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Year 8 HSIE Assessment Task


Teacher:Miss Hughes

Task title: Journal entries

Date distributed:25/05/2016


Date due:31/05/2016
in class task
Outcomes to be assessed:
-Describes major periods of historical time and sequences events, people and societies from the past. HT4-2
- Uses evidence from sources to support historical narratives and explanations HT4-6

Task context:
Students have been studying Indigenous culture and the colonisation of Australia.

Assessment Format:
Student will create a final copy of their journal entries from the previous lessons. They
will be allocated time in class to research any facts in order to make their journals
historically accurate.
Submission Instructions:
Students will submit a written copy of their journal entries by the end of 2nd period on
the 31/05/2016
Task Instructions:
- Student must submitted four journal entries in chronological order.
- The entries must be historically accurate. This includes appropriate dates, name
and facts.
- Each entry must be at least 10 sentences long.
- Correct terminology must be used when referring to past events and the people
- Journal entries should adhere to the correct format for a journal. See attached
- See Marking Criteria attached.

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