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Madhu (actor)

Warning: Page using Template:Infobox person with created a niche for himself. One of the early lms of his
unknown parameter notable role (this message is career was Bhargavi Nilayam, a suspense movie, followed
shown only in preview).
by Udhyogastha by P. Venu. One of the most common
leading co-stars that Madhu worked with, particularly after 1975 was the multi-talented actress Srividya.
Madhavan Nair (Malayalam: , ),
commonly known by his stage name Madhu, is an ac- He later worked as a producer, director and storywriter.
tor in Malayalam cinema. He was a prominent lead actor In an acting career spanning four decades, Madhu acted
during the 1960s and 1970s.[1] He has also directed and in over 300 lms.[9] His rst movie as a director is Priya
produced lms, and at one time he owned Uma lm stu- released in 1970, in which he played the role of villain.[10]
dio. He was awarded with Padma Shri by the Government Although he was a big star in commercial lm, he was
of India in 2013.[2] He won four Filmfare Awards for his generous enough to act in parallel movies. He acted in
entire acting career.
Adoor Gopalakrishnan's Swayamvaram, P. N. Menon's
Olavum Theeravum etc.
Madhus directorial venture Priya was a trend setter in
Malayalam. In this movie he experimented with the main
character playing an anti-hero. Madhu later directed
He was born on 23 September 1933 at Gourishapattom, about 14 lms. He was the owner of once-renowned Uma
Trivandrum. His father, R. Parameswaran Pillai, was the studio. Madhu produced a movie Mini in 1995, which got
Mayor of Trivandrum and his mother Kamalamma was a National Award.
housewife.[3] He has four sisters. He had his primary education from L.P School, Kunnukuzhi, Thiruvananthapu- Madhu also acted in the Hindi lm Saat Hindustani,
ram. He did pre university degree from MG College and which was the debut movie of the Bollywood actor
pursued Bachelors in Arts in Hindi from University col- Amitabh Bachchan in 1969.
lege, Thiruvananthapuram.[4] He post graduated in Hindi Madhu has also done a couple of Tamil lms, as
from Banaras Hindu University (BHU).[5][6]
Rajinikanth's father in Dharma Dorai and the 2007 reHe is married to Jayalakshmi and they have a daughter lease Oru Ponnu Oru Paiyan.

Personal life


3 Awards and accolades



Padma Awards

He started his career as a Hindi lecturer in S T Hindu

2013 Padma Shri, 2013
College, Nagercoil.[8] During that time he chanced upon
the a newspaper advertisement inviting applications for
Kerala State Film Award
the National School of Drama Course. While studying
at NSD, he became acquainted with Ramu Karyat, who
2004 Kerala State Film Award for Lifetime
oered him a role in his forthcoming lm Moodupadam.
Achievement J. C. Daniel Lifetime Achievement
After completing the course, Madhu went to Chennai to
for the year 2004 from the Government of
screen test for Karyats lm. While there, in 1963, he
was oered a role in N N Pisharody's lm, Ninamaninja
Kalpadukal and this became his debut.
1995 Kerala State Film Award for Best Childrens
Film for Mini (Produced by Madhu) in 1995 (DiHe had expressed all facets of life through his various actrected
by P.Chandrakumar)
ing roles. Perhaps his most notable role was in Karyats
Chemmeen, which won the Presidents Gold Medal. At
1992 Kerala State Film Award (Special Jury Award)
the time it was common for a Malayali person to render
in 1992 for Kudumba Sametham
the dialogues (in the movie) of Pareekkutty. Madhu en 1980 Kerala State Film Award (Special Jury Award)
tered Malayalam cinema at a time when lead roles were
in 1980
dominated by actors like Prem Naseer and Sathyan and

1971 Kerala State Film Award for Second Best Film
for Sindooracheppu (Directed by Madhu) in 1971.

Filmfare Awards South

1994 Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award
South (1994)

Neela Kannukal (1974)

Saathi (1972)
Sindhoora Cheppu (1971) Hit
Priya (1970) Hit.

1977 Filmfare Award for Best Actor Malayalam 4.3

Yuddha Kaandam (1977)
1976 Filmfare Award for Best Actor Malayalam
Theekkanal (1976)
1972 Filmfare Award for Best Actor Malayalam
Swayamvaram (1972)
Other Awards



Sathi (1972)
Manyasree Vishwamithran (1974)
Kamam Krotham Moham(1975)

2012 SATHYAN Awards 2012

2005 Bahadoor Award in 2005
2002 Asianet Film Awards2002 Best Lifetime
Achievement Award

Prabatha Sandhya(1979)
Shudhikalasham (1979)
Vaiki Vanna Vasantham(1980)

Selected lmography







Saat Hindustani (1969)

Archana Teacher(1981)
Njan Ekananu(1982)
Udayam Padinjaru(1986)
Edi vethu mathukutty (1989)....super hit grosser
Philips (1995)



Oru Ponnu Oru Paiyan (2007)

Dharma Durai (1991)



Oru Yuga Sandhya (1986)

Udayam Padinjaru (1986)
Aradhana (1977) average
Dheere Sameere Yamuna Theere (1976)
Theekkanal (1976) average

Mini (1995) Hit

Pichakaaran Alla (1995) Above Average
Bhaskaran pilla madras (1998) Average
Kuwait varkeychen (1998)
Ezhupunna Tharakan (1998)
Chirikuduka (2000)
Sharja To Sharja (2004)

4.4 Playback singing

Akkaladama (1975)

Sahakarikkatte Sahaja [Bit] ... Ramanan (1967)

Kamam Krodham Moham (1975) average

Ariyoo [Bit] ... Ramanan (1967)

Manyasree Viswamitran (1974) average

Ramananeeyennil [Bit] ... Ramanan (1967)

Avakaashikal (SURYA TV)
Sundari (Mazhavil Manorama)
Sivasakthi (SUN TV)
Sathyameva Jayathe- (SURYA TV) Malayalam
Missamma (MAA TV)
Kana Kanum Kalangal (Vijay TV)
Daya (Kairali TV)
Chandralekha - (Asianet) Malayalam
Meghasandesham - (Kairali TV) Malayalam
Mohakkadal (Surya TV)


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