015
Exceeded goal of $13,000 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for 2016
Reestablished the Chair of UG council position
Establishment Day of Training with 3 workshops sessions (9 workshops)

Two Centennial Launch Events

Sponsorships for State Meetings
Establishment of Deborah Cannon Partridge
Wolfe Life Member Award

Youth Essay Awards

Page 4

The Zeta Call

Parliamentary Corner
As you all know, our 2016 Grand Boul is fast approaching. The proposed
Constitution and Bylaw amendments have been disseminated to all the chapters. There are 67 proposed changes submitted, so please schedule a separate meeting discuss them so your chapter delegates are prepared to vote on
them in advance. The final webinar conducted in the NJ State Webinar series,
Where is that in Writing? slides are a good reference for reviewing the
Who is eligible to vote at Boul? (Located under Article X, sections 2 & 3 of
National bylaws)
All financial chapters are entitled to voting privileges at Boul. All chapters vote through their delegates. Alternates do not vote unless delegates are absent at the time of casting ballots (for elections). All members of
the National Executive Board and Life Members are eligible to vote. All State Directors are eligible to vote.
Votes are not transferable and only one is allowed per Soror.
Apportionment of votes is predicated upon financial membership of the chapters and chapter tax paid to National. Members:
up to 4

1 vote


2 votes

26 50

4 votes

51 and above

6 votes

Id like to thank you all for allowing me to serve you and the great state of New Jersey for the past four years
as your Phylacter. I hope that you have enjoyed learning through the Parliamentary Corner!
Titessa D. Smith
NJ State Phylacter

Volume 6, Issue 10

Page 5

A Personal Connection
On April 24th the ladies of AAXZ Chapter participated in their first March for
Babies walk in Asbury Park. Accompanying the chapter was Soror Chasity
McDonalds sister-in-law Andrea McDonald, whose son (Jasiah) was born
premature. With this cause being so personal to her, Andrea led the team in
fundraising. Its people like Andrea and Jasiah who remind us of the importance of supporting causes like this. Jasiah was born 7 weeks early at
4lbs, 2oz and today he is a healthy, happy 3-year-old.

Left: Jasish days after birth, Right: Andrea and Jasiah at 3yrs old

Page 6

The Zeta Call

NJ State Leadership - Z-HOPE Initiative

New Jerseys Blue and White family continues to give

babies a fighting chance.


Omega Mu Zeta


Epsilon Xi Zeta


Gamma Nu Zeta


Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta


Omicron Omicron Zeta


Eta Omicron Zeta


Xi Tau Zeta


To the Blue and White family, thank you for the continued support of healthy mothers and healthy babies. As of
May 25, 2016, we have raised $14,890.08, in excess of
our $13,000 goal! Whether you collected donations,
walked or volunteered at the various walk sites throughout
NJ---we give hope to the more than half a million babies
born too soon each year. Congratulations to Omega Mu
Zeta chapter as the top fundraising chapter family in the
As a reminder, chapters are encouraged to submit donations to the March of Dimes until June 25, 2016. Our International President, Mary B. Wright, has challenged the
Sorority to meet 2016s
national goal of
$460,000.00. We want to win the Zeta/Alpha challenge
again this year!

Gamma Omicron Zeta

(inc. Psi Pi)


Rho Tau Zeta

(inc. Theta Sigma)


Zeta Delta Zeta


Chi Rho Zeta


Rho Rho Zeta


Sigma Zeta Zeta



Sarecia Johnson

Zetas, Amicae, Archonettes, Amicettes, family and friends of Omicron Omicron Zeta dressed
in capes and masks to show their Super Zeta Powers. This year the chapter decorated their
March of Dimes checkpoint with the theme Healthy Babies Become Super Heroes.

