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We design and manufacture Oil Mist Eliminators to update existing reciprocating engine and turbine installations around the world. Our high efficiency filtration systems eliminate vented oil mist emissions from engine crankcases and turbine lube oil reservoirs. We offer both vapor extractor and static options based on application requirements. From municipal power plants to engine rooms of military ships, we have the expertise to handle any retrofit project.

Before: Visible oil mist emissions

Our crankcase ventilation systems ensure environmental compliance and protect the surrounding workplace from harmful oil mist emissions. For closed crankcase applications, our high efficiency filters prevent contamination of an engine’s intake system and improve engine performance. These systems also control crankcase pressure to prevent seal leakage. Our products are purpose-built for a variety of applications including landfill gas to energy, peaking power, prime power and mechanical drive.

Compatible with:

Caterpillar, Deutz & Cummins, Jenbacher, Waukesha, Guascor, Enterprise & more.

After: Clean and safe emissions with Solberg’s Oil Mist Eliminator

Are You rICe NeSHAP* ComPlIANt?

Based on the EPA’s RICE NESHAP ruling, stationary engines over 300HP must be equipped with a crankcase ventilation system by 2013. The objective is to reduce the harmful crankcase emissions emitted into the environment.

Update your plant and achieve compliance with a high efficiency Solberg crankcase ventilation system.

*Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

Many legacy turbine packages are equipped with outdated vapor extractors for the lube oil systems. We design retrofit oil mist eliminators to regulate reservoir pressure and eliminate visible vented emissions. Our retrofit systems include long lasting filter elements, automated pressure controls and integrated bypass devices to reduce operating costs. Our systems are found in a wide range of turbine applications from nuclear plants to standby power stations.

Compatible with:

GE, Alstom, Elliott, Kawasaki, Siemens, Man Turbo, Rolls-Royce & more.

Safety and reliability are primary concerns for marine engine operators. Our crankcase ventilation systems help to ensure peak engine performance, continuous operation and improved emissions control. Our unique piping configuration allows for easy installation, self-regulation and seal leak prevention. Controlling vented oil mist emissions reduces breathing and slipping hazards for the ships’ crew and passengers. Updates and retrofits are available for a variety of engines and vessel classifications.

Compatible with:

Caterpillar, Fairbanks Morse, Man Diesel, Doosan, Wartsila, MTU & more.

Eliminates visible emissions (99.97% efficient for 0.3 micron oil mist)

High performance replaceable coalescing elements offer long life

Flow ranges from 1-1,500 ft 3 /m (1-2550 m 3 /h)

Full vacuum to 1 bar pressure operating range (most models)

Rugged carbon steel construction

Industrial grade powder coat finish

Drain ports for oil recovery

Pressure level control valves for precise pressure regulation

Motors for both Standard EU and North American Voltages

Integrated vacuum relief for motor protection

Redundant equipment to ensure continuous operation

Full automation: PLC and DCS compatible

Stainless steel construction for harsh environments

Custom coating and color options

ASME Section VIII or PED pressure certifications

Explosive environment options: ATEX, Class I Div. 1, etc.

Motor listings: UL, CE, IEC, CSA, IEEE, KOSHA, etc.

Motor accessories: Heaters, starters, switches, VFD, etc.

Skid mounted units for ease of transport and installation

Service and maintenance platforms

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Installation

GE Frame 7B Gas Turbine Installation

GE Frame 3 Gas Turbine Installation

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