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• The learners will know some bacic road safety rules.

• Knows the colours of the robots

• They will be able to identify and name different types of transport that
people like most.

• Which types of vehicle used in olden day and nower days

( 4)


Learners will be brainstorming using internet searching about the

importance of the transport, and elaborate more data concerning the
different vehicles in the world.

 Find more information about different resources of transport.

 Designing street maps.

 Do the investigations

 Do findings and solutions of what transport is more suitable for the

people to used.

 Interpreting evidence about the research they were conducting in

connection with vehicles.

They will respect the safety rules when crossing the road. Also listen the
people who are helping them to cross. They will know and obey that when
they are inside the cars they need to wear safety belts for protection.

GRAND –TOTAL (19 Marks)