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Stephanie Castillo

AP English
Immigrants Importance to America
Cather, in My Antonia, argues that it is harder for immigrants to reach the American
dream than established people but that does not mean that their American dream is impossible to
obtain. Being an immigrant limits one's options when choosing a road to reach the American
dream but does eliminate ones chances of reaching the dream. Cather also argues that
immigrants are hardworking, strong, reliable, brave, and honest people who benefit America in
many ways. She depicts immigrants as people who strive harder to reach the American dream
than an established person because that is their way to survive. Cathers depiction of immigrants
and her argument of their importance to America is correct. Immigrants benefit America because
they bring a hard worker mentality and prosperity.
The American dream is the idea of the following generation doing better than the last
generation. America is looked at as the land of opportunities where anyone who is hardworking
can come to make their lives better. The American dream is an immigrant's dream, it is created
by all the immigrants who come in search of a better future for their families and lives. Every
established person in America comes from an immigrant family who had to work hard in order
for them to have the privileges they have today. This nation strives from the immigrants that
come and invest their hard work into it. Immigrants matter to the United States because without
them there would be no American dream.
Many immigrants contribute to America in being the outstanding country it is today.
Immigrants like Elon Musk create amazing innovations every day that helps America. Elon

Musk was a South African immigrant who chose to come to America because America is
where great things are possible. Dan Moffett ,a professional journalist who has written about
immigration extensively for the past 25 years, argues that Musk has contributed a lot to America
in science, philanthropy, and business and economy. He has created Tesla Motors, a private
company named SpaceX, and Paypal. SpaceX is helping America make amazing innovations in
space travel and for a cheaper price than NASA. Musk is so Pro-American that Attaining U.S
citizenship was one of his earliest goals. Elon Musk is a great example how immigrants are very
important to America in a lot of fields and the economy.
Sean Hackbart, from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, argues that immigrants are good
for the economy. Immigrants are usually seen as the people who come and take away jobs from
American citizens and worsen the economy. However, it is proven that immigrants help the
economy grow fast because they're more likely to be entrepreneurs. This boost tax revenue and
creates more jobs for Americans. Hackbart goes as far as to argue that immigrants dont
compete with American citizens for jobs they compliment them. High-skilled immigrants help
create jobs for Americans in computer-based jobs.
Mark R. Rank is known for speaking on issues that deal with inequality, social justice,
and poverty. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los
Angeles Times, and National Public Radio. Mark R. Ranks argues that literally anything is
possible in the land of opportunity. Rank is arguing that even if one comes from nothing or
comes with nothing they can make something out of themselves and their lives in America.
Immigrants come to America with the dream to better their lives and they should be allowed to
pursue that dream. Nothing will stop them from pursuing their dreams as long as they are

determined and by them achieving the American dream they help not only better themselves but
also help America.
Immigrants are the backbone of this country and that is what Cather is trying to show in
My Antonia. Immigrants are important to America's foundation because they are innovators, hard
workers, entrepreneurs, strong, and reliable. Cather is trying to show that immigrants are not bad
people and Americans should stop viewing them as such and being intolerable of
them.Immigrants are what make this country not what breaks it.