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I. Papers published in journals/proceedings

1. Hazra, A.K.,A Note On Cofactor Matrix, J. Bangladesh Academy of Science , Vol.25,
No.1, p 65-69, ISSN 0378-8121, June, 2001.
2. Hazra, A.K., A New Expansion Method For Determinants, J. Bangladesh Academy of
Science , Vol.24, No.2 ,p 113-120, ISSN 0378-8121, December 2000.
3. Hazra, A.K., Modal Matrix its Construction , J. Bangladesh Academy of Science ,
Vol.23, No.1 , P69-77 , ISSN 0378-8121 , June , 1999.
4. Hazra, A.K.,Applications of Sylvesters Dialytic Elimination, Proceeding of the 10th
Mathematical Conference, Bangladesh Mathematical Society, Vol.1, P117-120, 1995.
5. Hazra, A.K., Matrix Partitioning Technique to derive Abels Identity for nth order ODE,
Bangladesh . Sci. Res. Vol.12, No.1, ISSN 0253-5432, P61-67, June, 1994.
6. Hazra, A.K., & W. Z. Loskor, Solvability Conditions of Algebraic Equations Using
Graeffes Root Squaring Method, Proceeding of the International Conference on
Mathematics And Its Applications In The New Millennium, Department of Mathematics,
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Sedang, Selangor, Malaysia .P444-447, 18 19 July, 2000.
7. Hazra, A .K. ,Formulae for the Coefficients of Partial Fractions Using Derivative, BUET
Studies, J. Bangladesh Univ. Engg. Tech., Dhaka, Vol.2 , P28-33, 1999
8. Hazra, A.K.,Evolutionary Trends in Geometry, J. Math. & Math. Sci., A Publication of
Math Dept., Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Vol.10, P33-40, 1995 .
9. Hazra, A.K., Hosking, R.J. & Gupta, G.K., A Comparison of Numerical Integration
Subroutines Using DETEST,Ganit,J.Bangladesh Math.Society,Vol.14,No.1-2,P53-62, 1994 .
10. Hazra, A.K.,Unified Rule for the Reduction of Some Elliptic Integral to Standard
form,Ganit , J. Bangladesh Math. Society,Vol.14, No. 1-2, P79-83, 1994 .
11. Hazra, A.K., Competition Coefficients in Population Dynamics, J. Math. & Math. Sci., A
Publication of Math. Dept, Jahangirnagar University, Savar,Dhaka,Vol.4-7, P83-88,1989-92 .
II. Papers presented in the International/National Conferences
12. Hazra, A.K., Analytic Construction of Magic Squares VII th ,West Bengal State Science &
Technology Congress, P5 A4, 28th February 1st March , 2000.
13. Hazra, A.K., Irrelevant And Wrong Information In Mathematics Education, VII th West
Bengal State Science & Technology Congress, P5 A4, 28th February 1st March , 2000.
14. Hazra , A. K., Analytic Solution of Nonlinear Differential Equations, International
Conference on Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Systems, IIT, Kharagpur, India , p
6A4, December 9-11, 1999
15. Hazra, A.K.,Mathematics for Computerized Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, its abstract
was printed in the booklet of the First International Conference on Computer Applications in

Science,Technology & Medicine,University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran. P5A4, Dec.26-28,1991.

16. Hazra, A.K., An Overview of the Application of Matrices , Regional Workshop on the
Teaching of Mathematics as a Service subject, Dhaka, Bangladesh , P3A4, 1989.
17. Hazra, A.K.,Boolean Algebra in Computer Architecture, Fifth Annual Mathematical
Conference, Jahangirnagar University, Savar,Bangladesh, P24A4,1986.
Editor of Archive for Mathematical Logic writes:
referee writes a more detailed historical survey , but appreciates the way your paper is written
III. Papers accepted in the International Conferences
18. Hazra , A. K., Invertible Point Transformation Approach For Solving Nonlinear Vibrating
Problems in the First International Conference on Vibrating Engineering & Technology of
Machinery,Bangalore ,India, Oct.25-27,2000. But could not present due to lack of finance
IV. Articles for Encyclopedia of Bangladesh

( On going Project of Asiatic Society of

Bangladesh ) within limited words

19. Hazra , A .K ., Mathematics in BUET (Department, R & D , Teaching ) within 500 words.
20. Hazra , A.K., Mathematics in Pakistan Period (1947-71) within 1000 words.
21. Hazra , A.K., History of Computerization in Bangladesh within 1000 words.
V. Special study
22. Hazra, A.K., Diploma special study on A Comparison of Numerical Integration Subroutines for
Ordinary Differential Equations Initial Value Problems (ODEIVP) using DETEST, AIT,
Bangkok, CA-80-4, 1980, P(93 + iv)
VI. Book Articles
A. Following book articles belong to the book
Hazra, A. K., Matrix: Algebra, Calculus & Generalized Inverse Vol. I, II & III, Cambridge
International Science Publishing, Cambridge, U.K., to appear. Bengali version already
published by Bangla Academy , Bangladesh , 1998 & 1999 respectively.
23. Classification of Matrices , sec.1.3
24. Differences Between a Submatrix and a Block , sec.4.3
25. Khatri-Rao Product & its Properties , sec.5.5
26. Factorization of Determinants , sec.6.16.5
27. Developed Gerstein algorithm for computing rank of a matrix, sec.10.7
B. Following book articles belong to the book

