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Milestone assignment 3: Scribd Content - [3


Worksheet and summary documents

Create a worksheet on the learning resources that you compiled in second page
of milestone 2.

• The worksheet must have three different sections: one word answer;
complete (fill-in the missing word) sentence; and a paragraph.
• One word answer – the learners must answer particular questions. Create 5
5 questions
• Complete the sentence – create 5 questions where they fill-in the 5
missing word to make the statement true
• Paragraph – the learners must write a 5 lines paragraph on a particular 3
question with these instructions.

One page summary

• You must write a one page summary of the work from the resources in
milestone 2. You should answer this question in the summary: What should
they learn (SKVA, etc) from the list of resources gathered from
internet? Clear paragraphs and sections of work need to be evident
in the document. 7

Technical skills: converting to Scribd

The two documents must be in the uploaded onto the website with clear

• Use formatting to make the documents have impact on learning

• Both documents must be uploaded in the website using Scribd (convert the
documents to scribd and then upload them in your website) 5

Feedback form – from weebly site

FORM - Feedback
• Spaces for name, surname, email address, comment. Position the submit
button at the centre 5

Milestone 3 - Due date: 15 and 17 March 2010

The URL of your website must be sent to your lecturer:

R Diseko
J Maseko

Format of the email

Subject: A3 milestone 3
Body: URL link (website address)
Surname and Initials
Student number