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Because of what Jesus has done for us, we are powerful people. As Believers,
there is absolutely nothing going on in our lives that we dont have the
authority to overcome. We have been given the ability to turn our hopes and
dreams into tangible realities by exercising spiritual authority and spiritual
law. Spiritual authority is not based on conditions and spiritual law is not the
performance-based do good, get good Law of Moses from the Old
Testament. The spiritual authority God gave Jesus is ours unconditionally, if
we believe we have it.
By using our God given authority to activate spiritual laws, we have the right
to expect that we will receive what we hope for. One law that we can
exercise right now is the law of speaking (you have what you say). Job
chapter 22 verse 28 says, Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be
established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. No matter
what challenge or issue you find yourself dealing with, dont just face it,
dont just go through it, SPEAK to it! Each of us will have numerous
opportunities this week to digress or progress in the things of God that
concern our lives.
Lets commit ourselves to progressing by exercising our spiritual authority to
activate spiritual law.
Lord, we humble ourselves before you, knowing that the same authority that
you gave to Christ has been made available to us. We exercise that authority
right now to activate the spiritual law of speaking. We command Your will to
be released in our lives. Your provision will meet us wherever we need it this
week and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Not only have You
heard us speak but Youve delivered on what was spoken. It is in Jesus name
that we pray. Amen.
Our authority comes directly from Jesus. God wants us to use it and
experience His best for our lives, but we must believe it. When the storm at
sea threatened to sink the disciples ship, Peter got out of the ship and
walked on water at Jesus bidding. However, when Peter became afraid, he
began to sink. Jesus saved him, but rebuked him for his doubt. Jesus did not
force Peter to get out of the ship, but He did authorize him to walk on the
water. Likewise, Jesus will not force us to get out of the situations and
circumstances that the enemy likes to use to hurt and distract us, but He has
authorized us to walk on them. Luke chapter 10 verse 19 says, Behold, I
give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the
power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Jesus
supplied the power, but it is our responsibility (just like it was Peters) to flip
the switch and activate the power by actually walking.
If we allow doubt to live within us, like Peter, we will begin to sink. This week,
remember that God will not change His law of healing or prosperity, He will

not change His law of speaking (you will have what you say) and He most
definitely will not break His promises to us. There is no need to doubt or
become stagnant in any circumstance or situation. We must fix our eyes on
Jesus by spending time in the Word of God and WALK. He intends for us to
move in the spiritual authority that He has given us and to progress in all
that we do.
Lord, Your word is spiritual law and through Your son Jesus You have given us
authority to command every promise in the Bible to manifest in our lives. We
call on Your name right now Lord to say thank You for all that Youve done
and all that Youve empowered us to do. We seek to please You by having
faith in Your word and knowing that if You said it, You shall bring it to pass. It
is in Jesus name that we pray. Amen.
Gods spiritual laws work for everyone, all the time. As Believers, we are
responsible for using our God given authority to cooperate with God and
enforce His spiritual laws. We must not confuse this kind of law with the Law
of Moses, from which we have been freed. Spiritual laws affect every part of
our lives, from our finances and our health to our emotions and general
success (or failure). We have been given authority to use these laws to fulfill
the will of God for our lives. Hosea chapter 4 verse 6 says, My people are
destroyed for lack of knowledge This is the case with many Believers that
dont spend time in Gods Word. They may not realize what the will of God is
for every Believer and they may not know that healing is a law, prosperity is
a law, deliverance is a law, and speaking is a law (you have what you say).
The Bible is pregnant with revelations. If we dont know the word and if we
dont exercise our authority to enforce spiritual laws, we wont see the
manifestation of the good things God has made available for us. When
people are experiencing challenges in their lives that they cant seem to
overcome, they sometimes ask why things arent working out for them. They
must turn inward and ask themselves, Am I satisfied with the amount of
time that Im spending in Gods word? Then they must answer honestly.
That answer is the key to unlock everything where spiritual authority and
spiritual laws are concerned.
Father, thank You for making Your Word available to us. Guide us as we
commit ourselves to studying Your word and growing in our own
understanding. Send a fresh revelation of Your promises to every Believer
and water the good seeds that have been planted on the inside of us today.
It is in Jesus name that we pray. Amen.
Did you know that praising God invokes your spiritual authority and
paralyzes the devil? The mistaken belief that God is in complete control is

contradicted when you read in the book of Genesis that He gave Adam and
Eve authority over all the earth. Because of their fall and the loss of that
authority, Jesus came to restore it to mankind and give us dominion over
heaven and hell. That may be very shocking to some Believers who dont
realize just how powerful Christ has made us. With that in mind, we must
remember God will not come down from heaven to get the devil off our back.
As Believers, we are expected to use our God-given power to do this
ourselves. How? Through praise and thanksgiving. Praise and thanksgiving
have real power in deciding the outcome of our situations. Giving thanks to
God allows Him to move in our life and stops the devil in his tracks. In 2
Chronicles chapter 20, when the Moabites and the Ammonites gathered
against Jehoshaphat to battle, the people did not know what to do. Despite
being outnumbered, they responded by keeping their focus on God. God told
them this was not their fight but His. The peoples praise, worship, and songs
allowed God to intervene and He slew their enemies. Likewise, the same
thing can happen for us when we give God praise and worship. Whether we
dance and sing to music, lift our hands professing his goodness, or simply
say, Thank You Father while sitting behind a desk at work, we allow God to
take precedence over every circumstance in our life and defeat the enemy.
When we stop struggling with the fight and start celebrating God, we are
sure to see victory every single time.

