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Fear Street
1.the new girl
3.the wrong number
4.the wrong number 2
5.the fire game
6.lights out
7.the stepsister
8.the stepsister 2
9.the secret bedroom
10.the knife
11.the prom queen
12.first date
14.the best friend
15.the best friend 2
16.sun burn
17.the dead lifeguard
18.the cheater
19.halloween party
20.the new boy
21.bad dreams
22.double date evil summer
24.the thrill club weekend grade
28.collage weekend
29.broken date
30.what holly heard
31.the face
32.secret admirer
33.the perfect date
34.the confession
35.killer's kiss
36.all-night party
37.the runaway
38.the rich girl
39.who killed the homecoming queen?
40.into the dark

Super Chillers
41.silent night 1
42.silent night 2
43.silent night 3 summer
45.broken hearts
46.the dead lifeguard
47.bad moonlight
48.high tide year's party
50.goodnight kiss
51.goodnight kiss 2

Fear Street Saga

1.the betrayel
2.the secret
3.the burning

Fear Street Nights

1.moonlight secrets
2.midnight games
3.darkest dawn

Other Books
1.blind date
4.the hitchhiker
5.the girlfriend
6.hit and run
7.beach house
8.the boyfriend
9.eye candy
10.the witness