Page 8

The Zeta Call

Volume 6, Issue 10

Page 9

Page 10

The Zeta Call

NJ State Leadership - Z-HOPE Initiative

Say Cheese A Healthy Smile for Seniors
This year the Z-HOPE Initiative for the NJ State Conference was Say
Cheese A Healthy Smile for Seniors. We set a goal to collect at least
2,000 oral care toiletries to donate to the Burlington County Aging and Disability Resource Center which was endorsed by the International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright. Between Friday April 22nd and Saturday April
23rd Sorors Nicole Boston, New Jersey State Elder Care Coordinator, and Damali Stansbury, New Jersey
State Assistant Z-HOPE Coordinator, collected 3,530 oral care items which included toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and denture products to name a few. There were donations from Graduate and Undergraduate Chapters as well as the Amicae and Youth Auxiliaries.
The Burlington County Aging and Disability Resource Center services seniors 60+ years of age at 4 local
senior centers and home-bound seniors throughout Burlington County. When Soror Boston first approached
the resource center about the receiving the donated items they were only expecting to receive about 50 items.
Soror Boston explained the impact our organization has throughout the state and let them know of our 2,000
item goal and they were more than excited to be the recipient of these items. Soror Boston ensured the items
were sorted, counted and packaged for donation to make it easier for the resource center to use. On Monday
April 25th she dropped off the items and the resource center could not believe how many items we collected
for this cause. The items will serve hundreds of seniors in Burlington County.
The New Jersey State Z-HOPE Team would like to thank everyone for their donations and helping us exceed
our goal for this initiative!

Left: Burlington County Office of Aging, Aging and Disability Resource Center, Director, Linda Cushing
Center: New Jersey State Elder Care Coordinator, Soror Nicole Boston
Right: Burlington County Office of Aging, Meals on Wheels and Congregate Meals Dietitian, Carla Fynan, RD

Volume 6, Issue 10

Page 11

Amicae News

The newly elected Amicae State Officers for 2016-2018

L-R: Janice Gilliard-President, Wanda Bryant-Ison-Vice President, Cynthia Bryant-Secretary,
Ataya Pitts-Financial Secretary, Martha Brown,-Treasurer, Cynthia Hicks-Parliamentarian,
Ismeta Saint-Clair Chaplain, Amber Myrick, Historian

Zeta Amicae at the state conference on their way to deliver the Say Cheese products for the State Z-HOPE Project.

Page 12

The Zeta Call

Volume 6, Issue 10

Page 13

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

New Jersey State Youth Conference

Building Future Leaders
September 10, 2016
The College of New Jersey, Ewing, New Jersey

Congratulations to the N.J. State Youth STEM Contest Winners!!!

Paper Structure Engineering Challenge
Zeta Delta Zeta Chapter Pearlette Affiliate

Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter Pearlette Affiliate

Page 14

The Zeta Call

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

to GNZ Pearlettes & OOZ
Archonettes/Amicettes for
participating in the N.J. State
Scrapbook Activity

Zeta Delta Zeta Chapter Youth Affiliate Mother & Daughter Tea

April 30, 2016

The Archonettes of Zeta Delta Zeta did an excellent job of planning and preparing the Mother and Daughter Tea under the
watchful eyes of their advisors. It was a heart-warming event
that was well-attended and enjoyed by parents and friends of the
Burlington County NJ area. Special thanks to Soror Zoey Ashley for attending.

Page 15

Volume 6, Issue 10

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter Youth

Pearlettes had a nice social outing. They went bowling at

the Big Event in Cherry Hill, NJ and enjoyed the nice
weather with some Ritas water ice.
On April 28, 2016, the
ARCHONETTES participated in
the City of Camden Mayor Dana L. Redd
Youth Gifted & Girls Y2G Young Womens Empowerment Conference at the Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ.

