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1 The United Nations and human rights

2 Economic, social and cultural rights: an examination of state
3 Extraterritoriality: universal human rights without universal
4 Non-state actors and international human rights law
5 NGOs and human rights: channels of power
6 Human rights in economic globalisation
7 Human rights and development
8 Gender and international human rights law: the intersectionality
9 Refugees and displaced persons: the refugee definition and
humanitarian protection
10 International criminal law
11 The four pillars of transitional justice: a gender-sensitive
12 The International Court of Justice and human rights
13 The Council of Europe and the protection of human rights:
a system in need of reform
14 The Inter-American human rights system: selected examples
of its supervisory work
15 African human rights law in theory and practice
16 The political economy and culture of human rights in East Asia
17 Islam and the realization of human rights in the Muslim world
18 Religion, belief and international human rights in the
twenty-first century
19 DRIP feed: the slow reconstruction of self-determination for
Indigenous peoples
20 Counter-terrorism and human rights
21 Human rights education: a slogan in search of a definition