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We at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in the Emirate of Dubai recognize and respect our responsibilities
and obligations for the preservation of Health, Safety and Environment for our team members,
guests, and stakeholders throughout our operations and activities. We understand and are committed to the protection and sustaining of the environment and natural resources for our community, our children, and future generations. As such, we are dedicated to the proactive implementation of internationally recognized industry best practices within all our operations and activities
as we continually strive to achieve our vision of establishing the Burj Al Arab Hotel as an industry
leader in Health, Safety and Environment performance.
Proactively engage our management, contractors, vendors and all stakeholders, working with them
to eliminate, reduce and control all Health, Safety and Environment hazards and aspects.
Allocate all necessary resources to achieve our vision.
Empower and support all members of staff and stakeholders to help achieve our vision.
Provide all necessary support, resources, tools, and mechanisms to improve Health, Safety and
Environment performance.
Develop and foster a culture of compliance with applicable Health, Safety and Environment laws,
and internationally recognized best practice.
Monitor, audit, and report HSE performance against regulatory requirements and best practices.
Sustain a cycle of continual improvement.
Establish, develop and maintain appropriate HSE professional competency to support our team
and objectives.
Implement and maintain effective prevention control measures to reduce and strive to eliminate occupational health and safety incidents and injuries
Improve indoor environmental quality within the Burj Al Arab Hotel to a level in line with
best industry practice
Utilize the Hierarchy of Controls concept in all measures to eliminate, isolate, reduce and
control unsafe acts and conditions in each of our operations
Exercise leadership as environmental stewards, meeting and exceeding best industry practices
to reduce our ecological footprint, specifically:
1. Reduce water and energy consumption and optimize efficiency
2. Reduce and manage waste by avoidance, re-use and recycling
3. Reduce our resource consumption and maximize resource efficiency
4. Protect, maintain and/or improve the quality of the natural, built and cultural
environment in line with our Green Globe Environmental Sustainable Certification and the
environmental requirements for our Aquarium / Marine operations and relevant national values,
policies and laws.