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Concept Description

TEAM10, e-Concept Development, Semester 1,

Project 1, Group 5

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Enthusiastic multimedia designer originally from Finland. Interested in learning yoga and
mindfullness while spending most of the time staring at the screen.
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Dedicated multimedia designer with extensive experience in marketing, passionate in psychology and nutrition that loves sharing a good laugh.
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I am an artist trying to conquer both traditional and digital fields by painting and drawing
with coal, hanging out in Photoshop or 3Ds Max. I love to read and play computer games.
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Spend much time on creative programs, but is equally a tech geek, who is crazy with new
gizmos and Apple products. I am a dedicated horror fan: I love a good scare at the cinema.
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I spend much time on articles about nutrition and fitness, since my passion is sports. However when I relax I love playing computer games online with friends.
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Born: CPH. Raised: Aalborg, rhus, around the world with Cirkus Krone. Passions: Art,
design, my motorbike, studying, flirting, helping others, watching Lady Gaga musicvideos.

Table of content
Client goal 1
Concept description 1
Digital element 5
Launch plan and platform choices

Production budget 7
Project management breakdown

Appendix 11
1. Inspiration for drop-off box



1. Sketch of the storyboard

2. Budget listing 13

Client goal
Call Me wants a marketing campaign, that encourage
people in Denmark over a three months period to donate
at least 100.000 old phones to Julemrkehjemmene,
through Greenwire.

To create a movement for Call Mes phone collection and donation to Julemrkehjemmene, the solution
consists of several elements within the fields of product, service, cross media and user experience.
A movement is more than a donation or an event; a movement is a campaign, which welcomes all
followers and creates a community, where everyone participating feels like a brick in a bigger picture.

Give a heart - Leave a mark

To follow Call Mes values and beliefs, this
movements slogan; Give a heart - Leave a mark is
focused on positive impact and Call Mes phrase from
their culture book Et hjerte til forskel; love thy
neighbour and leave a good legacy. The continuity throughout the solution will build on this slogan,
which corresponds positively with the overall Christmas theme, as Christmas is considered to be a time for
affection and generosity.

Setting up the atmosphere

Imagine that you are walking around in inner Copenhagen in December, shopping for Christmas
presents. The snow is falling to the sound of Christmas music from the next store, covering the whole city,
glimmering from the lights above your head. A scent of roasted almonds strives your nose from a corner
where a man, covered in clothes from head to toe, is smiling and handing a bag of almonds to a little girl.
A crowd of cheerful kids run by you, shouting for their parents to Hurry up! Come see the big Christmas
ball!. You wonder what they mean and notice that a crowd people are walking towards Rdhuspladsen.
You follow them and enter Rdhuspladsen; could it be the annual Christmas tree they are talking about?
In front of you towers a huge transparent Christmas ball, shining in the middle of all the snow. Inside of
it, is lying what seems like a million folded Christmas hearts, which makes the ball look even bigger.
People are gathering to see it, some are taking photos, and you decide to go see what this is all about.
When you get closer you meet a young girl with a red nose who explains to you that it is a collection
of peoples old phones and all the phones are inside the hearts in the ball. She tells you that they are
collected for a good cause, and the money from the phones will go to Julemrkehjemmene. They have
now gathered about 20.000 phones and hopefully they will get even more within the next weeks. She gives
you a poster from the collection where you find all the necessary information on how to participate and
tells you that she is very happy to be a part of this movement. Before she continues she tells you join us
at the final event on the 2nd Sunday of Advent, there will
be rice pudding and glgg - maybe we will meet!. She
smiles and leaves, and you decide to investigate the cause
when you get back home.

Different, bigger and better

We have chosen to take what Call Me stated in the client brief very literally - simply to create as much
awareness and coverage on the movement as possible. A huge transparent Christmas ball will be placed
at Rdhuspladsen from the 1st of October and inside will be collected all the phones that people have
donated. This is a visual coverage of the development of the collection, which shows people simply how
great this cause is. Also it brings people together and gives a sense of belonging with a physical place.
Drop-off boxes for the phone collection (See inspiration for drop-off box in Appendix 1, page 11) will
be placed in Matas and Ftex markets in all of Denmark, from where people can go and donate their
phones. They will be put up the 1st of October, which is the launch date of the solution. The design of the
drop-off boxes will be transparent and shaped like a Christmas ball - just as the big one, but in a smaller
scale. Next to the drop-off boxes there will be a box with folded Christmas hearts, which are lined with
bubble-plastic and has a closing function in the top. The donators will put their phones in the hearts; this
is both a metaphor for them giving a heart and thereby leaving a mark, but also the heart wrapping will
make sure that the phones will not break when they are collected and put in the big Christmas ball.