City of Camden, Mayor Dana L. Redd

GNZ Advisors, Members & Youth

Archonettes with Motivational Speaker &

Life Coach, Ms. Dee C. Marshall

GNZ Youth Informational Table

Page 16

The Zeta Call

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

Omicron Omicron Chapter Zeta Youth Affiliates

While many of the girls in Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapters youth program will be taking vacations for the summer, two girls will be attending At The Well & Techgirlz. These two programs accept girls based on outstanding academic achievement and community involvement.
Archonette Annaya Baynes has been accepted in the At The Well Leadership Academy. This is a two week boarding leadership and academic
program at Princeton University. The Academy is geared toward minority girls in high school and seeks to empower young girls locally to become effective leaders globally. The program encourages girls to live
beyond their limitations, achieve beyond their dreams, and impact communities beyond their reach.
Amicette Justice Livingstone received a full scholarship to TechGirlz Entrepreneur Camp located on the campus of Villanova University in Pennsylvania. TechGirlz is the only camp of this kind designed for middle
school girls. It is a week-long day camp that attempts to reduce the gender
gap in technology entrepreneur careers. Their mission is to empower girls
to be future technology leaders in science, technology and engineering.
Kudos to both girls as they continue their pursuit of academic, leadership and technology empowerment.

Page 17

Volume 6, Issue 10

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

Chi Rho Zeta Chapter Archonettes participated at their Finer Womanhood Luncheon
Singing the Black National Anthem & handing out door prizes

June 6 (8 pm) - Boule Prep Webinar

June 20 (8 pm) - C&B Proposed Amendments review
Get Connected!!!

Page 18

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters - New Members Only

Cierra Watts
Ewurabena Plange-Kaye
Brianna McCall
A'hja Mays
Zemora Matthews
Darlene Laplante
Tatianna Jean-Bastiste
Delsana Italis
Makeba Green
Stephanie Gesse

Shantel Beckford
Nicole Cruse
Christina Johnson
Jennifer Salters

Page 19

Volume 6, Issue 10

NJ Chapters Working - Graduation

Soror Dolly Ilelaboye

Sorors Rayana Martin &

Jeniya Webbs

Soror Ashley Salter Master of Arts

in Educational Leadership from
the college of St. Elizabeth

Soror Brittany Dionne Boynton

Major : Child Advocacy
Minor : Criminal Justice

Soror Tatianna Jean-Baptiste

Major. Political Science

Soror Mildred Kroung

Double Major: Jurisprudence
and Child Advocacy
Law School: Western MichiganThomas M. Cooley Law School

Soror Sydney Jade Grimes

Major: Business
with a concentration in
Sports, Events, and Tourism

Page 20

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working contd

Bonding, connecting, and lots of laughter are all important keys to the Sisterhood of Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta
Chapter. On Saturday, April 30, 2016, the dedicated ladies had their Sisterly Outing in which they do every
other month. This outing was spent at Woodbridge Mall; but not for a normal girls day out of shopping! The
ladies had their first AAXZ Scavenger Hunt. This activity was filled with clues all centered around, Zeta Phi
Beta Sorority, Inc., its Founders, accessories, colors, and its principles. Bragging rights go to Sorors Kim Tetterton and Dawn Durant for being the first to complete the task. What an awesome way to remind us of just
how much fun sisters can have while still being about the Business of Zeta.

The Dedicated ladies of Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi
Beta Sorority, Inc. joined the Monmouth-Ocean County Chapter of
the Pan-Hellenic Council for their tenth annual Greek House Party. The event was
held on April 9, 2016 at the Hamilton Banquet Hall in Neptune, New Jersey. Live music, food, steppers and the guest, both Greek and non-Greek, made the event a success.
The Greek House Party proceeds are used by the Pan-Hellenic Council to award multiple scholarships to male and female high school seniors
and college students. This years Greek House Party highlighted two New Greek organizations both of which belong to the Blue and
White Family. AAXZ and the brothers of Iota Chi Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta
Sigma Fraternity, Inc. are the newest members of the MCOCPHC. The PanHellenic Council now has membership from seven of the Divine Nine Organizations (Alpha, Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Kappa Alpha
Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta) who participated in the event. The Dedicated Great 18
of AAXZ continues to make strides in the community and among fellow Greeks with their membership in the

Page 21

Volume 6, Issue 10

NJ Chapters Working contd

The women of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., Rho Rho Zeta Chapter
walked in this year's March of Dimes Campaign. On May 1st
Sorors Pulley, Dennis, Goldsboro and Grimes walked 5 miles at
Rowan University campus in the cold rain to support the fight
against prematurity.