Lord, I thank You that I am forever changed by Your Word. Nothing that the
enemy has planned against me this week will work. I release my authority
right now saying that You are the Most High God. I exalt You, and as I praise
and thank You my circumstances are shifting. People are moving, doors are
opening, provision is manifesting, relationships are improving, and my health
and emotional well-being is improving. All is well with me! I give You all the
glory and praise. In Jesus name I pray, amen.
Many Christians spend a considerable amount of time asking God to do
things for them that He has already done, or has already told them to do.
When we look at the concept of spiritual authority, it is simply the right to
use Gods power. Praise and worship connects us to that power. Psalm
chapter 22, verse 3 says that God inhabits our praise. He cant inhabit our
praise if we wont praise Him. There are Christians who come into the
understanding of this concept and immediately start exercising it in their
lives. But if they dont see an overnight change in their situation they tend to
think that something is wrong with God, or that what they are doing isnt
working. In actuality, many times the problem is their lack of consistency
where the things of God are concerned. Consistency is the key to the
breakthrough. We dont work out in the gym for one day then quit if we dont
see results. Likewise, we dont praise God one time then quit if our
breakthrough doesnt show up. Praise and worship has to come from a place
of knowing that God has already worked on our behalf, not the place of

trying to get Him to do it. Right now, it may not look like that situation is ever
going to turn around, but keep thanking God. We must remain steadfast in
His Word and dont allow the devil to rob us of our faith right before we
experience the manifestation of what has already been done. It is the will of
God for every area of our lives to be blessed. Breakthrough is on the way.
Lord, I honor You with praise and thanksgiving. I acknowledge what Youve
already done for me. You came so that I could have life and have it more
abundantly. Because of that, I am hopeful and believe that I will see every
promise in Your Word come to pass in my life. Bless me and guide me
through this week as I keep my focus on You, and remain consistent with my
praise. In Jesus name I pray, amen.
We need to understand how the spiritual laws of prosperity and wealth
operate. There are specific instructions on how to activate these laws. But
they only work if we believe enough to do what the Scriptures tell us to do.
For instance, when we give, we receive in the same measure that we gave.
Giving is also a way to praise God. God commands blessings on us, and in
everything we put our hands to. He will open heavens treasures to us. He
promises to bless us, but we must put our hands to work to allow Him to do
this. Second Thessalonians chapter 3, verse 10 says that If we do not work,
we should not eat. When we use our authority to step out in faith and begin
to work on the things God has called us to do, God will honor our faith. This is
not to be confused with works to get God to do something, or to qualify for
what He has already done. Jesus has already qualified us for everything that
has been made available to us. We can take action to make wealth come to
pass in our lives, not through our own self-effort, but because we do our part
according to Gods law of prosperity. He is the One Who gave us the power to
get wealth. He did this to establish His covenant with us. Although we have
been given all authority and power, we have a responsibility to keep our part
of the covenant by speaking and walking in it. Dont wait until things are
absolutely perfect before you step out in faith. What was the last thing God
told you to do? This is the work that needs to be done.
Father, I thank You for blessing the works of my hands this week. I
acknowledge You in all that I do and believe that as I take steps of faith You
will direct my path. I trust that You will never leave me without instruction.
Open my eyes right now so that I can see all that Youve placed before me to
do. I am committed to exercising my authority to activate Your spiritual laws.
Continue to teach me through Your Word and guide me by Your Spirit. In
Jesus name I pray, amen.
We are told not to just pray to God, but to actively fight against the devil.
This includes our physical actions. Faith without works is dead. We need to