Above from the drop-off boxes and the hearts is hanging
a poster containing a small description of the concept and
cause and a step-by-step explanation of what people have
to do, to participate.
Additionally, the poster will have a QR code directing to
the landing page of the movement. The purpose of the
poster is to communicate customer, who might not realise
how easy it is to donate and how much the person can
follow and participate in besides donating. All the photos
on Instagram with #IGaveAHeart will be gathered and
made into gift wrapping paper, which will be sold for 30
kr. on the event on the 2nd Sunday of Advent.
At the event Lighthouse X (the band) will be singing
as well as there will be speeches from Call Me and Julemrkehjemmene with the final revelation of the
result. There will also be served rice pudding and glgg for everyone.

To brand all of this an animated video is produced. The purpose of the
video is to make people laugh and feel happy before they are presented
with the donation possibility (source: insight report: Harvard study).
The theme of the video is Fairy tale and Christmas magic. It is a short
animation with music and minor narration. We want to emphasize that
the video is presented as a prototype and it only sets the guidelines of the
story.(See a sketch of the storyboard in Appendix 2, page 12)
On an early December morning, two little elves are on a mission
to collect all the old and unused phones. They gather them in a sack
together with folded hearts and sneaks to Rdhuspladsen, where they
throw all the phones and hearts in the big Christmas ball. The phones
fall through a secret hole in the bottom and through the ground into
Santas secret workshop. Here the phones and hearts are put in a magic
machine, which transforms them into presents for Julemrkehjemmene.
Santa brings out the presents and the end picture consists of two happy
kids holding hands and the picture fades into a Christmas heart and the
slogan. It will also state how people can participate.
The folded hands in the end represents the folded hearts as well. This
means that the folded heart is also a metaphor for everyone standing
together and doing something good for others.

Landing page
To back up the movement there is a landing page which contains information about the all the players
in the collection; Call Me, Greenwire, Julemrkehjemmene, partners and all the followers. Also it will
contain the branding video, a map with all the drop-off stores, Instagram photos of people donating,
updates of the collection progress, redirection to social media and a subscription possibility which enables
the donators to receive emails with coverage and a thank
you email in the end. The subscription also allows
donators to pre-order the gift wrapping paper for
only 20 kr.

Grift wrapping paper

All the donators and other participants can take a part in
the movement and be recognized by taking a picture and
uploading it in Instagram by using a specific hashtag.
These pictures will be collected within the campaign time
frame until approx. 1th of December. The after work will
include censoring all the inappropriate pictures, putting
the layout together and send it to the printing company.
The rolls will be published and sold in the event as well
as online and the profit will be go to benefit
Julemrkehjemmenes cause.

Digital elements
As a constraint from the schools side, the solution should contain at least one digital element. Since a
large part of our target group uses social media (referencing to insight analysis), this platform is going to
be a part of the solution as a platform. As concluded from our user research, the most used social
platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since some of the concept utilizing picture sharing,
Facebook and Instagram has been chosen to be the social platforms, while Twitters is going to be the
platform for quick updates, and people can hashtag themselves with the movement.


The advantages of Facebook are that an organisation or company can create events, which is sending reminders to the followers profiles. Updates can
also quickly be made, combined with not only pictures, but also video or sound. A counter with how
many phones collected could easily be done with a
plugin. Facebook also has the ability to use support
between the user and the company, so if any users
have problems understanding the procedure, they
can get in contact with Call Me, regarding the
campaign, through this platform. The Facebook
page should not focus on Call Me, but only like
their page, just as the Tal ordentligt page.


Instagram is in this project being used as a picture

collector, where all the donators can hashtag their
photo-uploads, and therefore be easy for Call Me
to collect and store for the wrapping paper. The
campaigns Instagram page should contain all the
collected selfies and pictures about the event,
movie and drop-off boxes. All the pictures should
give a Christmas feeling, maintaining the users.
happy feelings.

Landing page

To appeal to a wider audience, a landing page

should also be made, containing information and
instructions regarding the campaign, the video,
uploaded pictures, contact, map for locations and
email subscription to relevant informations. The
landing page should follow the expression from
the video, and contains Christmas colors (red, grey
and green), and Christmas shapes and symbols.
It should also show the Call Me logo, so viewers
relates this campaign to Call Me, and therefore
creating good PR. The map element will be
implemented by using the Google Maps engine,
since it is easy-to-use and free.

