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Friday Bulletin
The Muslim News Update
Shaban 08, 1427/September 01, 2006

Issue no. 175

Bush organised 911 attacks not al-Qaeda,

Amend Islamic says US Church
marriage laws
The present Islamic marriage laws in
the country need to be amended so as
to be fully compliant to Islamic law. The
Mohammedan Marriage, Divorce and
Succession Ordinance in chapter 156
of the laws of Kenya have shortcomings
which were putting many marriages in
jeopardy, a legal expert warned.
Dr Hassan Nandwa said many
couples risked jail terms as the law did
not provide conversion of non-Muslim
marriages to Islamic marriages.
Though the marriages were valid
according to Islamic law, there are
considered to be illegal according to the
laws of the country, he said.
Such marriages include those by
couples who married under Christian
or Civil marriage laws and later
embraced Islam. Though the same
marriages are recognised by Islamic
law, the Mohammedan Marriage Act did
not approve this fact.
Anyone remarrying after becoming a
Muslim risked being jailed as the Laws
of Kenya do not allow the conversion of
a marriage to an Islamic marriage, he
Conversion of marriages from Islamic
to Christian marriages was however,
catered for under the Christian and the
Civil Marriage Act. He called on
stakeholders to push for amendment
of the laws to ensure that they were fully
inconformity with Islamic laws.
He also pointed out that the phrase
Mohammedan be scrapped and
replaced with Islamic. The phrase, he
said, wrongfully implied that Muslims
worshipped Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him).
Dr Nandwa, a lecturer on Islamic law at
the Thika Islamic College cautioned
Muslims against conducting marriages
under the Civil Act warning of serious
legal implications. He said it was legally
impossible for such a marriage to be
converted to an Islamic marriage and
the privileges of divorce, polygamy and
inheritance to kith and kin provided
under Islamic law would not be
applicable to those subscribing to the
Civil marriage.
He spoke during a lecture on Religious
Diversity and its Impact on Marriages at
Jamia masjid on Saturday.

s the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks draws, one of the largest Christian
denominations in the United States, has said US President George Walker Bush
orchestrated the 9-11 attacks, and not the Al-Qaeda leader Usamah bin Laden as
it is believed by many.
A book published last month by the Presbyterian Church, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind
9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action, authored by David Ray Griffin, said the Bush

Administration planned the events of September 11, 2001. Why? To spur the invasion of Iraq
and Afghanistan and the occupation of their valuable oil and natural gas resources.
I became more convinced that if the truth about 9-11 was going to be exposed, the churches
were probably going to have to be involved, Griffin, a professor emeritus of theology at
Claremont School of Theology told the Christianity Today magazine. If we become convinced
that the so-called war on terror is simply a pretext for enlarging the American empire, we have
every reason as Christians to try and expose the truth behind 9/11.
His investigations revealed that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition,
military personnel were given stand-down orders not to intercept hijacked flights and the 9/11
Commission, ostensibly created to uncover the truth behind the events of 9/11, simply ignored
evidence that the administration was involved in the attacks.
Griffin further asserts that events such as that of 9/11 are part of a long history of false-flag
attacks, attacks orchestrated by governments against their own people to garner popular
support for military action.
Griffin claims the 9/11 Commissions report, was a cover-up designed to back up the Bush
administrations view of the days events. Among the problems Griffin says the commissioners
fail to address are discrepancies in the hijackers identities; the behaviour exhibited by
President Bush and his Secret Service contingent in Florida; and the charges of obstruction
by higher-ups made by FBI agent Coleen Rowley and other mid-level officials.
Griffin said he has not had antagonistic relations with other Christians over his work and
wants the church to understand that the mainstream press is presenting a distorted truth.
David Ray Griffin joins the growing list of most prominent Americans who assert that Bush
administration, not Al Qaeda, was behind attacks.
Kevin Barrett, a lecturer for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has received recent national
attention for espousing the theory.
A lobby group, the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, is also dedicated to exposing
falsehoods and to revealing truths behind 9/11.
The Reopen911 organisation has launched a worldwide campaign bringing out evidence
showing that the attacks were not carried out by the Usamah bin Ladin led Al-Qaeda
organisation. The organisation is distributing free DVDs ( detailing evidence
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Register in Big numbers, Muslims told

A call has been made for Muslims to turn up in large numbers and register as voters in
readiness for the forthcoming general elections.
In his Friday sermon at Jamia masjid last week, Sheikh Muhammad Osman said it was
essential for Muslims to safeguard their interests by making an informed decision during
election time.
He regretted that in the past the community had not effectively participated in the political
process leading to under representation in various organs of the State which he said did not
reflect the 30 percent Muslim population. With an informed decision, the Sheikh, a member
of the Majlis Ulamaa Kenya (the national Council of Muslim scholars), said this number
could be significantly increased. We should have at least 70 MPs in the next parliament, he
told the congregation.
The Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) has embarked on a month-long registration
exercise seeking to register more than a million Kenyans in readiness for the general
elections slated for next year.
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This Newsletter contains some of Allahs names. Please do not throw in the trash. Either keep,circulate or shred.

