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Unit Template

Grade Level
Music: The Real World
Time Frame
Abigail Moran
Identify Desired Results (Stage 1)
Content Standard SOL 5.4

Title of Unit
Curriculum Area
Developed By

1 Week

recognize various professional music careers

(music producer, music engineer, composer, arranger, music business attorney, arts administrators, music therapist, music teacher)
Technology Standard SOL 5.6
Create music using contemporary media and technology
Overarching Understanding

Students will understand how music can provide a supportive job.

Essential Questions
How can I be a career
professional in the world? What
are real world applications for

How can these job be
achieved? Where would you get
this kind of job? How would
music be involved? What kind
of music?

Related Misconceptions

Students will know how to pursue a career in a music job of their

choice, what they need to do to accomplish it and how it will support

From: Wiggins, Grant and J. Mc Tighe. (1998). Understanding by Design, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Students will know

Students will be able to

...what music careers are available in the real world, what those jobs
entail, what criteria they need to meet to achieve these careers, the
versatility of music.

...collaborate, use technology to solve problems, think critically,

compose on music software, display their knowledge in a
presentation, evaluate the importance of hard work to achieve goals,
analyze the necessary steps to achieve goals.


Performance Tasks:
Other Evidence:
Compose a 30 second composition that reflects the Success in distributing tasks, quality work in all areas of the presentation.
musical career chose. Present group findings in a
PowerPoint. Use technology, team work and
critical thinking to problem solve.

Key Criteria:
critical thinking and self exploration/discovery pertaining to the information gathering and knowledge retention of musical careers.

Learning Plan (Stage 3)

What is your task? Where are your students
headed? Where have they been? How will you
make sure the students know where they are
How will you hook students using your task at

This will be an end of the year unit. Prior to this units will have been completed
that pertain to all of the essentials necessary to complete this unit. (computer &
To hook the students I have a video of similar aged students getting exposure to

From: Wiggins, Grant and J. Mc Tighe. (1998). Understanding by Design, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

the beginning of the unit? What adventure will

they complete? What problem will they solve?
How will they work together? Individually?
What events will help students experience and
explore the big idea and questions in the unit?
How will each event provide meaning to your
students around the core curricular objective?
How will you equip each student with needed
skills and knowledge and to make sure all
students are understanding what is intended?
How will you cause students to reflect and
rethink? How will you guide them in
rehearsing, revising, and refining their work?
How will you help students to exhibit and selfevaluate their growing skills, knowledge, and
understanding throughout the unit?
How will you tailor and otherwise personalize
the learning for individual students to optimize
the engagement and effectiveness of ALL
students, without compromising the goals of the
How will you organize and sequence the
learning activities to optimize the engagement
and achievement of ALL students?
How will you organize groups in order for each
group to have a different role and be learning
different information in order to teach the
whole class something new and to help answer
the overall unit problem?
What resources and materials will you need to
complete this activity? How will you organize
and present resources and materials?

careers in the music industry. I also plan on brainstorming in partners about the types of
jobs and lifestyles students could have to generate excitement and then share with the
class think, pair, share. (artists, producers, sound engineers etc.)
Students will use an online Webquest to explore the big idea of this unit. Each
event will pertain to an aspect of musical careers or how to achieve such goals. In
addition to previous units that will prepare students that will have written instructions
and groups if they should need any assistance.

before students start the Webquest they will be sorted into groups and choose a
career as a unit. Then they will each write a paragraph based on a prompt about what
their life and career pursuits will be like. After the unit they will answer the same prompt
and see how their perspectives have changed.
In addition to the paragraph there will be an end of unit survey evaluating their
performance and their teammates contributions.
Each stage of the Webquest will be divided into sections that can be done
individually but with the help of peers if necessary. If more in depth partner work is
needed that is fine. Groups can not divide the sections between the group, group
members are used as help if necessary.
I will try to mix in interactive games and other activities to keep students engaged
while facilitating learning. This back and forth sequence should help optimize student
interest and engagement.
Each group will have a different career so the information the groups will present will be
in a similar format but with different information. As a whole the class will learn about
musical careers and their posters or Powerpoints will be made available to everyone for
For this unit paper, pencils, PowerPoint, computers, music composition software
(musescore, finale, Sibelius etc.), projector/screen will be needed.

From: Wiggins, Grant and J. Mc Tighe. (1998). Understanding by Design, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

From: Wiggins, Grant and J. Mc Tighe. (1998). Understanding by Design, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development