Call Mes main homepage

should contain a link to the landing page, just like
the Tal ordentligt link. The Facebook page,
Twitter updates and printed material should link
to this landing page, and should contain the same
expression from the landing page, maintaining


Since the concept is heavily supported by a video,

YouTube is also used as a plugin on the landing
page, and therefore the video should be uploaded
on Call Mes YouTube channel, also directing to
the Facebook and landing page, but not contain any
instructions. The video is an 3D animation, with
both speaker and background music, but no significant sound effects, since the music is dominating
in the parts, where there is not voiceover. The pixel
ratio of the video is done in 720P or 1080P (full
HD), so it is suitable for the standard TV resolution
in 2014 (4K TV is not that common). The video
is 60 to 90 seconds in length, and that is costly if
aired on TV or cinemas, since the normal length on
advertisements are 30 seconds.



Prototype for a landing page:

Prototype for a Facebook page:

Call Mes existing Instagram channel:
Call Mes existing YouTube channel:

Launch plan

and platform choices

We have chosen to use multiple platforms in order to reach the widest target audience as imaginable.
Through social media, animated video, posters located next to the drop-off boxes and mouth-to-mouth
message, we trust the audience to become a part of the movement and spread the message to people
surrounding them.
To create an excitement towards the movement, Call Me can start making early posts suggesting that
there will be something amazing and worth following for in the near future. By using Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube and Instagram, Call Me can maximize the overall coverage of social media. Read more about
the beneficial usage of social media in the Digital element -chapter.


Landing page will be launched on the 1st day of October, which is the
1st day of the campaign, when the drop-off boxes will be placed in all of the
locations. The Instagram picture collection will start as well on the 1st of
October and will be open until the 1st of December.
Promotive campaign animation video will be produced before the 1st
of October and itll be launched on multiple platforms, which includes
YouTube-channel and other social media channels, landing page and
probably on the national TV and perhaps in the Cinemas.

The final event will take place on the Second Sunday of Advent, which is usually in the middle on
December. This will give enough time to produce the gift-wrapping paper and promote the event and
what it will have to offer.

An estimate for the whole project is essential,
since Call Me needs to know, if this campaign is
affordable for them. Each part of the campaign is
split up in the different sections and valued after
historic and prices found through different vendors
online.(See complete budget listing in Appendix 3,
page 12)

For the construction and planning for the concept,
consultants and designers should work close
together with Call Me, and come up with a launch
plan, strategy and visual style. The designer should
at the same time, create posters to be printed for the
drop off places.

At Rdhuspladsen there will be placed a huge
plastic sphere, which makes it possible for
visitors to visualize the amount of phones
donated. To rent a spot at Rdhuspladsen, it
requires a deposit of 30.000 kroner to get a
permit, which will be refunded, followed by
the event.Additionally, there will be served rice
a la mande at the event. The rice a la mande
with cherry sauce is bought ready to serve, and
bowls and spoons is also going to be bought.
8 people are going to be needed, divided in
2 shifts with 2 serving food, and 2 handling the
donations and go around among people, creating awareness. Elf costumes are also bought, to
lift the customer experience even more.
The bowl is custom made from plastic with a
6-meter diameter, in order to contain all phones
collected (maximum of 100.000 phones with
standard dimensions of 20 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm,
without dislocation space). The bowl itself is
made from parts, since it is too big for make
in one piece. Smaller domes should be in
Matas and Ftex for people to drop off their old
phones, enveloped in red carton hearts. Ftex
has approximately 90 stores in Denmark, and
Matas 295 stores, giving a total of 385 domes.

There should be a poster by every drop off box,
plus 2 at the event, giving a total of 387 posters,
which needs to be printed. When the picture
upload part has ended, all the photos are gathered, and the wrapping paper is printed. The
printed paper is bought in kilometers, which
needs to be cut into 5 meters per rolls, which
gives 200. A total of 1000 rolls (5 kilometers)
is bought and refitted with individual package.
The 800 can be bought at the event, and after
that, the remaining plus the last 200 can then be
bought online, just in time before Christmas.

The phones donated needs to be enveloped in

a red heart paper. We could not find a product
matching our description, but we found the
closest type of thick paper cornet. We calculated
a little bit smaller price, given we are ordering
large quantities.