pair doctrine from the Word of God with actions that are a result of faith.
Resisting the enemy with our body is actually cooperating with God. If we
want to resist the devil the way the Bible tells us to, we must submit
ourselves to Gods authority. All power belongs to God, and we have been
given the authorization and the right to use it on all levels.
The Scriptures tell us that the devil will only leave us alone when we stand
up and fight against him. Similar to wars in the physical realm, this type of
resistance against the enemy even includes resisting him with our bodies.
Yielding our bodies to God instead of the devil is an important strategy in this
fight. This type of spiritual strategy against anything not of God connects us
to provision, healing, deliverance, and everything else that God has already
released to us. When things go wrong, instead of complaining we are to
proclaim the Word of God. If you struggle with lust, instead of turning to
ungodly magazines and websites, turn to the Word. If you are caught in a
situation that you shouldnt be part of, physically remove yourself. If you are
having performance issues on your job, dont give up. Do something,
anything against what the enemy would like for you to do.
Commit to doing this until the full manifestation of deliverance, healing,
prosperity or whatever is needed from God manifests. One of the most
powerful ways to demonstrate our faith is to do the right thing, even if we do
not feel like doing it at that moment.
Father, thank You for Your Holy Spirit that has been sent to lead and guide us
in Your Word and in our actions. With His help we can always know what to
do even if it doesnt seem as if we know exactly what to do. You have been
so faithful to us and we thank You for it today. We give You all praise for the
victories Youve given us. We worship you for who You are. It is in Jesus
name that we pray. Amen.
When we accept the authority Jesus gave us, we realize that we have the
ability to withstand the devils lies, trickery, and deceit. The devil cannot
force us to do anything the only power he has is deception. As Christians,
we are righteous, holy, sanctified, and perfect. Not perfect in the sense that
youve never made a mistake, but perfect in spirit, in complete and upright
standing with God.

When we do not know the truth of who we are in Christ and the dominion
that has been given to us, by default we turn that authority over to the
enemy. We do not have to repeat that Adam and Eves error. They gave their
authority over to satan by believing and doing what he said instead of what
God said. Christ has redeemed each of us. We are Gods own children, but
the devil will always try to shame us into thinking there something wrong
with us. What this ultimately does is limit the believer that thinks he or she is
not worthy of exercising the authority of God.

Not only do we have Gods compassionate and unconditional love, but we

have also been given unconditional authority. Everything that the devil does
is to trick us into giving him what is rightfully oursour God given authority.
As James chapter 4 verse 7 instructs us to do, we must submit ourselves to
God. Resist the devil and he will flee!
Lord, You have already won the victory over the enemy and gave us power
and authority over Him. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. We
thank You for being a father to us and for making us perfect and whole in
every way through Your son Jesus. Teach us how to walk boldly in what has
been made available to us and bring glory to Your name in the earth. It is in
Jesus name that we pray. Amen.
Lord, I thank You right now for the love that saved all of us. The love that put
me in right-standing with You and gave me access to every good thing. It is
that love that I will trust in. I know that You have all power in Your hands and
nothing is impossible for You. I choose to believe in, and accept, Your love. It
is in the precious name of Jesus that I pray, amen.
Jesus, I trust You. Thank You Lord for Your unfailing love and Your willingness
to heal every broken area in my life by Your grace. Thank You for the grace
that saves and makes Your power, and every earthly provision, available to
me. Your Word says that there is no good thing that You will withhold from
me and I thank You for that. It is in Jesus name that I pray, amen.
It is a privilege to share revelations that Ive received from God with you. I
realize that there are things that we all may be working on and believing God
for this week. There may also be situations that we would like to see
changed in a positive manner. If we use our authority to respond contrary to
our natural circumstances, God will release a supernatural response into our
life. This is clearly illustrated in the Bible when we read about the power of
God healing the lame, casting out demons, and raising the dead. One
definition of authority is the right to command, and as Believers, we are
authorized dealers of Gods power. All we need to do is realize and believe
that we have been given the authority, and then take it by speaking the
name of Jesus over the situation. We have the right to expect powerful
Lord, Your name is above every name and there is no one more powerful
than You. I thank You for the authority that You have given to me. I choose to
exercise my authority to live a victorious Christian life and bring glory to You.
In Jesus name, Amen.


Let's start this week strong by remembering that a strong foundation is the
basis for everything, and our spiritual lives are no different. As Christians, the
first foundation that we must understand is the foundation of righteousness.
When we begin to understand how this operates in our life, we open the door
for blessings to flow to us in abundance. But this doesnt happen
automatically. As free moral agents, we must decide whether or not to
accept all that God has made available to us. We can either choose a
foundation built upon self-righteousness, or Gods righteousness. We never
have to worry about toiling or sweating for any kind of victory where our
jobs, relationships, finances, education, or health are concerned when we
choose Gods righteousness because Christ is the author and finisher of our
faith. His righteousness must be the foundation of our Christian lives and the
starting point from which we base all of our decisions. Remember, you have
a choice this week. Choose to respond in favor of Christs righteousness
instead of toiling relentlessly and missing the mark by trusting in selfrighteousness.
Father, I am thankful to be called the righteousness of God. Your Son, Jesus,
paid the price so that I could be perfected and made whole in You. This week
I will constantly acknowledge that I am the righteousness of God. I cast down
every thought that tries to set itself against that truth. I embrace Your Word
in Romans 10:11 that says, anyone who believes in You will never be put to
shame. I thank You for this, and give You all the glory and all the praise. In
Jesus name Amen.