Rho Rho Zeta Chapter held their

14th Annual Marlene A. Kelly Finer
Womanhood Scholarship Breakfast
on May 07. We honored four Community Leaders. We also honored
five young women who will receive
a MAK Scholarship. We thank our
fellow Zeta Chapters and the community for a wonderful event.

On April 30th the ladies of Gamma Omicron Zeta chapter were awarded the 4th Annual Community award by OMG Photography. The award is for our work in the
community and countless contributions to
the Essex County NJ area.

Page 22

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working - contd

Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter participated in their monthly community

service initiative, with Cathedral Kitchen. We had a great time and
participated in a good cause to service the needs of Camden, NJ.

Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter participated in Adopt A

School. For April, our chapter donated over 80+ bags
filled with water, granola bars, mints and fruit snacks
to students doing testing at O.V. Catto School in Camden, NJ. We also donated to the school boxes of tissues and anti-bacterial wipes. #GNZCares #ZHOPE

Our Gamma Nu Zeta chapter family brought May

Cheer to the residents at Cooper River West. Everyone had a great time interacting and enjoying their
candy treats. Monthly, our chapter is visiting with
residents to bring them cheer, a helping hand and
#ElderCare #GNZCares

Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter participated in the For Pete's

Sake walk at Citizen's Bank Park. For Pete's Sake is a
non-profit organization that assists adult cancer patients, their caregivers and loved ones with respite
breaks to create lasting memories. #GNZ1948 Sorors
enjoy the day for a good cause.

Page 23

Volume 6, Issue 10

NJ Chapters Working - contd

Eta Omicron Zeta has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Plainfield, New Jersey. The ladies of Eta
Omicron Zeta meet twice a month the young ladies ages ranging from 9-17 to discuss various topics. Soror
Carrie Knotts-Jackson led a discussion on etiquette and she demonstrated the proper way to set the table. Soror Kiana Lawhorn and Soror Myra McDonald showed the young ladies how to give themselves facials
using natural ingredients. Members of the nursing sorority, Chi Eta Phi, led a discussion on hygiene. We even
had a day of physical activity complete with jump and hoola hoop competitions.
The sessions are very interactive and the Sorors as well as the young ladies look forward to meeting. While
we have about 2 sessions left, the chapter is excited about continuing this project next school year.

Eta Omicron Zeta Chapter welcomes new members into the chapter
and a family of legacies. Soror Cruse and Johnson are proud to call
their daughters Soror; while the men (fathers and husbands) of Phi
Beta Sigma rounds out this occasion by making it a true Blue and
White family affair.

Page 24

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working - contd

Sigma Zeta Zeta Chapter representing our chapter tshirts with our Madame State Director Soror Gina
Merritt-Epps Esq. at our NJ State Leadership Conference. Congratulations to our newly elected State Officers- Stacy Simmons- Tamias & Andrea TodmanAnti- Grammateus !!! Good Job Sorors !!

Page 25

Volume 6, Issue 10

NJ Chapters Working - contd

Adopt-a-School Deliveries
Zeta Amicae of Gloucester
County delivered the monthly scholarship donations to
Evergreen Avenue Elementary School in Woodbury,
Zetas and Amicae provide
monetary gifts to the fifteen
monthly winners of the
Reader Leaders program.
Pictured left to right: Amica
Cynthia Bryant, Amica
Raemona ONeal, Dr. Jason
Vivadelli, Principal and Amica Wanda Bryant-ison

Mothers Day Flowers

Amica Wanda Bryant-Ison, Amica Cynthia Bryant,
and Amica Raemona ONeal with the ladies at Juniper Village an Assisted Living & Wellness Memory
Care Facility in Williamstown. The Amicae delivered corsages for Mothers Day to 65 women at the

Page 26

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working - contd

Xi Tau Zeta members hanging out with their chapter Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq. Thank you Soror Merritt-Epps for your faithful and dedication to our chapter! We look up to you in so many ways
and thank you for all that you do, "For the LOVE of ZETA."

