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Lesson Plan

Subject: Humanities

Year: 7

Class: 7B

Date: 7/6/16

Day: Tuesday

Period: 1

Reference to Work
2010 Syllabus
Learning objectives:


Links to Assessment Objectives/Levels/Specification:

-Thinking Flexibly
- Persistence
- Learning from past
- Managing Impulsivity

- Criterion 2
- Criterion 3

Revision of Historical Concepts


Lesson structure

Welcome 7B

Introduction; what students are going to do

in class.

(In groups make a poster that give the definition, an

example and pictures to explain their concept.)

Reiterate what students are going to do,

make sure you state that theyll be
presenting their concept to the class.

(Ask questions, who knows what they arent doing)



Split into historical concepts 7 groups.

Students pick from two piles, a historical
concept and a Topic.
Show students an example of what they
have to do.


Reiterate what theyre going to do

Hand out butchers paper, pens and pictures

(Ask questions How are they going?)


Leave them to finish in groups.

Come back together
One group at a time come up
Every one in the groups must speak.

Targeted students:
Connor, Ethan, Marc, Sophia
Teacher notes/structure

Good Morning 7B

(Eyes on me focus please. Make sure pens are down

and laptops are away)

Introduction Talk about what were going to do

today; split into groups, each given a historical
concept create a display, present to the class.

(Reiterate that everyone must speak)

(Ask questions, what do we have to do?)

Write on board what they have to do and how

Use stopwatch and keep them updated, provide
time prompts.
Split into historical concept groups,
Hand out butchers paper, pens and pictures.
Students pick a topic and a historical concept.
Show them activity Make sure they understand
what they have to do.
Write on board what they have to do.

Extension Activity: Find a source relating to topic and tell
me why and how its reliable.

Leave students to finish activity.

(Walk around and help students, especially the C.L


Pack up pens
Open homework diaries
Write homework in Revision for Exam.
Stand Behind desks
Good Morning 7B

(Ask a student to repeat your instructions back to you.
Pick a middle student. Claudia, Charli, Sarah, Lucas,
Marcos or Jaspa.)

Ask them to finish up before times up, again

(reiterate what theyll be doing next.)
Ask one group at time to come up and speak to
the class about their concept.

(Make sure you clap and encourage good

behaviour/work. Good work guys!)

Move desks back to their original spots

Pack up Pens
Homework diaries out

(Write up on the board homework, again what is your

homework? Revise your palm cards.)

Things away and standing behind your seats

Good Morning 7B!

How do I know all students have made progress?


Students should confidently be speaking about

their historical concept. If not, more revision is
needed. Make sure they have all their palm
cards done.

Continuous learning students will be placed with extension students, these way C.L students can learn from higher
learners and how to collaborate effectively. I will also be repeating instructions and asking middle ability students to
repeat what they have to do. The instructions will also be written up in the book. Students can look off the example Ive
provided or use their books as a reference to help the group.

7B participated well in class today and my activity went really well. I need to focus on my effective classroom
communication skills. (3.5) This way I could manage 7Bs impulsivity. Because it was an activity they were louder than
normal. I incorporated a surprise element in the lesson; they had to pick randomly a topic and concept from two piles.
They really enjoyed this. Moreover, I managed to keep the lesson in the 50minuet time frame. Overall, I was proud of
this lesson and bonded with the students.