A fixed price for the landing page was found
at a producer, which offers 5 pages in total, including setup of text and correction. A layouter
works alongside to design the landing page and
subpages with pictures, background and colors.

For the video, we need a director and video
producer so the story matches the campaigns
essence, storyboards, and guidelines for visual
style for the 3D company. A 3D animator
studio is then chosen to produce the 3D video.
A clipper then fits it, so the video has a good
pace, and fits with the desired effect. Then an
audio master is needed for putting music on the
video. Since the video needs old, Christmacy
themes, free-domain songs are chosen. A voice
over job is needed also, so the price for TV or
cinema voice over job is also added. If the video
needs to be aired on TV or the Cinema, this
price also needs to be added.
A 15% of the total cost is then added for
margin, to make sure that unforeseen expenses
can be handled. If only the video needs to go
viral and on social medias, without the TV or
cinema ads, the total cost of the campaign is
around 648.000.- DKK. If the more expensive
package is wanted, with the ads running on
TV2 and in all Danish cinemas, the cost would
be around 1.844.000.- DKK.

To make our workflow and decision-process
smooth, we used our group contract throughout
the project and every week revisited it. As we all
agreed on the contract when we made it, it was a
good tool to stay on track and remind each other
how we wanted to work; everyone had a say in
everything, but some parts had to be divided to
reach our goal. A project-manager was chosen to
take care of structuring the process and making
sure that the project was going in the right
direction. These two elements showed to be
essential for having a good teamwork, and resulted
in the group having only one bump on the road,
which was solved democratically and efficiently.
We used different ways of brainstorming methods to constantly challenge ourselves and to see
all aspects of the project e.g. positive vs. negative
brainstorming; seeing it from both perspectives. We
also used chain-writing where everyone started
writing a concept and after 2 minutes we passed
it on and got a new concept to continue. A very
effective way for us to get an overview of our ideas
was when we put text and drawings on a wall. This
helped us visualize the ideas and decide on which
to use and not.
Using a SCRUM board method gave us an overview of where in the process we were and which
elements needed to have more or less focus. We
started out having a digital SCRUM board on
Trello ( which at first looked very

nice and was very easy to use. It did though show

to be uninspiring and we rarely looked at it.
Having a physical SCRUM board was more inspiring when we could physically move the tasks we
had finished. Then we felt a collective feeling of
commitment and success.
Google Docs documents was very helpful for the
group regarding the report writing, as we could
read the same text and edit it at the same time,
though from different locations. This meant we
could work together in school, leave for work, go
home and in then edit it again; everyone could
participate without us losing any data.
For our more social, creative and inspirational
channel we used Facebook, as it was easy for the
project-manager to give daily updates, everyone
could give fast notice if a member was sick and it
made it easy to discuss the process efficiently while
working from different locations. It did though
once in a while result in people working from
home a lot, which could be seen as both positive
and negative.
Throughout the project our group held Monday
morning meetings, where we looked at the SCRUM
board, made coffee and had breakfast together.

Some days we met at school and some, we met at a

group-members place to change our surroundings
and maybe get a new kind of workflow going,
especially in the creative process.
We presented a lot for each other, so that when
someone had done research at home or had come
up with an idea, we could all understand it. We
also presented different programs and methods to
each other, which optimized the learning curve and
inspired us a lot.
When someone got stuck in a process everyone
participated in finding the best solution towards
moving on. We had brainstorms and made bullet
point lists in order to see what was relevant in the
Our groups very positive and collaborative mindset, meant that when we entered the creative ideaphase of the project, we were so inspired by each
other that the brainstorming process overflood
with laughs and crazy ideas leading to new even
crazier ideas. Therefore we also had to discard a lot

of good ideas, which made our project more and

more focussed towards the final solution.
We decided on two different solutions; One
focussing on feeling empathy and one focussing
on happiness. They both had the overall Christmas
and Fairy tale themes, but the ending was different
which also targeted different people.
The solution focussing on empathy consisted
a video about a boy and his friends gathering old
phones for Santa Claus. The keywords in this story
were; trust, joined, together, we and help. The
whole story turned out to be a boys imagination
and in the end we see him getting interrupted in
his game by bullies, and his classmates laughing
at him. This solution put empathy on sympathising
with the boy resulting in an eager to donate.
But we ended up killing our darling and using the
happy version, as this targeted a broader audience
and fitted better together with Call Mes positive


1. Inspiration for drop-off box


1. Sketch of the storyboard


2. Budget listing