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LSS 2003

Creating Your Future


LSS 2003
Project 2 part 2

Reflection on mock job interview performance
Mariam Shafiq Ali

LSS 2003 Creating Your Future The Reflection Report The mock interview Everyone has a motivated to get to work in the future. Dishonesty gets discovered and is grounds for withdrawing job offers and for firing. I was able to an interview with my teacher as part of Cisco Company in informant technology. May be different from someone another. Many people are work very hard to obtain a good job after graduation and set goals to achieve this. I then asked her a series of questions related to how she decided to decline jobs. I gathered a great deal of information that informed my understanding of the profession and the ethical decisions related to it.your best professional self. I relished the opportunity to ask a professional a collage of questions that were relevant my future career. An important and assured to hear a professional interpreter to discuss all opportunities to learn there were to choose to accept several different functions. She stated that the main reason she would turn down a job would be if there was an ethical conflict. Be honest and be yourself . The mock interview review I had my first interview with a teacher. I think everyone is to achieve their goals and have talent and that they attempt to improve it. What motivates me is respect for each other's views and direct together to create our objectives methods an efficient and effective. My strengths in the interview The interviews links me how to be Dress appropriately for the industry on the side of being conservative to show you take the interview seriously. You want a good match between yourself and your employer. Listen to be sure you understand your interviewer's name and the correct pronunciation. On Wednesday afternoon time in HCT. If you get hired by acting . Your personal grooming and cleanliness should be impeccable.

I would then think of all ways that I can meet qualifications and write examples to support this fact. I want to increase my ability to have the best job and that it will help me to be active person and to manage my time to do all my works as I write in the timetable. Something else I like to do is to be kept at all be authentic lack of loss myself when asked question to I was not given have enough think about by you enter the opportunity. This is an insult to the interviewer and to the organization. A job search can be hard work and involve frustrations. I Believe tend to focusing on one controls used during the mission. I also want to make a list of attributes that I believed that interviewing may be searching for in candidate any I was interviewing for. but I think excitement a bit quieter might translate better. My areas in need of improvement Doing this helped I realize more completely important controls. as if you are just shopping around or doing the interview for practice. Don't treat the interview casually. . don't exhibit frustrations or a negative attitude in an interview. in fact.LSS 2003 Creating Your Future like someone other than yourself. I was. Moreover. Following interviews and I may adjust my hand over a little bit so seem a little more truthful. In an interview in person the work would not do a larger research the company and the enough knowledge & Information before today I interviewed. Take responsibility for your decisions and your actions. a real fairly the interview. you and your employer will both be unhappy. This experience underlined how dangerous form study before accepting it can relieve or avoid active positions negative or totally harmless. And what I have to avoid don’t make excuses. My learning However. Don't make negative comments about previous employers or professors (or others).

LSS 2003 Creating Your Future Self-evaluation form Interview Review Excell ent 5 Good 4 Satisf actory 3 Less than satisfact ory 2 Attemp ted 1 Not attempt ed 0 Comments Give examples to support your grade Self-introduction Were you wellprepared? Was your introduction confident and professional? I was nerves Company knowledge Had you done some research on the company? How? I kwon about the company during my studies in Networkin g .

LSS 2003 Interview questions Did you answer the questions that were asked? Did you give relevant examples of your  education  experience  skills Communication skills Was your English correct? Were you comfortable speaking English? Did the interviewer have to keep asking you for more complete answers? Professionalism / attitude Were you dressed professionally? Did you look at the interviewers? Did you sit up straight and show interest? Was there any body language that you could improve? Total % Creating Your Future I was little nerves I feel same I feel fine when I speech with My teacher 22/25 % .