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Who and what is on your Facebook newsfeed right now in this very moment?

Guaranteed that you have a compilation of Buzzfeed articles, along with a bunch of photos of
your friends. Along with Buzzfeed other articles like .Mic intermingle in your
recommendations. .Mic is a news article that appeals to a younger audience such as college
students. Their content carries a wide range of variety from political topics to weird facts. Any
topic they feature is commonly based on scientific findings or surveys. This information can be
found in scientific journals such Intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and reproductive
health among university women. This journal attempted to find any correlation between
womens reproductive health and their history of abuse (if any). The journal concluded that there
is a strong correlation between the types of contraceptive methods used and the history behind
the women who use it. They found that women who've been abused are more likely to use a
hidden method such as an IUD. The study also concluded that colleges are not meeting the
standards needed to help these students in their abusive situation. This information may be
overwhelming, but can be very useful to college communities, that is why it needs to be
presented to college students. The best way to translate this journal would be to mimic the
conventions of a .Mic news article in order to effectively reach the most ideal audience (college
students). They are the population that can help address the problem and make use of this
information in their community.1
The new translated article must be encountered by college students on their own leisure
time. Many college students use Facebook for academic clubs and sometimes for entertainment.
The goal was to translate the experimental findings into a small news article specifically the type
you would find on .Mic. Since this site tends to be a recommendation on Facebook, after
1 Backpacks vs. Briefcases: Steps toward Rhetorical Analysis Laura Bolin Carroll, Pg 49
audience should be able to help address the problem.

clicking on other popular sites such as Buzzfeed, it invades students news feed. It needs to be
featured on a website where it can receive the attention it needs which is why .Mic news is ideal.
Placing the experimental findings in such an article invites the perfect audience.
.Mic articles always include interesting titles that strike the curiosity of people scrolling
through their newsfeed. This is one of the reasons why the site is popular. Sometimes the title
may reveal the tone of the paper. If the title has heavy slang or silly content it usually revolved
around a weird new fact or trend. For example the title Can You Have Sex in Space? makes
you wonder the answer to this insane question. Based on how the content of the question is
presented, also shows that this article will not address any controversial or threatening issues. If
the title included no slang and more advanced vocabulary it usually carried a serious tone with
controversial content. Such a title would be This is what It is like to be Addicted to Drugs in
Prison. involves a serious subject matter like prison and drug addiction. These topics affect
many people in an upsetting way which is why the title does not include a joking tone. Although
this title is serious it still maintains an appeal to curiosity. It makes people wonder how these
aspects affect others. My title needed to reveal the tone of the paper while grasping the reader's
curiosity, just like those of .Mic. The title Womens Choice of Contraception Can Reveal Signs
of Being a Victim introduces an interesting concept that requires further explanation in order to
understand the connection between contraception and victims. This helps lure the viewer in to
reading the paper.
.Mic articles are typically short and to the point. This is done so that the audience does
not feel dragged out in the reading process. .Mic viewers are only interested in the main point
and details to justify the point, which is perfect for quick read. Unlike .Mic articles, scientific
journals requires sufficient amounts of information, because they have to justify their findings to

an array of academic and scholarly communities. This meant that I had to include only the main
ideas of the journal in just a few short paragraphs. 2The first paragraph introduced the topic of
reproductive health and some specific aspects about it Contraceptive methods vary in forms;
ranging from the pill to the IUD more than half must be taken by the female Like in most,
.Mic articles this is done so that the readers have some background knowledge of the topic at
hand. Being limited to only a few paragraphs meant that content such as calculations and
experimental procedures had to be left out. Experimental procedures are intended for
communities who need an understanding of how the data was collected. Although the
experimental procedures were excluded in the translation a summary of them was featured to
help the reader form a conclusion on the findings. For example the sentence Based on these
numbers women's sexual health especially between the ages 18-29 is heavily threatened in an
abusive relationship. provides a summary of the experiments ethics but maintains its level of
simplicity. Shortening information the same way .Mic articles do helps bring clarity to the reader,
while making its rhetoric easier to comprehend with minimal effort.
Based on .Mics audience, it is necessary to provide a reliable source. Since college
students are educated, they understand that some information on the internet may not always be
true. The data and findings from the scientific journal were used as credibility in my article in the
form of evidence. This is why only the percentages were included and not the experimental
tables. The tables from the journal would be far too complex and full of numbers that the
audience would not be able to compute quickly. The audience only needed the percentages of
strongly related concepts such as the amount of women in college who've been abused. The
study found that women who reported physical and sexual assault were less likely to use
hormonal contraceptives (25.5%). The word study is also a hyperlink to the actual
2 McLoud Writing with Pictures, choice of moment

experiment. This is done so that viewers can see for themselves that the study is real and
credible. .Mic articles commonly do this to prove their credibility as well which is why it is
considered reliable by its readers3.
.Mic is popular and informative. It is also considered to be a reliable source. Deciding to
translate the scientific journal into a replica of .Mic was the best option. This allowed my
rhetoric in the article to be efficiently delivered to a large audience. It was an audience who can
use this information to make an improvement in their community. This translation process helps
tie the idea that your audience (new/old) needs to be able to act upon your rhetoric, if you truly
care about what you're writing.

3 Annoying Ways People Use Sources Kyle D. Stedman


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