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Lr Wicnita FALLs 1104 Broad «P.O. Box 97633, Wichita Falls, Texas 76307-7533, WFISD INDEPENDENT Phone (940) 235-1001 « FAX (940) 720-3228 ScHooL District ‘Michael S. Kuhrt, Superintendent June 14, 2016 In regard to the incident that took place at Rider High School on Monday, June 13, WFISD in no way condones the alleged actions of WFISD's Athletic Director, Scot Hafley. The district will be conducting a full investigation and will be interviewing witnesses and other parties involved. The new turf field at Rider High School is still a construction site and is not available for public or school use at this time. Any use of the field, while under construction, could terminate the field’s warranty. However, that is no excuse for the alleged behavior displayed on Monday evening. After the district has had the opportunity to investigate the incident, an update will be provided At this time, | plan to talk to Coach Ward, Coach Hafley and Coach Bindel about this incident. | respect Coach Ward, his commitment to the children in our community and the impact he has made on WFISD athletics, This event is in no way a reflection of WFISD, Rider High School or myself. We will continue to address issues professionally and respectfully. Sincerely, Michael S. Kuhrt ‘Superintendent Wichita Falls ISD