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18 Vote of Thanks Examples

Vote of thanks examples and how to write a brief formal expression of thanks at a special
occasion proposed as a motion at a conference, ceremony or meeting.
How to write a vote of thanks? In
short there are two major
guidelines for the proposer.
The first is refer to the central
message of the speech topics of
the lectures or presentations given
by the previous public speaker(s).
Emphasize only positive
statements, ideas and thoughts of
the keynote speaker(s).
Consider my Sample Vote of
Thanks Speech as a frame
structure, a speech format outline,
and transform the 18 different
vote of thanks samples to your
Honorable [name], Respected [name], Mr Chairman, our most valued invited guests, ladies and
gentlemen! It's my privilege to have been asked to propose a vote of thanks on this occasion. I,
on behalf of [name of the organization of the event], and the entire let me call it fraternity of
[field of interest] here together, and on my own behalf extend a very hearty vote of thanks to all
speakers for gracing your important work and sharing with us your findings and opinions today!
A big 'Thank You' to [name speaker], for her/his efforts towards [speech topic]. Refer and
respond to just one central idea of the speaker that you found particularly interesting.
If there are more speakers, then consider these vote of thanks examples:
I must mention our deep sense of appreciation for [name speaker], for her/his explanation of
[speech topic]. Again refer...
Further, we are greatful to [speaker], for demonstrating her/his [speech topic]. [Refer and
respond to...]

I may like to express our sincere thanks to [name], for giving an excellent coverage to [her or his
speech topic]. [Refer].
I also wish to express my gratitude to [name], for providing encouragement at [speech topics].
I am also very grateful to [name] for her/his analysis of [point that struck you most].
And, we also would like to acknowledge our gratitude to [name], for exposing her/his theory of
[speech topic].
We are all inspired by your great words!
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our hearty thanks to [name],
[function] for the perfect logistic support and guidance she/he has extended to all of us at
I also extend my thanks to [name], [function] and also to [name], [function] for their enormous
cooperation in the organization of this event.
Vary in language when using these vote of thanks examples.
Well, Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, an event like this cannot happen overnight. The
wheels start rolling weeks ago. It requires planning and a birds eye for details. We have been
fortunate enough to be backed by a team of very motivated and dedicated colleagues of [institute,
organization] who know their job and are result oriented.
I cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and their willingness to take on the
completion of tasks beyond their comfort zones! Vary on these vote of thank examples till your
express motion fits the atmosphere right.
More vote of thanks examples. Think about people who are responsible for:


technical arrangements

stage setting and lighting



the press and media contacts

et cetera

in your vote of thanks speeches.

Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, once again I want to state that we are all most grateful to all
speakers on this stage. We thank you for being with us this evening - its been a great pleasure.
Thank You Very Much!
Last but not least: Be brief, clear and sharp, everybody has heard enough, and want to have a
drink :-) Succes with chosing the proper vote of thanks examples!
Respected Chief Guest, our Principled Principal, talented Professors, friendly
lecturers, dear Caring Parent, Caring and sharing college mates, I take this
opportunity to thank everyone of you for agreeing and attending this great
memorable function of our college, and making it very successful and memorable.
I thank the chief guest for being kind enough to come to our college amidst his busy
schedule, I thank the Principal and professors for their guidance and kind treatment
with us for all this college period.
No word will suffice, if I say only thanks to our lecturers who moulded our lives in a
better form.
I thank the parents, and our all colleagues for their support in critical moment of our
While thanking, I call everyone to forget the mischief done by us and bless us for
our new life, that awaits us outside this campus.
At this time, I must say, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Its a great honour to have this opportunity to thank all of you on behalf of the
twenty-two organizations, who have been privileged to be associated with this
historic assembly of citizens, who have come to listen to Prof. Chomsky and to
interact with him. Prof. Chomsky, we are deeply indebted to you for articulating the

voice of reason, the voice of humanity and the voice of civilised thinking. Mrs. Carol
Chomsky, we thank you also for being with us this evening; its been a great
pleasure. We would like to thank N. Ram of Frontline and Sashi Kumar from the
Asian College of Journalism for making this evening come true for all of us. Ever
since everyone heard about the possibility of Prof. Chomskys visit , we have been
dreaming of this evening, and we are very grateful to you for making this true for us
Thank you very much Ram and Sashi Kumar. I would also like to thank Mr. Kamal
and his team from the Asian College of Journalism for the acoustics and for the
technical arrangements made to record the proceedings in time on audio and video.
Those who wish to procure copies, please get in touch with the Asian College of
Journalism. We thank Sadanand Menon for the stage setting and lighting, Radhika
Menon and Tulika for the design and printing of the posters and the invitations to
this event, The Hindu for the series of advertisements it ran in the newspaper
announcing the public lecture, the media in Chennai - Print, Broadcast and Online
media - for the interest and support they have shown in their coverage leading up
to this evening, and being present in such solid strength here to cover the lecture.
In this connection, we would like to make particular mention of Sun News, which
telecast promotional spots on this function on the channel. We would like to thank
the Music Academy, particularly its President, Mr. T.T. Vasu and their staff, for kindly
making this auditorium available to us. Finally, the wonderful audience who have
turned up in such overwhelming numbers, not only from Chennai but also from
other parts of the country. We thank you very much for your patience, because
many of you had to stand outside, inside, many of you did not have seats and still
there was pin drop silence, and we thank you so much for your cooperation. We
were just thinking, but for the transport workers strike, the crowd, the audience here
would have been really unmanageable, we would have had a tremendous crowd.
And volunteers from all the sponsoring organisations, whose names I am going to
read out in a minute, I would like to thank the volunteers who have been running
around doing a lot of things and thank you so much. And now, if I may just take a
minute to read out the names of the 22 organisations that are sponsoring this :

Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will
always come a time when you will be grateful you did.
As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is
not to utter words, but to live by them.