Rain or Shine, We're Always Fine!

Our Sorors from Rho Tau Zeta and
Theta Sigma chapters March for Babies in Passaic County to the tune of
more than $800 ... and counting! The
county raised over $90,000 to help
prevent babies from being born too
Team Captain:
Soror Syreena Williams

Page 27

Volume 6, Issue 10

NJ Chapters Working - contd

S is for Scholarship
"Talent is a gift", this is a quote from violinist Daniel D,
who graced the crowd with two selections from his Sonrise CD at Zeta Delta Zeta's ZHOPE Awards Program
honoring both Scholarship recipients and community
members doing great work in the Burlington county area.
This event was held on Sunday, May 15th at Tabernacle
Baptist Church in Burlington. Soror Victoria Hosendorf
(Chi Rho Zeta Chapter) also blessed us with a selection.
A total of $15,000 in scholarships were awarded and 5
Awards in various areas of "Excellence"distributed. The
former ZDZ Archonette Scholarship was renamed the Ethel B. Jones Scholarship in honor of recently triumphant Soror Ethel B. Jones, a long time educator in the Burlington school district. Twelve (12) young women will be able to use these scholarships to pursue their academic endeavors. We are truly blessed!

Jazzy Ladies
Zeta Amicae of Moorestown
Zeta Delta Zeta Chapter's Zeta Amicae of Moorestown held their annual Jazz Brunch o Saturday, April 2nd
at the Kove Caterers in Palmyra. Dining, dancing and a lot of Jazz filled the packed room. A great time was
had by all!

Page 28

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working - contd

Omega Mu Zeta held a Tricky Tray fundraiser on

April 2, 2016. There was over 400 guests in attendance. The Tricky Tray raised funds for chapter operations and scholarships. The chapter will award
over $10,000 in general and book scholarships at
their Youth Rocks Ceremony on June 18, 2016.

Omega Mu Zeta Centennial News:

Omega Mu Zeta Chapter started a Silver Donor Visionary 2020 Account in the amount of $5,000. The first
payment was sent towards the account in April of 2016. Omega Mu Zeta developed a Stamp for the Centennial Journey. Chapter Basileus, Soror Denise Davis-Smith stamped Journey to Centennial Passport books at
the 4th Annual All White Day Party on May 21, 2016.

On Sunday; May 15th Epsilon Xi Zeta held its Annual Erma Jean Nicholson Memorial
Awards Tea and Jean E. Roane Harris Essay Contest. We honored local high school
and college students with scholarships and book awards. The Jean E. Roane Harris
essay contest is for students in 4th -8th grades in the Trenton Public Schools, where a
1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner are chosen. This years topic was:
"The Accomplishments and Challenges Faced by President Barack Obama,
the Nation's First African American President"
The first place winner in each category read their essays during the tea. The scholarship recipients and essay
contest winners were accompanied by their family members. This years tea was Co Chaired by Sorors Kristal Miller, Deborah Muse-Carty and Nettie Robinson-Logan.

Volume 6, Issue 10

Support Sister Events

Page 29

Page 30

The Zeta Call

Upcoming Dates
Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta

June 3 - 8pm

Double Tree Hotel
Tinton Falls, NJ

Key Dates and Deadlines

Boule Tips Webinar
C&B Proposed Amendment Review
Boule (Orlando Hilton, Orlando, Florida)
State Officer Transition Meeting
Youth Conference

7/6 10