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2012 VMware Proprietary & Confidential .Distribution Strictly Prohibited .Whiteboard Study Guide Cloud Infrastructure Suite Version 4.0 Generated by: WhiteboardSelling. LLC for VMware Generated on August 13.

Extending IT Ops Pillar #3 .Delivering Trusted SLAs How .Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 2 .People and Process Next Steps Final Whiteboard Image VMware Proprietary & Confidential .A Complete Suite Pillar #2 .Cloud Infrastructure Suite CIO Perspective Need for Software Defined Datacenter Services VMware Value for Future Goals Pillar #1 .

Key Questions Let’s discuss what Business Problems have been solved and how VMware is positioned to help address today’s Problems. 4-5 VALUE: One area where we deliver value is within IT. you have a problem. What are the main drivers from your perspective? VMware Proprietary & Confidential .Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 3 . I would like to leverage the whiteboard so we can make this an interactive discussion. They are also looking for ways to lower their exposure to the various risks that exist with operating their business today. And… all of this must be done while controlling costs. 1-3 CIO PERSPECTIVE: CIOs and their teams are under increasing pressure to increase their agility so that the business can respond to both opportunities and challenges.. We find that IT needs the most efficient and effective way to deliver “Cloud” solutions. CIOs are also telling VMware that they must be able to establish with their customers Service Level Agreements (SLA) that are trusted and that can be managed against. If you delivered an agile business but it cost more than the value it provides. In many ways the users are not as concerned about how their critical applications and services are being delivered. The other side of this is the Business User. What they are interested in is the quality of service they receive and that the service provider (IT) is delivering based on Service Level Agreements that have been agreed to..Cloud Infrastructure Suite CIO Perspective Step Script Sales Script Instead of using PowerPoint today. Simply being agile is not enough. 1.

To deliver a useful application that will meet SLAs. VMware has been working on addressing this problem just as we have addressed the past problems with the physical machines. In the lab. We also need the services that deliver the right level of availability based on the Service Level Agreements that are in place. we can now deliver a Virtual Machine (VM) in much less time. 5-6 TODAY’S BUSINESS PROBLEM: The reality is that this only goes so far. the right network and the required security. For example. What we are really deploying to the business users are applications (services) that require mapping to datacenter services such as the right storage. when the business required a new business service or application IT would go out and order physical servers which was quite time consuming and costly. One solution to reducing the complexity of IT is to deliver the full set of datacenter services as "Software Defined Datacenter Services. Key Questions 1.. and at a much lower cost than ever before.. the VM must be mapped to these datacenter services.Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 4 ." Let's talk about where this is taking us as we move forward to our future goals. this happens quickly. In a real application development process. we see costs and time increasing. What happens here is that human beings are getting more and more “manually” involved in these decisions. VMware Proprietary & Confidential . As a result. when will that infrastructure “fill up”? Will it be able to handle growth of your application? Similar questions must be answered on network and security decisions. What is the impact to your time and cost when adding datacenter services? The source of this complexity in the datacenter is that the services are based on physical infrastructure. many decisions must be made by numerous people to successfully deliver the application. What we need is automation to ensure that we are able to efficiently deliver datacenter services without the scripting and complexity that a manual approach can create. 3-4 VMware transformed the way that provisioning infrastructure was done and as a result.Cloud Infrastructure Suite Need for Software Defined Datacenter Services Step Script Sales Script 1-2 PAST PROBLEMS AND VALUE: In the past. what else is on the infrastructure you want to use.

What would a software defined approach mean to your organization? What value could you see being delivered? VMware Proprietary & Confidential . we need to deliver these physical datacenter services as software. Key Questions 1. have the ability to change them. This increases an organization’s agility while providing metrics into expected costs and their time to market for critical business services. The result is dramatic as you can start to deliver lower OpEx and potentially lower CapEx. While people often call this "orchestration.. We call this "Software Defined Datacenter Services. The VDC should have the full set of services mapped to it as software. There are three key elements to the Cloud Infrastructure Suite that I would like to discuss. Let's now discuss how VMware is helping customers to reach these future objectives.Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 5 . We see that many people want to deploy the cloud by scripting the decisions administrators make every day..Cloud Infrastructure Suite VMware Value for Future Goals Step Script Sales Script 1-2 FUTURE OBJECTIVES: Looking into the future. We need to create the Virtual Datacenter (VDC). 3-4 To be able to address this we need a new construct." the problem is that you end up with "hardcoding" of your datacenter." 5 Now you can map the required level of services and over time.

Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 6 . This includes professional services. Key Questions 1. 3 This is available to you in one easy package that will be delivered in three different versions depending on your specific business needs. Our partners are building a broad set of solutions that integrate with this architecture. our partner community as well as support and education options that are flexible based on your specific requirements. VMware is launching a complete suite..Cloud Infrastructure Suite Pillar #1 . 4 This is a vision that leverages not only VMware's solutions but is supported by a full ecosystem. which allow us to deliver the "Software Defined Datacenter Services" we discussed earlier. Let's now discuss the specific value this has for IT Operations. How many vendors are you currently working with today that are "cloud" providers? VMware Proprietary & Confidential .A Complete Suite Step Script Sales Script 1-2 COMPLETE SUITE: With this release. The suite is a set of integrated products..

