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Poetry Moves Cinquain Poems (sin cane)

Carley Hall (Michigan State University

I can explain the format of a cinquain poem.
Line 1: 1 noun, line 2: 2 adjectives, line 3: 3 action verbs, line 4: 4 word
sentence, line 5: 1 synonym.
I can create my own cinquain poem.
I can demonstrate a cinquain poem using movement.
Pathways, levels, etc.
Standards (GLCE):
R.WS.04.01: explain how to use the word structure, sentence, structure, and
prediction to aid in decoding words and understanding the meanings of words
encountered in context.
R.WS.04.04: know the meanings of words encountered frequently in grade-level
reading and oral language contexts.
R.NT.04.02: identify and describe the structure, elements, and purpose of a
variety of narrative genre including poetry, myths, legends, fantasy, and
R.CM.04.01: connect personal knowledge, experiences, and understanding of
the world to themes and perspectives in text through oral and written responses.
W.GN.04.02: write poetry based on reading a wide variety of grade-appropriate
W.PS.04.01: exhibit personal style and voice to enhance the written message.
S.DS.04.02: engage in interactive, extended discourse to socially construct
meaning in book clubs, literature circles, partnerships, or other conversation
ART.D.I.4.1: demonstrate basic locomotor skills through moving forward,
backward, and sideways in both straight and curved lines to varied tempos.
ART.D.I.4.3: demonstrate the ability to make shapes at low, middle, and high
levels using selected locomotor and non-locomotor/axial movements.
Grade: 4th grade

Time: 1 hour

Source Materials:
Jenna Kotula Michigan State University

Teaching Materials:
PowerPoint slides on format of cinquain
Cinquain worksheet (27+) (attached)
My introduction
Introduce attention grabber
Introduce plan for the day
Apple Turnover (in seats)
o I will start and go for the first few times
o Purpose: can use these topics for poem topics
o Internal Assessment/Check-in volunteers for topic ideas that they would
be interested in writing about
7 minutes
2. Building Knowledge
Cinquain Poem:
o PowerPoint of cinquain poem
A 5 line poem that does not have to rhyme; we use it to describe
things, people, places, things, anything you want!
Line 1 1 noun (subject)
Line 2 2 adjectives
Line 3 3 ing- verbs (present participle)
Line 4 4 word sentence
Line 5 1 synonym
o Share examples with class
PowerPoint example; ask class for a subject, make a cinquain
poem out loud with class, asking for words as you go, write on
o Ask for volunteer to share (if no, move on)
o Write on Smartboard
Pathways: forward, backward, left, right, diagonal
Levels: high, medium, low
10 minutes
3. Exploration one on themselves, one on anything will students engage
with the material to make it their own and show their understanding?

Have students write a cinquain poem with their name as the subject
o Walk around to answer questions
o Have them share with their table group
o Ask for volunteers to share (2-3)
o Put up format cheat sheet
7 minutes
-Everyone stand up! Have students form groups (table groups)
o Create cinquain poem with group
o Put up format cheat sheet
o Write it down for memorization purposes
7 minutes
Have groups create cinquain dance
o Explain 2 eight count (give them a beat)
o Create a 2 eight count routine, using movement and no words, to depict
the poem you created.
o Tell them they are presenting
12 minutes
Circle around class and check in on groups, individuals, track progress (asses
time), answer questions, provoke conversations and deep thought,
26 minutes (total)
4. Sharing
Dress rehearsal warning
Gather class in circle (if possible)
Have volunteers go first
o I read poem while they present routine
Short debrief after each presentation have peers answer the questions and tell
you about each presentation. PRAISE.
*identifying, no guessing
10 minutes
5. Closure what questions will you ask students to quickly assess their understanding
of your overall objective?
Quick recap of what a cinquain poem is
o pop quiz of format (out loud)
What they could use this for in future
o Examples: remembering vocabulary words, test topics, get to know you
5 minutes

6. Notes include content information to assist in your teaching

Identify, not guess
Thorough explanation of format and point of poem
Make sure they understandfollow up questions
Stay calm and positive
Make sure they are comfortable with you so when you walk around, they feel
comfortable asking you questions and having fun
Make sure it is fun and not all lesson learned
7. Teaching materials and/or examples include all supporting materials in your plan
Cinquain power point
Cinquain worksheet

Lets Write a Cinquain Poem

A five- line poem describing a person, place,

or thing.
LINE 1 a title, one noun telling what your
poem is about

LINE 2 two adjectives that describe your

poems subject
LINE 3 three verbs, present participle (-ing

LINE 4 a four word sentence about your

poems subject

LINE 5 a synonym for your title