General elections-Time to strategise

The next general elections are only 15 months away and with
a possibility of a snap election looming, this could even
happen much earlier.
In the recent past, we have witnessed major political
realignments all of which portend to preparations to the polls.
In the months to come, the tempo of the political climate is set
to increase as various groups jostle to get their share of the
political space.
Since the advent of pluralism, the powers of the day took for
granted the support of Muslims. At election time, pledges to
address their grievances were the order of the day
drawing immense support from the community. Apart
from the few-often insignificant positions in the
cabinet, the status quo remained in place.
Nearly fifteen years after the advent of multi-party politics,
Muslims have benefited little as the successive governments
felt they did not owe them anything for their support. The
current state of affairs in areas like North Eastern and parts of
the Coast Province though blessed with innumerable
resources, remain the poorest and the most marginalized in
the country. Today, discrimination of Muslims in various organs
of the government is the rule rather than the exception.
Last years referendum exercise however, indicated that with
concerted efforts and good strategies on the ground we can
contribute to decrease these trends.Good strategies enabled

members of the community to come out in large numbers to

reject the Wako draft which aimed to take away the few
constitutional gains in place.
This was a clear pointer that with unity and good leadership,
we can speak with one voice to safeguard our interests.
Though the elections seems to be more than a year, there is
need to start working on this unity to ensure that the gains of
the referendum are consolidated.
With various groups taking up positions, it is important for
Muslims leaders to start laying down strategies to ensure that
this time round, as a community we achieve more in
safeguarding our interests. The referendum showed that
we can have a good bargaining tool and we ought to use
it appropriately. We cannot afford to wait, time is ripe to
start putting our cards on the table.
Scholars and Imams played a vital role in marshalling Muslims
during the referendum. Their role should not be ignored as
political events unfold.
The onus upon leaders is to ensure that at election time
Muslims are not carried by the wind but will stand with those
who are prepared to see that they too are accorded fair
In the meantime, we should all ensure that we go for the voters
card awaiting guidance from our leaders when the appropriate
time comes.

A look at Muslims and politics in Kenya

Why the US fears an Islamic rule in Somalia


Salama Hussein
The temperature is changing again as politicians and
Kenyans in general, start preparations for the forthcoming
general elections next year inshaallah. We start to wonder
whether like all other elections, Muslims are going to sit back,
unrepresented and later complain of being marginalized.
The population of Muslims has grown, but apart from North
Eastern where we manage to have a bigger representation,
all other areas lag behind.
It is difficult to understand why areas with large Muslim
populations remain unrepresented by fellow Muslims. If we
have no say in all other areas, what can we say of areas like
Pumwani, Eastleigh, Embakasi, Kibera, Kamukunji, Starehe
and Coasl province among other areas.
In the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, we
are told leaders are proposed and elected by people, they
dont put themselves on offer, rather people decide on who
would make best leaders for them. Lets adopt that, let people
from each area sit together, and appoint people they would
like to take leadership positions.
We should base our selection on people who are trustworthy,
people with best manners, good reputation, people who stand
for justice, upright in religion, transparent and God fearing.
Our leaders should be learned, with a lot of Hikma.
In areas where non-Muslims are the majority, we can elect
people who have the same qualities as the above.
Kenyans get cheated everyday when leaders keep jumping
from one party to the other. Changing ones cloths does not
change the person, thats the same way with jumping from
one party to the other. Muslims cannot ignore politics; it
affects our day to day life.
Please be alert and dont move with fashion or crowd, prepare
for elections with a planned, clear and determined mind. Each
individual can make a difference.

