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The general condition

He feels headache, nausea and vomiting.
He is under the weather.
He began to feel unusually tired.
He feels light-headed.
She has been shut-in for a few days.
Her head is pounding.
He feels exhausted or fatigued most of the
He has been lacking in energy for some time.
He feels drowsy, dizzy and nauseated.
He feels as though everything around him is
He has noticed some loss of hearing.
2. A cold or the flu
His eyes feel itchy and he has been sneezing.
He has a fever, aching muscles and hacking
He coughed with sputum and feeling of
He has a headache, aching bones and joints.
He has a persistent cough.
He has bouts of uncontrollable coughing.
He has hoarse and has lost his voice
He has a sore throat and a stuffy nose.
His breathing is harsh and wheezy.
He has a stabbing pain that comes on
suddenly in one or both temples.
He has a runny nose, sneezing or a scratchy.
3. Stomach trouble
He has a bloated, uncomfortable feeling after

He has bouts of abdominal pain.

He feels bloated in his abdominal area.
The pain is mainly in the lower upper right
part of the abdomen.
He has nausea and vomiting.
It is difficult or painful for him to swallow.
He has passed more gas than usual.
He has been constipated for a few days.
He has noticed some blood in his bowel
He has trouble with diarrhea.
4. Blood pressure
His blood pressure is really up.
He has noticed frequent urination, increased
thirst and unexpected tireness.
It is a chest pain that gets worse when he
bends over or lies down.
He has noticed excessive sweating and
unexplained tireness.

1. Give an injection
In a ward of Surgical
department. The patient is suffering from
bad pain, and the nurse has prepared for
giving the patient an injection to relieve the
pain. )
Nurse(Walking to the patient): Hello! Are u
Mr/Mrs Patient
Patient: Yes.
N(Taking out the syringe): Now I have an
injection for you. I'd like to give this injection
on your buttocks to relieve the pain.
P: OK.
N: I'm going to sterilize the skin with
tincture. Did it hurt (cleaning the skin with

an tincture sponge, and giving the injection)

P: No. Never felt a thing. Thank you.

P: I have so much pain in my wound. I need

medicine for pain, nurse.
N: Will u show me the dressing (helping
the patient to show)The dressing is clean and
I gave u a pain killer one hour ago. It seems
to be a little bit early to give u another one
now. This medicine has a very strong effect
and the doctor has ordered medication for 2
to 3 hours interval. Can u stand it for a
P: Oh, no. I can't stand it any longer.
N: I C. Then I will call the doctor. Please relax
and don't worry.
2. Stomachache
Doctor: Please come in. What seems to be
the trouble?
Patient: It's my stomach. I think probably I
had too much at supper yesterday evening.
D: Can you tell me what you had for supper
yesterday evening?
P: Seafood, roastduck. Oh, a great variety of
things, I can't name them exactly.
D: Have you vomitted?
P: Yes. I have vomitted three times and made
several trips to the bathroom last night.
D: I see. Now you have to get your stools
tested. I'll write out a slip and you can take it
to the laboratory. Wait for a while and pick
up the report, and then bring it back to me.
P: All right, doctor. I'll see you later.
D: See you later.

P: Here' my report, Doctor.

D: Take your seat, and let me have a look. It's
nothing serious, only indigestion due to too
much oily food. I will prescribe you some
medicine for it to make you feel better. I do
advise you to avoid oily food for the next few
P: I will follow your advice. Thanks a lot.
D: You are welcome.
Dialogue 2
Pharmacist: Good afternoon, can I help you?
Customer: Yes, let's hope so. Thank God, you
speak English.
P: Well, just a little. What seems to be
C: I've got an upset stomach, it's pretty bad.
I've been up all night with it. And now I've
got a bad headache, as well.
P: I see. When did it first start?
C: When I went to bed.
P: Do you think it's something you have
C: Oh, for sure. I'm not used to all this wining
and dininng.
P: No, it can be pretty strong.
C: I'll say! You can say that gain!
P: Have you got diarrhoea? Is it very loose?
C: This is what it feels like.
P: How often do you have to go?
C: I have to go every few minutes.
3. Influenza
Doctor: Good morning. What's troubling
Patient: Good morning, doctor. I have a

terrible headache.
D: All right, young man. Tell me how it got
P: Yesterday I had a running nose. Now my
nose is stuffed up. I have a sore throat. And
I'm afraid I've got a temperature. I feel
D: Done worry, young man. Let me give you
an examination. First let me take a look at
your throat. Open your mouth and say "ah".
P: Ah.
D: Good. Now put your tongue out. All right,
let me examine your chest. Please unbutton
your shirt. Let me check your heart and
lungs. Take a deep breath and hold it.
Breathe in, and out. By the way, do you have
a history of tuberculosis?
P: No, definitely not.
D: Look, your throat is inflamed. And your
tongue is thickly coated. You have all the
symptoms of influenza.
P: What am I supposed to do then?
D: A good rest is all you need, and drink
more water. I'll write you a prescription.