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Answer the
questions in the
space provided

Fill in the Blanks with

the appropriate words
based on the PPt.

What do the
arrows on the map

The First Battle of the

Marne took place on.

What city did the

allies push the
Germans away

Do you think the

Germans were
justified in sinking
the Lusitania?
Why or why not?

Why did the

Germans choose
to use poison gas

How does this

picture of Gas
being deployed
compare to your
mental image of a
gas attack?

It is notable as the firs

battle in which
automotive transport
was used in warfare
used to transport
French troops to
battle lines.
being used to target
ships headed for
great Britain in an
effort to limit Great
Britains military
capacity. When the Uboats sunk the
on the suspicion of it
carry munitions in its
cargo hold they
inadvertently killed
civilians that
were on board
causing a massive
public outcry
The second battle of
Ypres was the first
time the Germans
in a
major attack. Despite
the brutality of the
fighting little ground
was gained or lost as
both sides had dug
defense formations
known as
making it difficult to
assault their

the Title
of the

What effect might

aircraft harassing
their back lines
have had on the

What is the
significance of the
US entering WW1?

Why would the US

choose to declare
War on Germany
in 1917 but not in

Why did Russia

withdraw from the
Great War?

What is happening
in this picture?

Compare this
WW1 era Mark IV
tank to a modern
tank. What is
different? What is
the same?

The battle of the

Somme was one of
the largest battles in
WW1. The Allies
suffered nearly
800,000 casualties
and the Germans
suffered nearly
500,000 casualties. It
was also the first
battle in which
s were used to assault
enemy defenses.
After the Germans
repeatedly sunk ships
bound for Great
Britain containing
American citizens and
goods, as well as
urging Mexico to
declare War on the US
using the
, the US finally
entered the War on
the side of the Allied
In November 1917
Russian Bolsheviks
established a new
government based on
the socioeconomic
theory of
This new government
from the
On July 15, 1918 the
German army
launched its last
WW1. With the help of
several hundred tanks
the Allied coalition
was able to turn back
the German Forces,
and overwhelm the

How would you

feel if your
country was
forced to sign a
treaty making you
responsible for the
largest and
bloodiest war in
human history?

German lines. By
September 16, 1918
the Battle had turned
into a resounding
On Nov 11, 1918 the
central powers signed
an armistice that
ended the fighting of
WW1. On June 28th
was signed officially
marking the end of
WW1. The Treaty of
Versailles placed the
whole responsibility
for the war on
and its citizens