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Incredible Legal Remedy to Get Any Case Dismissed in Court

Published on 10 Jan 2014

Incredible Legal Remedy to Get Any Case Dismissed in Court (DOWNLOAD FILE):
Would you like to see corrupt judges fleeing the courtroom and corrupt prosecutors leaping to their feet to
withdraw the charges against you? The knowledge contained in this report can help you do just that. A
fictional legal entity (the "strawman") was created without your consent when you were born, through your
birth certificate. Some of you may know that this entity is a corporation, but did you also know that it is a
trust? And that YOU are the beneficiary of the trust? Beneficiaries have the most power of anyone
involved with the trust - they can terminate or dissolve it if they want. If there's no trust, there's no charges
and no case! Learn how to apply this knowledge in court and get your case dismissed.
The remedy begins at: 20:35
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(formerly ucc 1-207) - Howard Freeman
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Creditors in Court

Here's how I believe true Creditors should handle court and other charges. Since we no longer get paid
with real money, only with obligations of United States (FRNs), which aren't redeemable in
anything real, we're the only ones who CREATE VALUE in this corporate Matrix called the United
States. So if we create value but we aren't paid with anything of value, then it's a pretty good guess that
we, the men and women, are CREDITORS of the US. Of course in order to be recognized as such, it
might be required that we DON'T have an SSN and/or that we make a demand for lawful money pursuant
to 12 USC 411.
So I'm not saying that you ARE that creditor, just that IF you ARE, then here's how I overstand a creditor
of United States would deal with statutory charges.
For example when getting a traffic ticket, one would sign it as an authorized representative. And that's
because the charge isn't against you the man, it's against the all-caps NAME trust/strawman, which the
nice gov't created for us so that we could engage in commerce. And of course you the man would be
responsible for that strawman, just as an officer of a corporation would be responsible to defend the
corporation against any charges.
So as a creditor, you'd go to court. And when the clerk would ask you if you are the JOHN H DOE who's
being charged, you'd say "NO, but I'm here for that matter". Now considering the experience of other
people who acted that way in court, that might have you kicked out of the court right there. But if the clerk
accepts it, then you'd get called by the judge.

You'd then approach the bar, perhaps with a reservation of rights. And when the judge asked if you're the
JOHN H DOE (defendant), you'd say "NO, I'm John Henry of the family Doe, and I'm the authorized
representative for the defendant".
You see, it's kinda like having a kid who broke your neighbor's window. The neighbor would approach you
with a complaint against your kid. Now would you say "I did it" or "I didn't do it"? Of course not, he who
caused the damage was your kid who is not adult so he REQUIRES REPRESENTATION when someone
accuses him of causing damage, and you as his father are LIABLE for the damage the kid caused, as
well as being authorized to argue on his behalf.
So when your kid or your STRAWMAN is charged with anything, you're NOT to assume his identity in
order to defend him/it, you are to REPRESENT him/it. And if you were fairly certain that your kid did the
damage, then you WOULD NOT plea guilty. You would ACCEPT the charge/responsibility, and PAY for
the damage. No need to plea GUILTY, since you're NOT the one being charged!
Same with charges against your NAME/trust/franchise/strawman. You would NOT assume its identity in
order to deal with those charges! You would appear as the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE of that
Now back to court. You might ask the judge if you can approach the bench, so that you could deal
with the matter in private, rather than public. And then tell the judge that you ACCEPT the charges
(for value?), and where does he want you to sign. And if he talked anything about pleading, then you'd
tell him that creditors don't plead, just accept the charges.
Now that would be an offer to pay, since a creditor "PAYS" with his signature, since that's all that's
required in order to SET OFF any statutory charge against you, by your debtor, in this case the United
States, which is bankrupt and so doesn't pay you with anything of value.
So if you really were a creditor of US, then you'd just sign the instrument that judge presented you
with, and the case would disappear from public records, since it was dealt with in PRIVATE. Private
court settlements usually get sealed, plus they wouldn't want to make a case that was accepted by a
creditor, public record, so that the sheeple wouldn't see that. And if the judge rejected your
acceptance, then he rejected payment, which under the UCC discharges the debt. Which would then
create a possibility to file a UCC-1 lien against them if they still maintained that the charges are unpaid.
Obviously the Man is the creditor, but in order to be recognized as a creditor it might be necessary to
declare domicil in a state of the Union and demand redemption of your paychecks in lawful money, or be
an SPC, since otherwise you may be regarded as an US employee, subject to the US Public policy, that's
been the "law" in US since 1933.
BTW, here's a similar process, I just don't agree with the part about pleading guilty. Only DEBTORS
plead guilty or not guilty, CREDITORS pay by ACCEPTING with their signature.
And of course another option is CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE, where you Accept upon proof of claim
that your accuser was damaged or is the holder in due course of the debt your NAME is being charged
with. But either way, you gotta be a creditor first.