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Ive been born again for nine years and in my entire journey with the Lord, Ive not

had to deal
with so much doubt like I dealt with towards the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, while
everyone is always excited by the festive season and the start of the New Year, the excitement
was visible on the outside but deep inside my heart, I was countering so much doubt about my
spiritual life, I hadnt reached the level of doubting Gods existence but at least thats where I
was headed even when I felt the conviction that it was against everything I stood for as a
When I realized that this was going on, I sought to understand why I thought way and to my
disappointment at the time, God didnt give me a direct answer or even sending over someone to
give me the answers I was looking for, it was worsened by the death of 2 close friends at the start
of 2016 , one of which Id personally laid hands on and believed that he was actually healed only
to hear the news that he had passed on, I didnt break down emotionally but spiritually I felt like
and knew that this wasnt Gods will which lead me to probing what it is that we did wrong for
this guy not to have been totally delivered.
A few days later I was meant to start work after getting an offer from the university only to be
told that Id have to wait a while longer for my appointment to be processed, this was in addition
to the fact that I had travelled with no money on which to survive during this waiting period and
being away from Home meant that I needed to creatively find food, transport etc. Good thing is
that Im still very alive and well despite all thats been going on.
The reason why I gave the above stories was so I could connect what I want to share with why I
want to share it. This morning as I was seeking the lord for answers as to why Id been doubting
and as I listened to a sermon on Dwelling in the Presence Of God, He gave me 2 scriptures in
the book of Mathew.
Mathew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Mathew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things
shall be added unto you.
These scriptures I know have been quoted and used countless times, however for me, reading
them today gave me a fresh revelation that lead me the answer I was looking for so much that I
couldnt wait to share it with you. For every new covenant believer, we understand where our
treasure ought to be, Jesus in the words before Mathew 6:33 labored to give examples of how
other living creatures much less in intelligence that we are dont struggle to do anything or even
earn anything but still they thrive in their nature, he meets their needs somehow. Specifically
they dont spend much of their time worrying and trying to figure out how theyll survive, how
theyll eat, and drink, dress, this is in contrast with us who even after understanding that Gods
our provider, still find ample time to worry and fix our minds on figuring out how everything
needs to be done.
This is not to say we may not plan or imagine how things ought to be, in fact we need to do all
this but bearing in mind that we dont make our own plans and then invite God to come and tag
along, no, we go to God and ask him to reveal his plans for our lives and then we cooperate with

him, only through this will we be able to keep our mind stayed on him (Isiah 26:3). We cant
possibly know how everything will be done but if we completely trust in the Lord, then were
sure that he has our best interests at heart (Jeremiah 29:11) so we choose (Intentionally) to go
against the worlds prescribed way of thinking that emphasizes looking at all thats going on
around, all the negative news of weather, the financial instability, elections and choose to focus
and the promises of God prescribed in his word.
In Uganda today, because of the election season, everyone seems to hold the same belief that we
have to worry about the future, even the religious leaders that we hold in high regard because of
their supposed spiritual maturity have not failed to sow seeds of worry among their congregation
to the extent that special sessions of prayer have been held for the country which on the surface
looks like a very noble act in the light of our countrys moto but the sad truth is that instead of
comforting the hearts of the nations, it has further cemented the thought that violence will most
certainly happen come February. As much as I believe in the power of prayer, I know for a fact
that given the way our minds think, we are most likely to start worrying instead of trusting. I
honestly believe that as a country we need to start assuring the people that Gods in control and
we need not to prayer in such a way that we are arm twisting him to listen more or to pay
attention to poor Uganda thats going through elections.
Seeking first the kingdom of God has nothing to do with attending church or actively doing
ministry and all the other acts of worship that are dominant In the body of Christ today, it means
that we are actively in fellowship with the Lord on an individual basis loving on him and
wanting to understand what his will for our lives is, this means that we make this a priority in our
hearts above everything else, in whatever sphere of influence we are in, we need to understand
where our priorities are and in this case its fellowship with the Lord, this is not an easy task, its
one thatll get you in trouble so many times because the world doesnt work like that, in the
actual sense itll be battle that youll have to fight with every weapon in your spiritual armory.
All the acts of worship after this become fruits of this fellowship with the Lord and its largely
based on your thorough understanding of how much God loves you (1John 4).
We need to get to a place where seeking first the kingdom of God is a daily affair and its part
of our identity not just one special session of prayer or fasting, we dont have to even entertain
worry in our mind about anything no matter how big we think it is, some of us think when we
worry, were actually solving the problem when in the actual sense were exposing ourselves to
all forms of stress and depression. Like Andrew Womack always says, Ive not yet arrived but
Ive definably left This is a continuous process, we keep seeking till the day we go to be with
the father and even as I write this, Im also learning how to do this so I cant say Ive perfected
the art but I know the process has begun.
If you feel that Gods been speaking to you on the same issue, Ill request that we pray together
and watch and see the impact this will have on your life.
Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for all whore humble enough to admit that they need to
keep their minds stayed on you. I pray for everyone thats reading this and they feel like they
havent been seeking first your kingdom , I pray that youll inspire them and that your holy spirit
will continue to guide them as they start or renew this journey, father I command every thought

of doubt thats been sown by the devil to be removed right now, every form of worry and
desperation Father I command it to leave their mind and for the establishment of thoughts about
your word Lord, I pray this Jesus youll hold every thought captive and that every imagination
thats born to be in accordance with scripture and not the worlds standards, This I pray believing
and trusting in the name of Jesus, AMEN.