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South Africa like most countries around the globe is responding to an ever-increasing demand for more
ecient technologies in support of the green economy and to minimise the impact on the environment.
This intention resulted in changes in the standards and prescripts for industries dealing with potentially
hazardous and pollutant oriented materials. The never ending quest for a safer greener, healthier world
also creates many business opportunities which aim to support global endeavours.
In identifying such an opportunity SMART Clean Fuel Solutions was established in 2009 primarily as an
entity specialising in the provision of complete ltration solutions to help better clean diesel, hydraulic
uid and all other hydrocarbons.


SMART Clean Fuel Solutions (SCFS) focus on providing a total ltration solution to the clients, through a
service oering comprising various options as well as specic and if required tailor made ltration products.
Our main focus is to:
- To save unnecessary costs
- To reduce equipment downtime due to servicing
- To reduce costly equipment downtime due to breakdowns
- To reduce waste generated as part of servicing
- To make clients more competitive
The ltration solutions aim to address and remove the problem without aecting the functioning of
standard systems. The ltration solutions are specically designed to assist in the protection of the
machinery. It contributes to maintaining cleanliness standards of the oils and diesel by removing
contamination and all heavy and emulsied moisture.
As part of our total service solution, we also provide standard replacement lters for all diesel engines
and hydraulic applications and we also provide our own range of lubrication oils for all applications.
SCFS are based in Gauteng but operate as far as Western Cape, Free Stare, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and
the North West.



Mobile & Static Machinery Filtration Solutions
Diesel Filtration
Through the provision, installation (optional) and continued supply of ltration solutions and related
consumables, SCFS enables a clean Fuel Maintenance Program for diesel m achinery resulting in a
signicant reduction of greenhouse emissions as well as substantial fuel savings. The ltration system
maintains cleanliness standards by removing contamination and all heavy and emulsied moisture
without a vacuum chamber.
The system is installed on machinery in line and does not aect the standard fuel system in any way. It is
installed additionally to the standard lter system to ensure diesel is cleaned during use. New engine
exhaust emissions are retained at the optimum level for much longer by maintaining the design function
of the injection system and the piston rings.
The system is designed to ensure that diesel is maintained in a safe state for engines and can be
installed on any diesel fuel system. It has proven to clean total contamination and water content in diesel
to below 8 PPM (Parts Per Million). The current requirement is 24 PPM.

Engine Oil Filtration

SCFS also enables an Oil Maintenance Program for diesel engines. This will maintain engine cleanliness
at better than required standards and has proven to maintain viscosity and cleanliness levels within
required standards.
The system maintains these cleanliness standards by continuously ltering the required oil in the
engine without aecting the engine in any way.
Depending on the application of the machinery clients will be able to extend the service intervals by
an average of 3 to 4 times. Utilised in conjunction with diesel ltration clients will be able to
signicantly extend service life intervals.

Hydraulic Oil Cleaning System

SCFS provides a ltration system for hydraulic applications.
The system is built into the hydraulic tank of the machine and is controlled by a separate control
mechanism. The system will continually clean the uid in the machine. This will assist in the extension
of the service life of the oil but also help to reduce damage to the hydraulic components by removing
The lter system is built on a trolley that is mobile and can be moved from machine to machine to clean
the product inside the machine tank. The ltration system maintains cleanliness standards by removing
contamination and all heavy and emulsied moisture that could potentially cause damage to the
hydraulic components thus new oil quality is retained at the optimum level for much longer.

