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World Religions Paper 1

There are many similarities as well as differences between Christianity and

Judaism which are significant and understandable as you trace the origin of
each religion. In many instances of worship, law as well as scripture are these
two religions very similar each having their own unique set of guidelines while
both simultaneously in certain instances having distinct similarities. It is with
these likeness and contrast in which we can analyze these religions in terms
of their concepts as well as origin to dissect what caused such a split within
these two religions as well as the foundations which give them resemblance.

In each religion there is a primary focus in which they follow and strive to go
towards molding the fabric of the religion. Within Christianity it is the worship
of God and his son Jesus Christ in which they can gain salvation into the
kingdom of heaven. They also believe in the following of Gods
commandments as well as the spread of the Gospel onto others so they too
may be saved. Within the Jewish religion its primary focus is the enjoyment of
life as well as the worship of the one true god and the fulfillment of his laws in
regard to that of the Torah. Christians believe in the trinity and see this as
their way to the kingdom of heaven, the Messiah Jesus Christ giving his life to
die for the sins of man. Opposite to this is that of the Jews who also still
believe in a messiah but believe that the messiah is still coming and that
when the messiah comes it signifies the end of human suffering. They believe
that Jesus could not be the messiah because he did not fulfill the roles of the
true messiah. It is seen just through these key similarities and differences
which show how these two religions have some sort of common ground but a
difference in which their concepts are implemented and practiced.

Christianity takes its root from Judaism but establishes itself as its own entity
separate from that of Judaism. It is key differences between the two where the
separation takes part. Jews believe in the stories of the Tanach known to
Christians as the Old Testament which tells the story of the ancient chosen
people of Israel. These stories told in the Tanach are also told in the Old
testament in which Christians to believe in. It is the breakaway from the
Tanach or Old testament where the breakaway from Judaism occurs from
Christianity. It is in the New testament and the stories of the gospel in which
Jesus, the savior and the messiah of the Christian people comes to life. It is at
this point where they break free from one another Christians believing in
Christ while Jews deny him. Even though both religions believe In the same
God as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob it is the significant difference of the
acceptance of the trinity which does not support this view.

As many distinct similarities between the two there are also differences,
especially in regard to the practice of their Religions and faith. Judaism
believes that of good deeds which has more importance than that of belief
which Christians hold in high regard. Christians believe in original sin that
which man is cursed with from birth while Jews believe that people are born
with a yetzer hatov(tendency towards goodness) and a yetzer hara(tendency
towards evil) in which one can choose which path they wish to follow.

Both religions believe in an afterlife after death, the Christian faith however
believing that through Christ this can obtained through the surrendering and
ultimate forgiveness of ones sins. Jews believe that is through good deeds and

the practice of the Torah in which their salvation can be obtained. Both these
religions have their own scriptures which are similar yet different, some parts
within the Tanach that Christians reject while Jews reject the new testament
completely each underlying their own unique perspectives.

In conclusion in identifying the origins, practices, beliefs and scriptures in

which these two religions have it can clearly be seen throughout the distinct
similarities how the are very relatable and in many ways similar, both coming
from the same root of Old Judaism which was practiced thousands of years
ago. It is from this root in which they stemmed apart, Christianity
disassociating itself from the Jewish faith as the most important fact remains
which separates them completely from one another is the acceptance of the
trinity and the messiah in their relevant forms according to Judaism as well as