" 3 NETWORKING AND SECURITY: One of the inhibitors in delivering a fully virtualized datacenter has been in providing the needed networking and security for specific applications.Extending IT Ops Step Script Sales Script 1 IT OPERATIONS VALUE: Moving over to the left where we earlier discussed value to IT. Reducing operational expenses through automation can allow you to apply budget to innovation as opposed to budget which is focused on "keeping the lights on. Having the ability to automate the network and security services required to do this is essential. We need to be able to easily move a VM from one set of hosts to another. This is a great fit for a range of use cases including Big Data.Cloud Infrastructure Suite Pillar #2 . VMware delivers this automation to ensure that you can deliver your services. one benefit is that you will see complexity reduced through the deployment of significant automation which can reduce the costs often associated with “manual orchestration. This will also provide more reliability to the provisioning process with a lower Time To Market (TTM). As we move forward. organizations will be able to leverage internal discs instead of having to potentially rely on 3rd party arrays for all of their storage needs. We need the ability for VMs to talk to one another. 4 STORAGE: As with the other datacenter services.. What other "IT Complexities" do you see in your organization? Let's now talk about delivering better SLAs on the business user side of the whiteboard..” 2 OPEX: Replacing existing manual tasks with automation can help to lower CapEx.Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 7 . knowing what storage you need and how much is required for service delivery is critical. This will help deliver scalability at a lower cost. We also need logical isolations between applications or the infrastructure that serves different groups. VMware Proprietary & Confidential . Key Questions 1.

Cloud Infrastructure Suite Pillar #3 . it is not enough to deliver the cloud. Essentially. we must have visibility into the applications you are delivering in the Virtualized Datacenter (VDC). to tackle the needs of our biggest and most critical applications. Being able to add capacity such as compute resources to an application or the entire environment is critical in delivering service levels. We must be able to manage the cloud. Key Questions 1. 2 PERFORMANCE: First. 3 MANGEMENT: Regarding management in the VDC. With visibility.Distribution Strictly Prohibited While these elements are all critical. let’s discuss how we can help to deliver and maintain better SLAs for the business user. we can accurately increase a VM’s amount of memory.. we also need to discuss the impact to your people and processes. how can we go from simply reacting to problems to predicting them? VMware delivers predictive management capabilities to ensure there is lower impact to not only what is happening now but also allowing you to respond to potential problems you may experience in the future.Delivering Trusted SLAs Step Script Sales Script 1 SLA: Looking at the right hand side. CPU etc. Page 8 .. Having the agility to add a host quickly or additional resources to a specific application can help maintain quality of service even when significant demands are put on the business service or application. 4 CAPACITY: To deliver on our SLAs we may need changes to an application itself. Are your SLA's trusted today? Are they leveraged to determine the quality of services delivered to the Business Users? VMware Proprietary & Confidential . VMware has also added technology to support the most active applications that require increased performance and high availability based on business demand and usage.

As we move to the cloud. The focus is on leveraging everything necessary to deliver against the goals for both IT and the End User. we could essentially keep things the same regarding people and processes. We also discussed People and Process..Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 9 . Understanding your current processes and calculating how change will impact them can ensure that we know how our business and mission critical services will deliver value to the business users. Then we must understand what changes are needed (and what the impacts will be) to deliver services to our customers. When we went from physical to virtual. So. We have to help customers understand and leverage their people and processes. VMware has been investing in services to help customers make this transformation.Cloud Infrastructure Suite How . the value to IT and the Business User. we have discussed the complete suite. You first must know how these processes are delivering value today.. VMware Proprietary & Confidential . I would like to now discuss the Next Steps that we have found work best for delivering value.People and Process Step Script Sales Script 1-2 PEOPLE AND PROCESS: Being able to deliver against future efficiency and SLA demands will require more than just changes to your technology. we have the opportunity and need to move people to more strategic activities.

Cloud Infrastructure Suite Next Steps Step Script Sales Script 1 CONTINUE: As a first next step. With management you have a greater agility and capability to aggregate and better provision your datacenter resources. What applications do you see as being potential targets for virtualization? VMware Proprietary & Confidential . but you will be able to substantially reduce the time your admins spend deploying workloads to those users.Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 10 . We recommend that organizations aggressively identify and virtualize applications that are key to the business. Not only will this deliver value with both Time To Market and Cost Controls. we recommend that you continue on the path you are already on. 2 MANAGEMENT: Management of this environment is critical. When this is combined with additional visibility and automation it can help to further reduce OpEx and delivery higher SLAs. Management will also allow you to translate the information you have within the datacenter into actionable insights that can improve Service Delivery to the End User Community. Key Questions [CONFIRM NEXT STEPS BASED ON THE DISCUSSION THAT YOU HAVE HAD WITH THE CUSTOMER] 1. you should specifically target Test / Dev workloads for cloud. the more aggressively you virtualize the more ready you will be for cloud. 3 TEST/DEV: Finally. One way to start your journey to cloud is to build a self service environment for Test Dev. Virtualization is a prerequisite for cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure Suite Final Whiteboard Image Step Script Sales Script FINAL WHITEBOARD IMAGE VMware Proprietary & Confidential .Distribution Strictly Prohibited Page 11 .