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Draw a Straight
line using
Freehand Tool
Draw a Rectangular, square, circles, polygon
etc., Using their respective Tools.
Draw different shapes using
Shape Tool through adding
1-Draw or connect lines using Bezier
Tool nodes

2-Double click Shape Tool &

click Join two nodes icon (in
the property bar)to connect
nodes together.
Use Freehand Tool to draw as you like. Click
& drag Freehand Tool that’s it.

Use Mirrors icon (in the property bar) from the

shape to change the directions of the shape or
object Click Auto-close icon (in
the property bar)to
connect the first & last
nodes for auto close the
Pie Eclipse Arc

Counter clock-wise Clock-wise

Ending Angle:253.0

Eclipse with Fountain fill

Polygon with 6
no. Of points.

Polygon with 5
no. Of points.

Star with 6 no. of points &

sharpness value 2.

Star with 16 no. of points &

sharpness value 6.
Polygon as star with 9 no. of points
& sharpness of 49

*Double click polygon tool for

more options.
Fill color shades / back ground textures in objects with
Fountain fill Tool including with lots of options as you

Used pattern fill with editing

Used Pattern fill Tool options

Texture fill Bitmap pattern Postscript fill


By using Interactive Transparency

Tool fill objects with lots of options &
Transparency values.
CorelDRAW Use Interactive Blend
Tool to create Blend
objects designs.

Use Outline Tool for
outlining around the
Use Interactive Extrude Tool for above
drawing effects
Interactive Drop shadow
Clone command makes duplicate object ,
when original object modifies then that
effects automatically applies to duplicte.
Use copy properties from
command to copy the properties
of selected object to a new object.
Group Command groups all
selected different objects to
single object.
Combine command combines two objects filled
designs & colors to fill similar color in objects
and fills page color in the intersected part of
the two objects.

Page color




Minus shapes
Edit text to different shapes by
using convert to curves command &
fill outline too.

Adjust brightness, color balances, replace

colors of the objects & images by going
through Effects Menu
Copy effects from command copies effects to
the selected objects from the copied object.
Interactive contour Tool
Interactive Envelope

Interactive Distortion Tool


Page curl

Insert special character symbols.