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99775 - FIPP: FBV4 - mass change of posting date or fiscal year



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FI-AP-AP-W (Preliminary

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After a fiscal year change, a large number of parked documents has to be transferred from the old
fiscal year to the new fiscal year. You can do this via transaction FBV4 by changing the posting
date. However, the function to perform this step for a large number of parked documents at the
same time is missing.

Other Terms

FBV4, posting date, fiscal year, GJAHR, BUDAT, ENJOY

Reason and Prerequisites

This function has not been programmed.


If you use Release 46B or lower, perform the steps for the report ZFSAP2 described below. If you
use Release 46C or higher (in which you can use EnjoySAP transactions to park documents), use
the new report ZFSAP2_B instead of the report ZFSAP2. The report ZFSAP2_B includes the new
screens for processing the data.
In addition to implementing the report, use the Menu Painter (transaction SE41) to create the
status "P" for the program.
1. Call transaction SE41.
2. Make the following entries:
Program: ZFSAP2 (4.6B or lower) or ZFSAP2_B (higher than 4.6B)
Status: P
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--------------%PRI Print %PC Download %EX Exit EDIT: Code Text © 2016 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. 3.2016-05-26 Page 2/3 Choose "Create". Shift-F9 P First page Shift-Ctrl-0 P. you must set BUCH for the disk in the toolbar. Configure the application toolbar as follows: Item 1: PICK 5. LIST: Code Text --------. Configure the menu bar as follows: Create menu options LIST. EDIT and GOTO. All rights reserved . Assign the function keys listed below as follows: F2 PICK Select Shift-F4 EMAL Deselect all F5 BINP Create batch input F6 BUAS Post asynchronously F7 MALL Select all F11 BUCH Post If you cannot define the function key F11 according to your requirements.Previous page Shift-F11 P+ Next page Shift-F12 P++ Last page 4.

--------------BACK Back 6.2016-05-26 Page 3/3 --------. Note that the changes are updated via CALL TRANSACTION FBV4. All rights reserved . Select the parked documents whose posting dates are to be changed and post this change (F11). © 2016 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. Document change Use transaction FBV4 to change the parked documents individually or use the attached report ZFSAP2 to change the posting date for a large number of parked documents at the same time. Save and activate the status P. Note The report can be used only for documents that have been parked using an FI transaction. you can specify the required posting date (PDATE).--------------PICK Select BUCH Post BINP Generate batch input -------------------%SC Find string RW Cancel GOTO: Code Text --------. If you execute the report.