Hazra, A. K., Integral Calculus with Applications, Pragati Prakashan, Meerut , India, 1997.
28. Tables of 76 Integrals with Procedures .
29. Properties of Definite Integral with Geometric Interpretation , sec.8.7 .
Authors Name Year of Name of Book
Name of Publisher
1. Hazra, A.K. June, 1998 Matrix:Algebra, Calculus and Bangla Academy ,
Generalized Inverse Vol.I
Dhaka ,
(Bengali medium)
2.Hazra,A.K. Feb. 1999 Matrix:Algebra ,Calculus and
Bangla Academy ,
Generalized Inverse Vol. II
(Bengali medium)
Feb. 1999 Matrix:Algebra ,Calculus and Bangla Academy ,
Generalized Inverse Vol. III
(Bengali medium)
4-6. Hazra, A.K. Press
Matrix:Algebra ,Calculus and
Generalized Inverse Vol.I, Vol.II, International
Vol.III (English version of the Science Publishing
books 1, 2, 3)
Cambridge , U.K.

Page & ISBN No.

pp (xvi + 448 ),
ISBN 984-07-3867-4
ISBN 984-07-3868-2

About books 4-6 Prof. S. Councilman, Prof. & Chairman , Deptt. of Math., California State University ,
Long Beach , U.S.A. , writes Judging by the preface and table of contents, this looks like a very interesting
and comprehensive text. When your book will be available I will certainly suggest it to department
instructors who teach the appropriate course .
Professor M. Zuhair Nashed, Department of Math. Science, University of Delaware, New York , U.S.A.
writes, on the basis of the preface and table of contents It looks that a major undertaking in its scope and
details of exposition. I would be happy to recommend the book to our library.In USA it is not clear where
it could be used as a text since elementary linear algebra courses are different from your extensive
coverage,and include applications and some computational methods.
Key features of 4-6
* Most attractive feature of the book might be * Most chapters include some definitions and
GRE sample tests.
ideas different from classical texts.
* Dozens of algorithm can easily be converted to * Formulation of modal matrix in case of
computer programs .
multiple eigenvalues in terms grand-parent,
parent and daughter is perhaps a new and
pleasant terminology.
* Most texts ignore the inverse of singular as well * Definiteness tests occupy appropriate places in
as rectangular matrices . As a result misconception appropriate contexts such as in secs.1.3, 3.10,
grows among learners that inverse of a matrix is 6.17, 10.11.1, 13.24 .
only possible if it is nonsingular. This is removed
at the start of inverse matrix in sec.8.3.
* Submatrix and partition matrix have been dealt * Chapter 5 on Other matrix operations is
with in details in chapter 4 instead of finishing the normally beyond the contents of other texts.
idea with definition only.

* Chapter 6 introduces a new method of expansion

in sec.6.7.3 and comparison of different methods
in sec.6.7.6.
* Chapter 8 introduces properties of cofactor
matrices and avoids classical back-gearing process
of proving the identity
adj (AB) adjB adjA & adj(adjA) = | A |n2A
* Norms & measure, matrix calculus & g. inverse
in independent chapters constitute a new flavour
of the text.

* Analytic construction of magic squares is a

new idea in chapter 7.

Text book is a mouth-piece of journals. It

lucidly and understandably explains and
popularize the research articles. This text
recovered and used many results such as
Sylvesters dialytic elimination , different types
of circulant matrices , properties of Helmertian
matrices, properties
and construction of
Hadamard matrices, inversion of Vandermode
matrices, developed Gerstein algorithm for
computing rank of a matrix , different types and
procedures of generalized inverses etc. in
appropriate sections from
the bondage of
journals of different centuries.
7. Hazra, A. K.
Integral Calculus with Applications
pp((xxiv + 640)
Meerut, INDIA
- 81-7556-019-3
8. Hazra, A.K.
Integral Calculus & Differential
pp (xxxii+ 829 ),
June, 1997
Jabber, M.A.
Key features of 7 & 8
* Describes drawbacks in the study of integral calculus
* 28 GRE sample tests at the end
* Derived unification rule of 136 elliptic integrals
* 100 ordinary & 25 elliptic integrals
* Procedure for tracing curves
* Derived formulae for partial fractions
* Special functions-gamma, beta, error, elliptic functions
* Numerous solved problems & hints of exercises * Differentiation under integral sign
* Review of 3-dimensional figures
*Geometric interpretation of properties of definite
* Table of 76 integrals with procedures
9. Asraf., Md.Ali
Jan, 1993
Vector Analysis with
Wiley Eastern Ltd. pp(xv+308) , ISBN
Reprint 1998 Applications, 3/e (4/e is in
New Delhi,
Hazra, A.K.
Reviewers comments :
i) Niruparna Devi of Cotton college, Guwahati-1, India, writes found to be a very useful book for
those who are dedicated to the studies of Applied Sciences and Engineering high level reference
book for research workers & scholars along with large number of students in India & abroad
ii) Dr. N. G. Sarker of Haldia Govt. College, Midnapore, India, The presentation of every topics
of this book is very clear. It is helpful to both teachers & students
10. Asraf, Md.Ali
& Hazra, A. K.
11. Jabber,M.A.


Vector Analysis with

Applications, 2/e
Integral Calculus &
Differential Equations,

Sakina Ashraf & Jahan Ara pp(ix+278)

Begum of Bangladesh
Bangla Academy , Dhaka, pp (xii+ 696 )

Hazra, A. K.
12. Asraf, Md. Ali
& Hazra , A. K.


(Bengali medium )
Vector Analysis with

Hafiz Book Centre, New pp(xvi+340)

Market, Dhaka, Bangladesh