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Goodbye IT infrastructure

Welcome Hyperscale
We believe that the largest transformation of IT infrastructure is beginning right now, and
it will reshape IT as we know it. No longer just a support function, IT infrastructure will be
designed to drive top line revenue growth and strategic advantage. This kind of
transformation is what Ericsson has always done. Welcome to the world’s first
industrialized hyperscale infrastructure…

Industrialize and Accelerate
Today’s datacenters are inflexible and inefficient. Way overprovisioned. Burdened with rigid
products, technologies, and architectures.
The problem: the infrastructure is dictating the business, instead of the other way around.
It’s time to say goodbye to traditional IT infrastructure.
Say hello to the new era of digital industrialization. To a datacenter designed as a digital factory:
hyperscalable, software-defined, automated, and accessible in a way that you’ve never seen
This revolution requires us to look through a different lens and imagine what is possible. The
time is now: either you change the game or the game changes you! This is the Networked
Society, and it is bringing major opportunities, together with daunting challenges: the explosion
of data, advanced analytics, new digital technologies, the Internet of Things, 5G, mobile
With Ericsson Cloud, we are laying the foundations required for digital industrialization:

The Ericsson Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 family — hyperscale infrastructure
that will drive your top line.
A global alliance with cloud pioneer Amazon Web Services that will simplify, fast-track,
and institutionalize the convergence of mobile infrastructure and public cloud.
A strategic partnership with Quanta Computer to industrialize and accelerate hyperscale
infrastructure globally. Coupled with leadership of the Open Compute Project (OCP) as a
platinum member, Ericsson will drive the design of openness of Intel Rack Scale
Architecture into OCP, and with our new friends at Quanta Computer, will jointly
produce and distribute supporting products and options.

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