There are many ways to express thanks for services received or gifts given. In a large or formal
setting, one of the best ways to acknowledge the efforts of those responsible for the event is the
vote of thanks.A vote of thanks is a brief speech, given on behalf of the organization or group as
a whole to a specific person or persons. It can be for the services provided in organizing and
out the conference, ceremony or meeting that is just concluding, or can also be used to thank the
principal speaker at such an event.The speech should cite specific examples of the work done or

the topics delivered. In the case of a presentation, the speaker can mention one or more key
issues raised during the talk in order to remind the audience of the value of that presentation. A
vote of thanks can also be given to those responsible for the technical arrangements, catering and
stage setting of the event, people who would ordinarily be missed or ignored in any other
way.The vote of thanks is generally the concluding speech of the event. As such, it needs to be
not only short, but very clear. Humor can be used in small doses, and the speech should conclude
with a call for applause or other suitable demonstration for the people being thanked.These
speeches are not difficult to compose. It is simply a matter of listing the accomplishments that
have been done during the event, and recognizing those responsible for them in a respectful way.
Examples of such vote of thanks speeches can be found on the Internet, or in books of speech
topics. They may also be found in the minutes or history of bodies such as Parliament or the US
House of Representatives.More reference links:
Vote of thanks speeches

Giving away a welcome speech and "vote of thanks" are some of the responsibilities bestowed
on us if we work in an organisation.
Alas! I am faced with the puzzle of how to give vote of thanks.
Did you have to face this situation? Well, you need not panic.
First and foremost, we need to understand that there is no vote of thanks template, be it a vote of
thanks for farewell party or a vote of thanks for teachers day. But of course we need to keep in
mind certain guidelines before preparing for a speech and presentation.
Vote of thanks for a function is given during the end of function. For a formal function, the
organising secretary or an equivalent member who is involved in the function from beginning till
end is the best person to give away the vote of thanks.
How to write "vote of thanks"?

Many people search for vote of thanks examples. The most important point is that "Vote of
thanks" should be very brief. Remember! Everyone who was involved including the person who
is giving the "vote of thanks" may be tired and bored especially if it is for the valedictory
function. The aim of vote of thanks is not to bore them further; but to give a sincere attempt to
thank everyone who has made the show a success.
What should be the order of speech for "vote of thanks"?

There should be an order of thanking according to the importance as in welcome speech. For a
formal function, it is best to thank the chief guest first, then the dignitaries on the dais, people in
the front row and then everybody down the hall.

What to avoid in the speech of "vote of thanks"?

Avoid thanking own people from the organisation. For example when you write vote of thanks
for annual day or college day, one of the faculty who was involved in the organisation may be
entrusted with the responsibility to give away the vote of thanks. It may not look appropriate to
keep thanking the other entire departmental faculty for their active participation in the
programme, because they might have done it as part of their job responsibility and it may not
look appropriate to pat our own shoulder in the public
Avoid praising anybody. Expressing heart felt thanks need not be about praising a particular
person or organisation.
While choosing words for the speech, take care not to be critical or evaluative about the day's
A vote of thanks speech is not an attempt at summarising the events for the day. Instead it should
be a way of showing appreciation with heartfelt words of gratitude. It can also be used as an
opportunity to respond to the remarks, requests or promises made by the chief guest.
Vote of thanks for inaugural function

Here you can mainly address the chief guest and guest of honour if any and express your words
of gratitude. Specify exactly what you are grateful for and it should be expressed in a sincere
manner using suitable words. Vote of thanks for inaugural function should not kill the
anticipation of the participants. You can also connect or link to the upcoming events by a brief
How to give (deliver) a "vote of thanks"?

The person who is giving away the vote of thanks should have a pleasant disposition. You will
feel more confident if you have a small card with points written on who you want to thank and
which phrase or words to be used for a particular person. Rehearsing the speech also helps in
gaining confidence.
Have eye contact with the audience and talk to the audience. Beginners make a common mistake
of talking to themselves rather than communicating to the audience. Speak slowly and
deliberately as you look around the hall.
Use body language and gestures to emphasise the sincerity of your words. Smile on your
face will enhance your appearance as well as leave the guests at ease.
Common expressions used for vote of thanks speech

I thank
I am grateful to
Let me express my gratitude.
I take this opportunity to thank..
We remain grateful to.
Our words may not be capable of communicating our sense of gratitude to.
We offer our sincere thanks to.
Permit me to mention our appreciation to
I bow my head in gratitude..
May I take this occasion to salute him with..
We are happy to mention our obligation to.
We express our gratefulness to
Please avoid
Cliches like On my behaf, On behlf of all concerned., I will be failing in my duty if
., Last but not least.. etc.
Good Luck!!

Good luck with your programme!

At the end of the programme, you will feel more assured and energetic that you could give away
the vote of thanks sincerely and confidently!

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