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Open Rails software README - Release v8.

0 Build v123x
December 2011
Please note the installation and use of Open Rails software is governed by the O
pen Rails End User License Agreement.
- you must have DirectX 9 installed & Direct x 9 Shader Model 2.0 capable video
card, 256MB dedicated VRAM minimum; 512 MB dedicated VRAM recommended
- you must have MSTS content installed (routes, trainset, global folders). You d
o not need the MSTS executable (train.exe)
- you must have XNA 3.1 Redistributable installed ( ORTS will warn you if its m
issing )( search to download)
or go to
- unzip the installation package to a folder on your desktop or any convenient l
- doubleclick on the OpenRails.EXE program
An Open Rails Keyboard Reference Guide can be found at:
- move the camera with the arrow keys or
- hold right click and move mouse to rotate camera
- 1 cab - left and right arrows rotate position
- 2 front of train
- 3 rear of train
- 5 passenger view
- 6 brakeman view - home and end move to front and back of train
- 8 free camera
- Alt 9 watch other trains
- Ctrl 9 dispatcher window
ALT+ENTER toggles fullscreen on and off
- Pause - toggles pause on and off
- PgUp, PgDn - adjusts game speed
- F2 - saves game
Forward = W
Reverse = S
Increase Throttle = D
Decrease Throttle = A
Apply Train brakes = (quotation mark)
Release Train brakes = ; (semi-colon)
Apply Engine brakes = [ (Left Bracket)
Release Engine brakes = ] (Right Bracket)
Set Brake retainer =
} Right hand brace.
the % of cars with retainers by 25%.
Release Brake retainers =
{ Left hand
Change turnout AHEAD of Direction = G
Change turnout BEHIND Direction = SHIFT +
Change Turnout Either Direction = Press &
to change
Sander On/Off = X
Wipers On/Off = V
Bell On/Off = B
Horn On/Off = Space Bar

Each press of the key will increase

Hold Alt Key and mouse click on turnout

Pantograph Up/Down = P
Coupling/Uncoupling = Press & Hold U Key and mouse click on coupler or use F9 HUD
Engine Lighting Off, Dim, Bright = H; Press key to move to Dim, then Bright
Engine Lighting
Bright, Dim. Off = Ctrl + H; Press key to move to Dim, then Off
Game Aids
F1 = Keyboard Controls, Activity Briefing, Timetable, Work Order, Procedures
F2 = Save game
F4 = Track Monitor (Speed, Signals, Dispatcher info)
F5 = Text Driver Aids (use SHIFT + F5 to toggle on additional aids)
F6 = Route Siding, Platform Name display
F7 = Car number display
F8 = Switching position
F9 = Train Operations (uncoupling)
F10 = Station timetable
F12 = Debug logging
+ (keyboard + key, not number pad +) = fast-forward the time clock
- (keyboard - key, not number pad -) = reverse the time clock
Ctlr+ the above two keys: = Adjust amount of cloud overcast
Alt+P = Toggle between clear, rain and snow
Choose "start as server" if you want to be the server. Client needs to know serv
er IP and port, and can only start in the Explore mode or with activities withou
t AI trains.
Note that Open Rails isn t registered with NVidia or ATI so it will run with glo
bal settings by default.
For best image quality customize
the graphics settings in your video card control panel. If you are
setting up a program-specific custom setting, it s the RunActivity.exe program
in the ORTS folder that you must select.