Mohamed Jikalo

Since the Islamic Courts Union led by the youthful looking Sheikh
Sharrif Omar took over much of Mogadishu, the West has clearly
shown that they will not accept a government based on Islamic
teachings to govern this Muslim country.
The Islamic courts have restored peace, order and security in the
country which have been lacking for the past 15 years.
From the onset, the West started to undermine the new Islamic rulers
putting forward their usual trademark of terrorism. A senior US diplomat
was quoted as saying the first concern of course is to make sure that
Somalia does not become a place from which terrorists can plot and
However, the West neglected Somalia for long. It did not think that
Somalia will turn to Islam to solve her differences. Its strategically
location on the Indian Ocean and along the Red Sea facing the Arabian
peninsula creates fear among Western countries.
Western powers have watched silently as Ethiopian forces entered
the town of Baidoa in Somalia sparking protests in the country. Areas
around Baidoa are believed to have huge reserves of uranium.
Perhaps it is these minerals which the West wants to protect.
The current standoff between the West and Iran on the issue of nuclear
enrichment is a very hot issue. The West fears that should an Islamic
government be in place in Somalia, then it will supply uranium to
Muslim countries such as Syria and Iran to further their nuclear
ambitions. This will bring about a balance of power in the Middle
East, compelling Israel to abide by all international resolutions.
An Islamic government in Somalia will be a sign that Islamic teachings
can be used in conflict resolutions. This will be a model for war
ravaged countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq which might be forced
to turn to Islam to resolve their differences.
Lastly, a successfully and functioning Islamic government in Somalia,
which is close to the Middle East might spell doom for the interests of
the West.
To try to undermine the Islamic administration and protect their interest,
the West has now resorted to propaganda claiming that the new
Islamic administration is supporting terrorism.

New report implicates Bush for 911 attacks

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showing that the World Trading Centre was blown by a systematic
planning which involved controlled demolitions.
After the attack, Usamah himself denied involvement and the
then Taliban leadership in Afghanistan demanded evidence,
which was not brought forward.
The revelations by Griffin comes after the release of a book
Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission, by
Commission Chairman Thomas Kean and Commission ViceChairman Lee H. Hamilton who say they were frustrated with

repeated misstatements by officials from the Pentagon and the

Federal Aviation Administration during their investigation that it
considered a separate investigation into possible obstruction of
justice by Pentagon and FAA officials.
The agencies reluctance to release the tapes along with emails, erroneous public statements and other evidence led
some of the panels staff members and commissioners to believe
that authorities sought to mislead the commission and the public
about what happened on September 11.

Fasting in Shaban

Police stop Muslim awareness meeting

A meeting in Thika called to sensitise Muslims on their role to
register as voters was stopped by police after the local Supreme
Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) district council claimed it
was aimed at breaching peace in the area.
The rally was scheduled to be held last Sunday at Thika Muslim
Primary School and other items on the agenda were discussing
pertinent problems faced by Muslim in the district.
Area MP William Kabogo and the Thika DC were lined among
the guest speakers.
Though the meeting had got the blessing of the police, the
organisers Thika Muslim Foundation were prevailed on the last
minute to cancel the rally by the district security chiefs after
SUPKEM officials petitioned the Minister of State for Internal
security minister to have the meeting rescinded.
In a letter by council officials in the district, a copy of which was
obtained by The Friday Bulletin, the officials claimed that the
meeting was aimed at recruiting youths for an undisclosed
The meeting of 27 th August 2006 although camouflaged as
speaking about Islamic problems has other hidden agenda,
the letter signed by chairman Aboo Nurein and secretary Idd
Juma Gituku among other members read.
What we do not like is political dubious meetings (sic) brought
to our mosque, said the letter labelled private and confidential.
The Foundations secretary Abdallah Ndope was singled out for
attack for what they said was acts of provoking Muslims around
and cited the Pumwani masjid which they claimed he together
with others wanted to reconstruct against the wishes of the
The confidential letter was copied to the Commissioner of Police
Brigadier Hussein Muhammad Ali, and the director of CID among

The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the

Qur'an, a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of
the guidance and the Criterion (of right and wrong).
And whoever of you is present, let him fast the month
(Al-Quran 2:185)


