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Q 1. Determine the current I Q 5.

Which type of special-purpose diode is formed

by a junction between a layer of metal and a layer
of semiconductor?

A) A tunnel diode.B) A Schottky diode C) A zener

diode D) A varactor diode

A) 0.9A B) 0.965 mA C) 19.3mA d) 0.965A Q 6. Electrical conductivity of insulators is the

range _____________.
Q 2. Determine Vo
(a) 10-10 (Ω-mm)-1 (b) 10-10(Ω-cm)-1
(c) 10-10(Ω-m)-1 (d) 10-8(Ω-m)-1

Q 7. Fermi level for extrinsic semiconductor

depends on

(a) Donor element (b) Impurity concentration

(c) Temperature (d) All

Q 8. Which of the following statements is

A) 2.6V B) 0.5V C) 14.6V d) 9.65V A) Conduction with in pure semiconductors is termed
intrinsic conduction
B) The dominant charge carriers within a doped
Q 3. Determine Vo for the network with 10 V on
both inputs semiconductor are called majority charge carriers
C) At room temperatures, pure semiconductors make
excellent conductors
D) Doping pure semiconductor material with small
amounts of donar impurities produces an n-type

Q 9. Which of the following best describes a p-type


A material with electrons in donor levels which may

be thermally promoted to the conduction band.
A) 0 V B) 10V C) 9.7V d) 9.3V
B A material with no band gap which conducts with
Q 4. For the circuit of Fig. FIND VL if the source little resistance.
voltage vS is 2V, The diode is ideal, and RL IS 100.
C A material with a sizeable band gap.

D A material with empty acceptor levels to which

electrons from the valence band may be thermally

A) 0.909 V B) 1.818V C) 9.09V d) 18.18V