Diesel, Aviation and Hydraulic Tank Cleaning

SCFS provides Tank cleaning services and focuses on cleaning the required product on site and in the
container where the required uid is being kept. It focuses on removing sludge, rust and residue from the
container, and also removes all free and emulsied moisture from the product.
Currently, two systems are employed for the cleaning:
System 1
Trailer mounted 6 pack ltration unit for quantities above 15 000 litres ltering up to 300 litres per minute
System 2
Trolley mounted unit for quantities up to 15 000 litres, ltering up to 50 litres per minute
Tank cleaning will enable clients utilising hydraulic uid to maintain prescribed cleanliness standards and
reduce costs due to the fact that clients do not have to regularly replace the required product. It will also
assist in the extension of the life of hydraulic components.
Diesel and Aviation Fuel are contaminated due to poor fuel storage, bad fuel transfer, and housekeeping
practices, or simple human error and can result in grit, rust, water, sand and other contaminants ending up
in the fuel which could harm the engine fuel system. SCFS systems can be utilised to remove all
contaminants up to the required cleanliness standards resulting in safe and ecient utilisation by end users.


Other Product Solutions

SCFS assist clients to understand, select, implement and utilise the most suitable product solution.
CFS distribute a range of o the shelf, customised and uniquely designed products, supplied by
alternative manufacturers for example:
Standard spin-on and replacement lters
Customised lter systems for bulk tanks (up to 3600 litres per minute)
Hydraulic components
SCFS also supply standard and custom lubricants that can be manufactured based on a supplied sample.
These lubricants can be provided in 5 litre canisters up to 1000 litre bins.

SCFS total ltration services and products provide solutions to our clients business challenges
culminating in reduced costs, increased eciencies and sustainable value to the clients including:
Act as an extra insurance to reduce the risk of contaminated diesel destroying injector sets, and also
ensure downtime and costs are kept to a minimum
Contribute to reduction of greenhouse emissions as well as substantial fuel savings
Maintain prescribed cleanliness standards in diesel, aviation fuel and hydraulic uid
Assist in the extension of the life of the injector set while reducing fuel costs
Extend oil drainage intervals of engine, hydraulic and turbine oil
Assist with retaining new engine exhaust emissions at the optimum level


Objective & Principles

SCFS services are based on the highest standards of business integrity, and commitment to feasible
outcomes for the client. SCFS oer superior ltration services, as required and high-quality products
with the aim of assisting to improve the eectiveness of businesses and to enhance and protect
clients' assets.
SCFS conduct business practices with fairness, professionalism, honesty, client loyalty and dedication
to being a responsible partner in society. SFCS subscribe to the following business principles:

Business Integrity & Accountability

SCFS are strongly committed to conducting business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules,
regulations, and administrative practices of current governance and of the companies and businesses
we operate in. We strive for results with a strong sense of urgency whilst taking individual responsibility
for meeting clients needs and expectations

Client Focus
SCFS provide clients with high quality, innovative services, which can improve their eectiveness and
productivity. We aim to build long-lasting relationships by acknowledging the requirements of the clients
and implement sound solutions and appropriate ways to meet their needs whilst treating them with
professionalism, honesty and respect.

SCFS is dedicated to the delivery of quality products and services. Our products meet the highest
standards for industrial use and other operating conditions. In order to maintain and guarantee the quality
level of our products we only use ISO-accredited laboratories and production facilities.

Value Creation
We set high expectations for service quality and building business relationships and ensure that the
services rendered contribute to meeting the expectations of the client and of satisfying the requirements.
We endeavour to understand our clients dependency on our products and we ensure they are at the right
location, at the right time and in the right quantities with the required advice rendered.

We dedicate ourselves to nding solutions for our clients, whether in-house or sources from across the
globe. We continually strive to generate new and innovative concepts, systems and products. We
continually research and assess new technologies and products available on the market in order to
provide the clients what they need and stay responsive to an ever changing business domain.


code of practice
SMART Clean Fuel Solutions is committed to conducting business in accordance with all
applicable legislation, rules, regulations, and administrative prescripts of current
governance as well as prescripts and regulations as defined by clients.
The services rendered are based on the highest standards of business integrity and the
acknowledgement of client requirements when pursuing feasible business outcomes
and exploring appropriate ways to meet their needs whilst treating them with
professionalism, honesty and respect.

contact information

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Midrand South Africa
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