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Oil & Gas - Asset Integrity

Desalination Plant - Resilience Modelling - UK

GL Noble Denton developed a long term resilience model to
assess the desalination plant in terms of its throughput using
our Monte Carlo RAM simulation tool, OPTAGONTM. From this,
key contributors to production losses were identified and
sensitivity studies were considered to identify performance
enhancement and reduction effects.

Long term operation of the plant including annual

shutdown and other planned maintenance activities

Plant specific repair times

Plant performance enhancement and reduction effects

Key outputs from the RAM analysis included:

What we did
The resilience model considered:

Shortfall contributors at equipment level

Predicted production availability and average daily

supply levels

Continuous operation of the plant for a short term period

with no planned maintenance

The global independent technical advisor

16363_NS 18.02 2013

Expertise Provided

Outcome & Benefits

Key Tasks

Value to Client

To predict the production availability of the plant for

both continuous operation and long term operation
(including planned maintenance activities)

Findings from the resilience modelling enabled the operator

to focus on improvement areas in order to improve plant

To identify the key contributors to production losses

To quantify performance enhancement and reduction

effects in terms of production availability

Highlighted key contributors to production losses. Since

these areas have been identified:

the effect of added redundancy has been quantified

the cost benefit of equipment sparing has been


Identified effects of long repair times on plant performance

has resulted in further work being undertaken to produce a
repair strategy with prioritisation of critical equipment

Understood requirements for planned maintenance

activities in long term operation has identified the need for
a maintenance strategy to be adopted and the effect such
activities on production availability has been quantified | Email

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