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Technical set up requirement at Go live locations
Check List of Activities and Roles

All locations are connected the SAP central server/the speed should be proper to carry
the SAP transaction and should be approved by the SAP CTMs. This should be place by
19th April 09.
Local IT support for the locations should be in place
Monitor Use of Network Mails, SAP, Local Downloads


All Hardware to be ready by 19th April 07 (PCs /Printers etc)

SAP GUI is loaded on all required machines
One Local IT support person is in-charge


End User Documentation for the respective group.


All End Users are Trained in WM Transactions


No User should attempt to do a job of IT if they need a service e.g. Change IP

addresses, local system names

that they are trained on segregating

Configuration issues
Functional issues
Procedural Issues
Hardware issues
Networking Issues

To keep watch on

Users accidentally logging out others

Users deleting others sessions
All problems to be logged in through E-mail


Help Desk Creation: Level 1 support (procedure to be designed by SAP CTMs and Clients
IT department)

Activities to be Performed before Go-Live

All the masters should be ready by XX XX XXXX date

Transaction Training to User will be imparted by CTM on XX XX XXXX date

Plant wise Stock will be downloaded from PRD system on XX XX XXXX date & will
circulate to respective Plants

Respective Plants will input the data in given Bin wise Stock Upload template & send the
approved files to CTM by end of XX XX XXXX date.

Customization request other than activation of WM will be transferred to PRD by XX XX

XXXX date

Bin Master will be uploaded in PRD using BDC program by XX XX XXXX date.

Material Master Will be Extended to Respective Warehouse by XX XX XXXX date.

Material master will be extended to DUMM storage Location by XX XX XXXX date.

Create Hazardous material for respective warehouse by XX XX XXXX date.

Assign Hazardous code to respective material master code by XX XX XXXX date.

Black out Period will be taken where all users will be blocked in PRD server for using any
transaction from XX XX XXXX date to XX XX XXXX date.

Existing Stock will be transferred to DUMM storage Location by XX XX XXXX date.

WM will be activated by Transferring relative request to PRD.

Stock will be transferred from DUMM storage Location Respective Storage Location.

Transfer Order will be posted with reference to Transfer requirement generated by above
point for Transferring the Stock to Bins given by the Plants.

Transfer order will be confirmed.

Transfer MM customization changed for WM resetting request to PRD

PRD system will be ready for online Transaction (GO-LIVE) by XX XX XXXX date.