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Housing Authority of the City of Meriden

22 Church Street
P.O. Box 911
Meriden, CT 06451
Phone (203) 235-0157

(203) 634-1971

Robert Cappelletti
Executive Director

Cornelius J. Ivers
Michael V. Buccilli
Vice Chairman
Scott T. Griffith
Emely M. Varona
Resident Commissioner
Donald R. Green
Scott T. Griffith

Model General Information Notice (GIN) for

Mills Memorial Apartments.
Dear Resident of Mills Memorial Apartments:
The Meriden Housing Authority (MHA) is planning to submit a Disposition Application as part of
the first step in the larger redevelopment program for Mills Memorial Apartments. As a
household that resides in one of the units of the covered structures, the two low-rises with the
addresses, 144 Pratt Street, 40 Cedar Street, 52 Mill Street and 58 Mill Street, we are
providing you with a General Information Notice (GIN).

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that you may be displaced as a result of the proposed
disposition. This notice also serves to inform you that you have rights under Section 18 of the
1937 Housing and Chapter 135 of the Connecticut General Statutes. You will be eligible for
relocation assistance and considered in good standing, if the proposed disposition receives
HUD approval, as long as your household remains in compliance with your lease and you make
your monthly rental payments on time.
Any relocation is estimated as being at least twelve months from the date of this notice.
Furthermore, you will be provided with a 90 Day Notice leading into any move-out target date.
If your household remains in good standing, you will be eligible for: 1) Relocation counseling
services including help to you find another place to live; 2) At least 90 days advance written
notice of the date you will be required to move; and 3) Payment for reasonable moving
expenses as detailed in the Relocation Plan including a one month security deposit if necessary.
In state relocation moving costs using a contracted moving company will be reimbursed in full.
Out of state moves will receive a lump sum payment towards the household overall moving
expenses. The lump sum amounts will be finalized at the time of the 90 Day Notice, but they
will be based on industry standards for the size of the unit.

Equal Opportunity Housing

Please be advised that you should continue to pay your rent and meet any other obligations as
specified in your lease agreement. Failure to do so may be cause for eviction. If you choose to
move or if you are evicted prior to receiving a 90 Day Notice you will not be eligible to receive
relocation assistance. Even if you receive a 90 Day Notice but your household then goes out of
compliance with your lease in a serious and substantial manner such as not paying rent or
become engaged in criminal activity, you will lose your relocation rights. If you are planning to
move out prior to the start of any relocation activities, it is important for you to contact us before
making any moving plans.
Again, this is not a notice to vacate the premises and does not establish your eligibility
for relocation payments or assistance at this time. If you are required to vacate the
premises in the future, you will be informed in writing. In the event the proposed project does
not proceed or if you are determined not to be displaced, you will also be notified in writing.
You will also have the right to appeal any major determinations by the MHA about your
relocation status, if you feel that your households situation and needs were not properly
We urge you not to move out of Mills Memorial at this time. If you choose to move out of the
property on your own initiative and terminate your lease, you will not be eligible relocation
assistance nor have a right to return with priority access to any development housing
opportunities linked to the redevelopment of Mills Memorial.
Please remember:
This is not a notice to vacate the premises.
This is not a notice of relocation eligibility.
We will maintain contact over the next year or longer if necessary so that we can provide you
with more information about relocation issues related to the project. When the project is
underway, we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your needs as they relate to

Robert Cappelletti
Executive Director
Meriden Housing Authority

MAPPLAN Partners
Household Relocation File
Master Relocation File
Acknowledgement of Receipt

Equal Opportunity Housing