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Sheikh Yusuf Al- Qaradhawi

No doubt that Muslims are urged to strive hard in getting close to
Allah with all forms of acts of worship; they should take that as a
top priority. However, they are instructed that whatever they do,
they should not deviate from the teachings and principles set by
the noble Prophet, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon
him). He has set for us a shinning model that we should follow in
order to keep firm on the right path. Therefore its very important
for a committed Muslim to make sure that his acts of worship
have basis both in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet
(peace and blessings be upon him).
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was
keen on fasting in the month of Shaban more than he was in
other months. Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) reported
that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
never fasted for a whole month except in Ramadhan. This refutes
what some people do; observing fast for three consecutive
months: Rajab, Shaban and Ramadhan, followed by six days of
Shawwal . That is, they start fasting at the beginning of Rajab
until the seventh of Shawwal, leaving nothing but the Day of EidulFitr. Neither the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon
him) nor his Companions or even their successors were reported
to have done so.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to
fast some days of every month. Aishah (may Allah be pleased
with her) said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be
upon him) sometimes would observe fasting continuously, to
the extent that his Companions thought he would never break
fast, and in other times he would refrain from fasting to the extent
that they thought he would never fast again.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) usually
observed fasting on Mondays and Thursdays and three days of
each month (the 13th , 14th and 15th). He sometimes used to
fast every alternate day, following the pattern of Prophet Dawud
(peace be upon him). He even made this clear: The best way of
fasting in Allahs sight is that of Dawud, who used to observe
fasting every alternate day.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to
observe fasting in Shaban more than he did in other months.
This was a kind of self-preparation for the coming of Ramadhan;
that is, to act as some sort of girding oneself for Ramadhan. But
there are no textual evidence that there are specific days in
Shaban in which fasting is commendable. It is, by and large,
impermissible for one to prefer certain days to observe voluntary
fasting or certain nights to perform Night Prayers, lacking any
juristic basis for that action. Religious acts are not left for mans
whims. Rather, they are subject to Divine legislation. Thus,
specifying certain times and places for worship and the
description of different acts of worship are the matters of the
Divine, not that of human.

Register in big numbers, Muslims told

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Sheikh Muhammad Osman told Muslim leaders to come out with
effective strategies- like those put in place during the referendum
processes to ensure that the interests of the community were
He reiterated that Muslims had an active role to play in the political
process of the country and castigated those who were issuing a call
to shun political involvement saying that they did not have the interests
of Muslims at heart.
He said contrary to their perception, Muslim MPs do not legislate
against the divine laws but were minimising the problems of the
community and at the same time maximising the benefits of Muslims
in the country.
He went on to commend the emergence of financial institutions
offering Islamic banking services saying that they were minimising
the financial harms among the faithful.
Nevertheless, he called for leaders to put more efforts in solving the
problems of the community by setting up hospitals, Islamic compliant
cooperative societies (SACCOS), and income generating projects.
Muslims do not live on sermons alone. They need to live a decent
way of life he said.

Mega fundraising for Pumwani masjid

A major fundraising event to help in the reconstruction of the
Pumwani masjid will be held on September 9. Vice President
Moody Awori is expected to be the chief guest.
Reconstruction of the 75-year old masjid is expected to
significantly increase the number of worshippers.
A shopping complex is also planned next to the masjid. The
complex will serve as a wakf (endowment) project for the
A committee of prominent personalities who include former
commissioner of the Constitutional of Kenya Review
Commission Sheikh Ibrahim Lethome, Abdulhamid Slatch,
secretary general of Young Muslim Association (YMA) and
Ibrahim Yusuf, a member of the Jamia masjid Committee was
put in place to coordinate the raising of funds for the project.
Construction was expected to commence early this year but
has been bogged down by insufficient funds.
Organisers of the event have appealed to Muslims to turn out in
large nymbers at the function.


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Nairobi Masaajid Joint Programme Faith in Action

NMJP Updates on Relief and Welfare

On Thursday 24th August 2006, NMJP delegation visited the
family of the late brother Rajab Munyankei and made a humble
donation of shs.100, 000/= (One hundred thousand shillings)
towards the education of the children of the late Golden-berg
whistle blower. While it is not in the intention of the institution to
make public such donations, the case of the late brother
Munyankei is instructive particularly given the role the late brother
played in unearthing the Golden-berg scandal.
Munyankei saved Kenyans billions of shillings and it is sad he
suffered for it and died penniless. It would be a tragedy of
immense proportions if our whistle blowers and their families
are left to wallow in abject poverty and especially the innocent
children long after their patriotic fathers are gone. The
government and Kenyans have a moral obligation to support
the family of the late Munyankei.
On Sunday, 27th August 2006, NMJP under the auspices of NationWide Welfare Trust in concert with Ummah Welfare Trust (UK)
and Muslim Care made another relief trip to Garissa in which
food was distributed to over five hundred families. The team
also presented wheel chairs and clutches to needy cases. The
trip was an eye-opener in many aspects particularly in so far as
generating solutions to the perennial problem of drought is
concerned. The team, led by Chairman of the Nairobi Masaajid
Joint Programme, Bro.Zool Nimji was unanimous on the need
to put in place long-term measures aimed at equipping affected
communities with skills and capacities on viable alternative
sources of livelihood.
Another important development during the week involved a
breakfast media consultative forum that brought together over
twenty community media practitioners. The meeting was aimed
at creating a community press club that will articulate community
issues as well as responding to misconceptions around Islam.
The meeting was a success as it came up with tangible
proposals on how to forge a formidable community media
programme. A video on presentation on Islam was made and it
confirmed that Islam is indeed the centre-piece of justice, peace
and love as well as proclaiming the high moral pedestal of the

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